One on One Coaching

One on One coaching with the Ex Recovery Team is without a doubt the product we are most proud of. The coaching entails a one on one conversation over the phone for an hour where we work with you to develop a personalized action plan. After your session, you should be much better equipped in your efforts to win back your ex.

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Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program

The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program is our flagship product teaching you how to get your ex back. Every step of our process is outlined through our professionally designed 615 page textbook, 30 part PDF Course, 30 Part Audio Course and 30 Part Video Walkthrough Course. The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program is something we are very proud of as we try out best to keep it updated every two to four years to ensure that our information accurately keeps with the times.

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Inspire His Desire Program

The Inspire His Desire Program is a 31 part video course dedicated to helping women attract the right type of partner for the long term. It's perfect for Women who feel absolutely worthless when it comes to making a man desire them.

  • Women who are getting rejected by the one guy whose opinion truly matters.
  • Women who seem to always attract the wrong sorts of guys.
  • Women who are wondering how to make a guy fall in love with them.
  • Women who are afraid that the guy they love will find someone better than them.
  • Women who find that men always seem to lose interest in them.
  • Women who want to make it so that a man only thinks about them and no one else.
  • Women who feel confused when they deal with emotionally unavailable men.
  • Women who are dealing with men that completely ignore their texts or calls.
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The Texting Bible

The Texting Bible is one of our core products that deals specifically with texting. One of the most basic questions that we get asked every day on Ex Boyfriend Recovery is, “How the heck am I supposed to text me ex in my situation?” Well, with the texting bible you won’t have to wonder anymore as you’ll get access to over 250 text messages that have been proven to work with our other clients. Oh, and you may learn a thing or two about the basics of texting your ex as well ;)

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The No Contact Rule Book

The No Contact Rule Book rounds out our core products on ex recovery as it deals specifically with the no contact rule. In our research we have found the no contact rule to be the most successful strategy for getting an ex back and thought it would only make sense if we expanded upon it to make sure that you know everything you’ll ever need to know about it!

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Ever wondered about how to become the woman every man wants? In “Ungettable: Becoming The Woman Every man Wants” we explore that very idea. Get the book shipped to you for free with our special offer.

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