How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup

If you want your ex boyfriend to miss you (after your breakup) then you definitely came to the right place. You will find that my site, Ex Boyfriend Recovery is a lot different than the rest of my peers. I don’t write articles for the sake of writing articles. In fact, I would say that I don’t write articles at all. I write in-depth guides that will help you accomplish a goal. In addition to that, I am extremely involved on this site. I respond to every comment personally and as long as your comment relates to the topic that my “in-depth guide” covers you should get a response within a day (unless it’s the weekend.)

Since you are inquiring about how you can make your ex miss you this page is going to be focused solely on that. So, without further ado, I give you the method in which you should employ to make your ex miss you.

How To Make Him Miss You (The Complete Steps!)

As I am sure you are already aware, making your ex boyfriend miss you (and potentially want you back) can be a tricky thing to do. It will take discipline, strategy and hard work (and even then you aren’t guaranteed to succeed.) However, I feel I have come up with an awesome way to not only make him miss you but to actually get him chasing you.

There is just one problem, the tactics I talk about are actually a little complicated and very detailed. So, while this page can help you make your ex boyfriend miss you it won’t do it as well as my E-Book does. So, when you get a chance (if you feel like it.) I recommend that you check out Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO:

My E-Book!

Everyone’s Advantage

roger federer

Before you even start using any “missing” tactics you have a pretty big advantage already. Did you know that 71% of people claim that they think about their ex too much? Oh, but it gets even better, 60% of people who are married or dating say that their ex is on their mind too much. Oh, and in case you are wondering where I got these statistics, the Yahoo Dating section!

The Advantage Of YOU Initiating The Breakup

This one is just pretty much common sense. As you know, there are usually three outcomes to a breakup.

  1. You can both agree on the breakup and do it mutually.
  2. He can break up with you.
  3. You can break up with him.

I highlighted the “you can break up with him” choice because you will have a small advantage in making your ex miss you if you initiated the breakup. We have already established above that you have an advantage in the fact that most people say that they still think about their ex too much but when you add in the fact that you initiated the breakup your advantage is going to be a little more distinct. Of course, there is one case where this might work as well.

The ONE case where you might not have this advantage.

  • If you broke up with your ex because he cheated on you.

The ONE case where this will work EXTREMELY well.

  • If you broke up with him and he didn’t want you to.

No Contact = “I Miss You”

(For more in-depth information on the No Contact Rule and how to PROPERLY put it into practice please visit Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO.)

no eye contactThroughout this site you will find that the No Contact Rule is a pretty big theme. The NC Rule (No Contact Rule) is a rule that states the following:

 You are not allowed to call, text, email, Facebook or Google your ex for one full month. If during that month you are contacted by your ex you are not allowed to respond.

Sounds pretty simple huh? Actually, I would say that this is the toughest part to trying to get your ex back. However, if you do it successfully not only will you improve your chances of potentially putting yourself in a position to get him back but you will make huge strides in making him miss you.

You see, men at their core (I should know because I am one) have some pretty strange thoughts after a breakup but I would say that most guys eventually get back to one core thought “she is going to be the first to contact me.” How do I know this? Because, that is exactly what I thought after a break up I went through. Sure enough, after 3 days of not talking to my ex she contacted me.

Using my example, have you ever stopped and wonder what would have happened if my ex hadn’t contacted me? Let me tell you. My confident claim of “she is going to be the first to contact me” would have turned into “why the &^*% hasn’t she contacted me?” Interesting flip of the switch huh? Soon, that anger of “why hasn’t she contacted me yet?” would cause me to realize just how much I miss having her in my life.

Specific Things You Can Do To Make Him Miss You

(For more information on the different things you can do to make him miss you please check out Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO.)

In this section we are going to look at a number of things that you can specifically do to make him miss you. I absolutely love this because these are things that are in your control. When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back you have to accept the fact that there are a certain amount of factors that are completely out of your control. However, when it comes to making him miss you there are a lot of things you can do that will improve your chances. Buckle up because this may get long.

Tactic 1- Get In Shape


There is nothing that can catch a mans eye like a woman who has taken care of her body. Now, I am not saying you are fat or out of shape. I am saying that this tactic (getting in shape) will be beneficial to you in not only making your ex boyfriend miss you but it will be beneficial in helping you with future relationships (if you have them.) How effective is this tactic? Let me tell you a story. There was a girl who had a crush on me in college. Like a fool, I didn’t do anything about it because like a typical guy I wanted the girls that I couldn’t get. Anyways, this girl had a very pretty face but I am not afraid to say that she was a little… chubby and for me it took away from her looks.

Well, about a year and a half later I happened to run into her. Actually, I walked right past her because I didn’t recognize her. She had lost about 35lbs and looked amazing. In my absence this mediocre looking girl had turned into a beautiful goddess. I wanted her immediately. I did everything I could to try to go on a date with her.

Tactic 2- Repeat After Me: I Do Not Care About Him

I dont care

This tactic is more of a mindset that you need to have. During your no contact period make sure you don’t focus on your ex too much. Just focus on the most important thing, you. Trust me when I say that the “missing thing” will fall into place if you do this. It is important to remember that the two of you broke up and while you may want him back you need to understand that rome was not built in a day and you won’t get him back in a day. So, sit back and chill for a while.

Tactic 3- Social Life


You have two choices when it comes to breaking up with your ex. You can either

A. Let the breakup own you.


B. Own the breakup.

I am a guy and let me tell you that I do not find it attractive when someone, who after a breakup, sits on the couch all day and eats ice cream. In fact, that is what I expect pretty much every girl to do after a breakup. About five years ago when I broke up with my girlfriend at the time the exact thought I had was “I bet she is sitting on the couch right now crying and eating ice cream.” Here is the kicker though, a few days later when I logged on Facebook I found that she wasn’t quite as devastated as I thought. She had posted pictures of her having fun with friends and basically having a really fun social life. While I didn’t immediately think “man, I miss her” it set me up for thinking it. Her active social life made me realize what I was missing out on and made me a little jealous and angry that she wasn’t as devastated.

Tactic 4- Hitting His Emotional Hot Buttons

hot buttons

Look, eventually the no contact rule end is going to end and a time is going to come where you are going to have to communicate with your ex. When you do contact him make sure you do it via a text message. Texting is viewed as non threatening and it will give you the ability to slowly push is emotional hot buttons. I recommend that you check out this guide on how to correctly text message your ex.

Tactic 5- Jealousy Can Be Effective IF Used Correctly


A lot of experts will tell you to not try to make your ex jealous. I will admit that I don’t necessarily agree with them on that. If you have a chance to bring up some deep inner feelings within him then I say go for it. Of course, if you are going to use jealousy on your ex boyfriend it has to be done a specific way. It probably won’t go over too well if he checks on your Facebook profile and sees you making out with three different guys. No, using jealousy is an art. It has to be done subtly but at the same time be obvious enough for him to pick up on it. Here are a few examples of how to properly use jealousy.

Example 1- Movie With A Male Friend

In this example I am going to show you a specific text message that is meant to make your ex a little jealous. Notice how in the example below you didn’t specify if your movie date was with a male or a female. You basically leave it up to your ex to assume if you went to see a romantic movie with a guy or a girl.

romantic movie text

Example 2- Did I See You?

This one is a little riskier but you are almost guaranteed to make your ex a little jealous which will hopefully contribute to him missing you. In this text message you are basically saying that you mistook him for a “hot guy” at a bar (or any other place you can think of.) Again, this one is risky but the reward is definitely higher.

jealousy (did I see you at)

Signs That Your Ex Boyfriend Misses You

I actually wrote a guide on how to tell if your ex boyfriend is still in love with you already but I thought I would give a quick recap here. After all, it might be important to figure out the signs that your ex misses you so you can determine if what you are doing is working. Below I am just going to give you a bullet point list so you can quickly reference the signs.

  • If he texts you
  • If he calls you
  • If he shows up at places you frequent in a non stalker way (if it is stalker like then that is just creepy)
  • If he has positive reactions when you see him in person.
  • If he keeps in touch with your family.

If something on this page or website confuses you do not be afraid to comment in our comments section below. Remember, your comment, as long as it is legitimate, will be made live and I will respond to you personally.

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2,903 Responses to How To Make Him Miss You After A Breakup
  1. Jules
    March 31, 2015 | 9:11 am

    I am in my twenties dated a guy who twice older than me, never been married or kids, he’s a bachelor. I can tell you it’s not about money because he never buys me anything beside dinners when we go out on a date. We both very attracted to each other but there is criticism from both end but I didn’t really care I just kinda go with the flow. We dated for about 3 months and had such an amazing time together, I decided to break it off last week when I found out that he lied to me about going to away on a business trip. I’m that kinda girl who is very judgmental and opinionated when I see men travel across the continent (Thailand) to fulfill their fantasy, one thing I only see in this picture is sex tourist. His business trip was in China he texted me most of the times while he was there, then one day all of a sudden he disappears I texted him to check up on him about his broken ribs. He then sent me a picture of his ribs and within that picture it shows the time and location (Thank god for iPhone!), I found out he’s actually in Thailand not China! Before I had a chance to speak and confort him, he suddenly text me right back after the picture saying that “you going to hate me” and I said “why” he said guess where I’m at then I said Thailand! He said “I could sit here and lie to you all day, but I’m not going on that route” well hello right after you sent me a picture without realizing it indicated everything?!?? Then he tried to swing it around he only there to meet couple of his buddies and to relax, harmless according to him. At that moment I was so furious and confused, I didn’t know what to do or say to him, I was really hurt and disappointed. But I was kinda prepared that this might happen because he mentioned to me before that he goes there often and a man gotta take care of his needs but I didnt think it was going to be this soon while I’m dating him. At then I didn’t really care because we weren’t romantically involved but now I think I got it twisted. He was trying to spin it around that if he would have told me before I would get freaked out which I had previously when he told me about thailand first time. I acknowledged my feelings that I was numb to find out about his lies and tried to hide it from me pretending to be a good normal working man. for him to be an idiot sent me that image with time and location because I would’ve never find out about it! he just caught to his lies so it left him to admitted to me that he was in Bangkok. I played it cool by being understanding told him that a man set his ways but he didn’t need to lie to me at the beginning to create this perfect image of himself. But then… I lost it when he told me to change him! I told him there’s nothing I could do to change a man and who am I to change him if he has already been this way that’s when I got furious and on NC rule with him. This man is used to have women try to tied him down for marriage and have a family but I told him that Im not looking for that right now and it’s probably why he’s hanging out with me because we don’t want to have a serious commitment as of now. I don’t know what to do at this point but I know I like him a lot and enjoyed our times together but I’m very dramatized by it.. I’m very frustrated that he doesn’t take my feelings seriously and doesn’t acknowledge anything or trying to give me a clear answers why he did such thing. He contacted me a few days ago asking If I’m good.. I didn’t response back. I have a feeling that he might show up to my work or might leave me alone for good.. But at least I want to hear from his side or to have a better conclusion. I’m a very stubborn myself I know I won’t reach out to him but I need him to explain himself. i’m glad that I haven’t slept with him otherwise I would bury my own self!! What can I do at this point? Is it even worth it to talk to him again? I liked what we had but I wish he could have being honest with him of who he really is and yes I did get mixed signals for him.

  2. Sam
    March 31, 2015 | 8:55 am


    My partner of 4 years and I have just recently spilt due to arguing and not enough agreeing on anything. We both still really love each other and I want things to work out in the long run but for now we both need to get happy and healthy before we can revisit our relationship.

    How do you get happy when your not with the one you love?
    How do you cope when you know you really want things back the way they were before the fighting?
    What should I do to show him im trying to get better?
    How long should I wait to revisit what we had?

    Thanks heaps, looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 10:45 pm

      I definitely think that is important (being happy and healthy)

  3. JESS
    March 30, 2015 | 3:22 pm

    Do you think that maybe if he doesn’t contact you after 30 days of NC stubborn or not if he wanted you he’d at least try and call ?

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 10:22 pm

      Some men have to be worked on to re-ignite their feeligns though.

  4. Anna
    March 28, 2015 | 3:01 pm

    Hi, i had very short relationships with a guy (3 months) and probably we decided to give it a try because of me. our relationships started with a sex and then i couldn’t just stay booty call so we decided to start a relationships even if he knew for sure he’s not in the mood for relationship. So, we were trying to see eachother at least twice in a week and weekends but i didn’t feel the fire from him and actually in three months i didn’t learn many things about him, so i decided to break up with him yesterday night. When i told that i’m done trying,- he honestly said that he tried to keep our relationships, he would love to give me all his time but he didn’t feel passion and love and in general there’s no mood for the relationships. I deleted him in social networks but he still keeps writing me about the last night, just in case that he was with a friends and there was no girls around and stuff and i never reply him. Should i text something back now or it’s better to keep for the future? Or should i give it a time, i have a birthday next month, so maybe i should wait and see if he text me something? I probably think that we didn’t have a passion because we started relationships wrong, there’s nothing serious starting with a sex… It’s just i like the guy for the first time in a long time (since my first great love, i broke up with 2 years ago)…

  5. Lola
    March 27, 2015 | 11:00 pm

    My baby’s father and I recehtly broke up and the next day he started seeing somebody else. He talks about a future with her and how she makes him so happy. I want to fix our relationship, actually I want to create a new one with him. I called him things I shouldn’t have and I said things about him I shouldn’t have. I hit him and I just want to fix things before our daughter is born. What do I do?

    • admin
      March 29, 2015 | 2:34 pm

      Sounds like a rebound to me…

  6. cant get it right!
    March 26, 2015 | 8:59 am

    I have been going backwards and forwards with one person for nearly 20 years and we still can’t seem to get it right, the story goes like this…x and I met when I was in a school uniform his little brother was my first “boyfriend” and We have always remained close, he has also been my brothers best friend and brother figure for this time. We have both had other relationships himself with 2 children myself 1 but always seem to get drawn back together in any crisis. My daughters father died in 2004 in a tragic event which divided families and friends, so let’s just say theres been a bit of drama! All of which x has lived apart of as well even though we were not together 8 years on and our 3rd attempt in 4 years I find myself in this spot again were he runs. He doesn’t want anyone knowing we are together its a secret, he hates my job (to demanding) and takes it personally if I’m not intimate every time I see him but he assures me its not about that lol. I will admit he is my best friend if there is anyone who knows everything about me its him and visa versa but it always seems to be so hard? Tonight I was left with the good old “I love you to much I need to let you go please find someone who makes you happy” really wtf?!? I have yet to respond and am tiered… should I keep fighting for us, or walk away next alternative would be jail or mental institute and thats not very fun!!! So please any advice, opinions greatly appreciated ;)

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 8:30 pm

      I don’t get it?

      Jail? or mental institute?

      What do you mean?

  7. Wendy
    March 25, 2015 | 11:16 pm


    I have been in a relationship with the guy of my dreams for a year now. We started off the relationship in a magical way. Things turned sour 8 months into it when I found out his mom had been pushing him to pursue a girl he works with. The parents adorded this girl and kept encouraging him to date her. I was devastated when I found out and worse when I asked if he had any feelings for her he said “well I like being around her, she’s a nice girl and I can’t say she’s unattractive”. This created so much resentment, anxiety, and insecurty in me that it lingered throughout the relationship and I would start bickering with him hoping he’d show some grand way of affection to me. Instead every time I asked more from him he told me the opposite – he couldn’t and didnt want to move away with me because he just didn’t love me enough. By now I hadnt been the same anymore, I changed and really lost myself in the relationship. I stopped doing ” me” and spending my time on this and activities that I liked but instead let him be my world. I made my world revolve around him and became crazy and clingy. Our sex life quickly became nonexistent at this point too. Finally, when we tried twice to have sex and it didn’t work he told me the passion was gone. He had fallen out of love for me a long time ago and tried to make it work but I had changed too much and things had changed too much. I begged and cried for his forgiveness and he never budged. When I left his house that one morning he told me to “keep his house keys for now”. I wrote him my final goodbye letter the next day revealing how I now understood where we went wrong etc since I only gained this perspective after he broke up with me. He wrote back and told me how much he loved me and I was amazing at the beginning of our relationship etc and that looking back he agreed the dynamics of our relationship changed after the whole issue happened. He told me he loved me and always will and that I’d always be his baby. (When I begged him several times to take me back he said he loves me but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with me anymore) this makes me think he’s really done with me. But I’m still wondering why he told me to hold onto the keys for now and why he’s telling me I will always be his baby etc. It hasn’t been a week yet but I’m going crazy. I wonder how he’s doing and if he misses me or if he’s thinking of ever getting back with me or thinking about me at all. What should I do????

  8. LiLi
    March 25, 2015 | 7:30 pm

    Will this be usefull in a long distance relationship? I’m from Mexico he is from England, we broke up a month and a half ago. I was moving to England in August.But now he says he doesn’t feel the same, that the best for me is to stay here, that he is afraid his love wont be enough.

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 8:04 pm

      It can be but I would check out some of my more relavant LDR articles.

  9. C
    March 25, 2015 | 9:57 am

    My finace and I started dating 8 months ago engaged after 6 months. Everytime he does something to piss me off I tell him he can just leave. Well the last time he actually did and I didn’t stop him. I wanted to but I didn’t cause I wnatsd him to fight for me and she me how loves me (dumb I know). Well he has only responded to one of like 15 texts and returned one phone call since Saturday. During the phone call I told him if this is really over tell me so I can go to the couples couselor tomorrow (which was going to be our premarital counselor) and tell her that I’m there to work on me and how to get help to move on or to make a plan for us. He said he loves me and just needs time. Today I got no call no text nothing. I texted him and asked him if he was interested in what the therapist had to say… No response. Then told him she soda that too much time isn’t the best thing that we need to Councel rigs away and there is an 8 yr old involved that needs to move forward to (he told my daughter he will maybe come home) then at the end of the message i said that if I get no response or explanation to his message I will concider us over move on. He never responded so I guess I got my answer… Or am I reading too much into it. I’m so confused.

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 7:57 pm

      What was he doing to upset you in the first place to make you give him that threat?

  10. Meg
    March 24, 2015 | 5:33 pm


    Long story short, I dated my ex for 7 years. We work together and we lived together. We had a month long breakup in our 7 years that was my doing around the 4 year mark. I moved out because I was not happy.

    Fast forward… About a year ago I caught him cheating on me. I moved out very quickly within a few days. We still talk and still work together. He tried to jump right back into the relationship about 5 months ago but I wasn’t ready to totally forgive him. Even tho he has a gf he still calls and texts me.

    A few months ago he got a girlfriend that he hasn’t told me about, I heard through friends… They are on a trip now and I am going bananas…. I miss him now that I know he is gone somewhere with someone else…

    How do I get him back now without looking desperate

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 6:50 pm

      So, he cheated on you again?

  11. jenny
    March 24, 2015 | 3:08 pm

    We haven’t broken up but his family knows about us so they are not ready for our relationship. So he is not allowed to go out of his home nd he is not leaving his home from a month even for his job.itz been a month that we haven’t talked well.nd he says he will contact me when he can but he doesn’t contact me.what do i do? We both love each other nd we want to be with each other.but his family is not ready to accept us. Please help me out mail me on my personal email id.waiting eagerly for ur reply.

    • admin
      March 31, 2015 | 6:44 pm

      Hi Jenny, I can only respond to your comments.

      Is that ok?

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