She Got Him Back After Contacting HIM First After The No Contact Rule!

I don’t know why but it seems like so many women out there like to challenge the fact that I recommend that they contact their ex after the no contact rule first.

You’d think I would have asked them to sacrifice their first born with all the crazy looks I get.

Kelly was certainly in that group of people who thought that “A MAN” should always contact first.

Oh, perhaps I should back up a second and explain the fact that Kelly is in the Private Facebook Group so my team and I helped her out a lot with her situation. And for the most part she was excellent at implementing the advice we gave her.

There was just one “itty bitty” bump in the road.

She refused to text her ex first…

Here’s what she had to say about the whole thing,

And then I started battling with myself. I went back out and started looking other sites and they’re like don’t you ever text first.

It was at this point that my team and I calmly explained to her all of the benefits of texting first,

  • How you can approach the conversation with a plan
  • How you can come at it from a position of strength
  • How he’s probably dying to hear from you.

And guess what?

All of what we had told her was confirmed when she got him back.

This is Kelly’s story.

Oh and by the way.  If you want to read an awesome book I wrote on this topic, go check out “The No Contact Rule Book“!

Watch Kelly’s Success Story Here

Interview Transcript

  • Alright, I have a feeling Kelly this is going to be one of the best interviews I’ve ever done because you are a part of the private Facebook group, you’ve gotten your ex back. You’re pretty much the exact kind of person I think everyone listening would want to hear from but I’m eager to hear like how did you find me. Let’s create a time like from start to finish. What happened with your situation?

  • Hey Chris! I was in a situation where I am a single mother right now and I have just been in a relationship that broke up. I guess I can explain that to you just a little bit but I was devastated and I had already talked to my friends, my family, and basically all of them told me, “You just need to walk away. Oh well, forget it. Move on.” And I couldn’t figure out why, what happened? I surfed the internet, I Googled in–I have to say, I think Googled in something about exboyfriend and I got your website.

  • Good start so far!

  • I mean right? Obviously you paid well for the Google searches so, it popped right up and I was so impressed. I was like, “Oh my gosh! There’s actually a website on this.” because I’ve never searched anything like that. What caught my eye was the quiz.

  • For those of you who don’t know, if you go to the website, there’s a quiz on the website. The first is like, what are your chances of getting your ex back. I put this quiz together which I’m assuming is the one you saw.

  • Correct and what I was impressed about it was the kind of questions you asked about the length of the relationship, how you broke up.

  • It seems like I was trying to get somewhere as opposed to like one of those quizzes you see on Facebook or something that just gives you the generic answer right?

  • Yes, like what is horoscope’s on, something like that. This one actually was asking some details. Is it long distance I think you asked something about kids, did you share kids together so, I was very impressed about that. Because I thought, “Oh my gosh! actually it might give something somewhat of an accurate result.”

    But I messed a couple of times and I almost like you do with playing in Vegas. I did it a couple of times. I want to see if my answer got better. So, I did do it and then of course I received your email from that and it intrigued me. I was also very fascinated because I’m like, “Oh my gosh! Look at all this articles!”

  • Quite a few articles on that website. It’s like 5 years worth of articles.

  • Just searching, because I’m trying to find something similar to my situation. So, that got me intrigued and then I can’t remember but somehow I got either another email that says quickly join this webinar and so that’s when I joined and I got to see who you were. I got to see the conversations that were going on and when in the webinar you mentioned not only what you get in the book.

    You also started talking about there is an approach, there is an approach to working back and maybe resolving this relationship. So, it gave me some hope because I had been told by all of my friends and family, walk away, move on. And then when that happened, then there was the piece in there you mentioned about the Facebook page and you get help.

  • So, she’s talking, if you’re listening and like, “What the heck is Facebook page?”. She’s talking about the private Facebook group that you get if you buy the premium version of exboyfriend recovery pro and Kelly has been like one of the most active members. I’ll stop interrupting you but what is your thoughts on exboyfriend recovery pro and the private Facebook group?

  • Well, I’ll tell you. The book is fantastic. From end to end, if you lay out exactly what you need to do, when you’re in that kind of emotional state though, where I was–because I was like, you know as mentioned, no contact. That’s the first stage because the book is what, 400 pages long.

  • It’s a really long book.

  • I’m still trying to even go through my mind of no contact, why no contact? So then the Facebook page was phenomenal because everyone is posting which is so private too which also I liked.

  • So, no one else outside of the Facebook can see anything you post.

  • Right and I didn’t believe at first. So, of course I asked the group.

  • Everyone asks that. We have a girl in there named Mirka. She was like freaking out the first time we had done this and now, that we’ve sort of, we made the private Facebook group sort of closed of and only the select members can–she’s always the one that handles those people that like say, “Can my ex see this?” Before I even have a chance, she’ll be saying, “No, we’ve already been over this.” She’s done it like 50 different times with 50 different members. I’m wondering if she did it to you.

  • She answered my question. That was the first thing I was concerned about and then of course I just lurked and watched and it was so comforting to see what everyone is going through because you started to get to know people, you started to get to know their situation and you felt like you had your friends and then at the same time, your wife, kindly, was responding at times to specific questions but then other members were responding.

    So, when you’re in this kind of constant, you’re going through this no contact and you’re trying to reconcile everything going on in your mind, that is the best support group because it’s silent, it’s quite. You know what I mean? It’s in your private space. That’s what I needed, was my private space. No one else knew about it and I could go there and I felt like I was supported, as well as, you know, misery loves company.

    So, that to me, the Facebook page was a life saver. In addition to all the materials but the Facebook page was the biggest support out of all of it because also then it gave us contact. I know you come in periodically but with Jen and then just seeing go through their stages and you learn from it too. I learned a lot.

  • So, Kelly knows a lot of the, sort of the more prevalent members–and there’s always a prevalent members who keep showing up and on top of my head, the girl with the baby. So, like we know, like all of this situations and everything.

    My wife she’s a constant presence there. I’m always jumping in to help people and all doing the Facebook live which is sort of just like the webinar except it’s just a q and a version where I just sit there and literally try to do as many questions as I possibly can. I always say I’m going to do it for like 30 minutes but I always end up there for like an hour.

    I think you’ve attended almost every single one. Sometimes you’re like at work or something but I remember yesterday I did one that you attended.

  • Yes, and I love those because I can sit there and listen. I got my headphones on at work. I can listen and again, it’s like a conference call. Everyone’s on and you’re reading up the questions and because of that, like I said, I learned. My situation is different. Everyone else’s different but then there’s something about their situation that you can learn from, if not now, later.

    It’s just very real and again it really helps you get through it when you’re just trying to struggle through with what’s going on in your life. As you know, your personal life rides over into every part of your life. I mean it’s a relationship so, that support, you doing those free webinars, the live sessions was always like, “Oh good! Chris is jumping on! I’m going to listen!”

  • And now here you are on the podcast. So, it’s like you get to know me for real now. Alright so, you’re on the Facebook group, obviously you haven’t gotten him back yet. So, take me through sort of what happened, how did you get your ex back?

  • Well, mine was not as long as probably some relationships. Ours was only about 3 months and we’re in our 40s and yet he broke up through text like a 15 year old but anyway, I was devastated about it because we didn’t even talk. It was through a text and so, I was struggling with the fact that I was just cut off and your recommendation was the no contact. I had tried to reach out the day that he cut me off through the text and got no response.

    So, it wasn’t long after that I found your website and it said no contact and I think I reread and read and read why no contact because I was thinking, “Do I need to just walk away completely?” And all other websites that I saw, all these other boyfriend websites–because I did go out and kind of looked around because is this Chris guy for real? What is this no contact and then I’m going to text him? It’s just crazy.

    Am I begging somebody to take me back? And I went to all these other sites and they’re like never, ever go back. Never go back. He should always come running to you. A guy will never take you back. So, that’s what I kept looking at the Facebook page, and I kept reading up the no contact and looking at the reasoning that 1)You got to cool down, 2)-this is my takeaways. So, I got some things that you put on there too.

  • So, far so good?

  • Which was good. I didn’t have to cool down because we had an argument and then the other thing was work on yourself. I always heard that but what I–

  • Hearing it and actually doing it are two different things and also, I think when someone says work on yourself, it’s so general right? No one gives you like the exact–in the book I talk about the holy trinity; health, wealth and relationships. Like divide your life into these three aspects. I don’t know if you got to that part or not.

  • I did. I went through and started kind of giving myself a check. Where am I on the health? I’d already been working out actually because my ex and I had worked out together but the mental part was what I had to work on. So, I started to realize, I thought mentally, where am I? Do I feel good about me?

    So, I needed to get more self acceptance. So, I spent a lot of time on self acceptance. I did a lot more. The things I tried to do for myself to feel good about me and to say, “You know what? No matter what happens, I’m going to be ok.” And so, I spent a lot more time on that. Now, I will say, it took me a couple of weeks because I was in that kind of depression state and I–

  • Always  does.

  • Like you said, what I read I though was fascinating is that’s why it’s so painful when you read about others, how everyone in so much pain, it’s that addiction.

  • Yeah, the addiction. The break ups, the part of the brain that lights up is the same part of the brain that lights up when a cocaine addict is going through a withdrawal period. It’s like going through the exact same symptoms. Maybe not the level of a cocaine addict but you know that’s one of the great things about the Facebook group.

    It allows people like you who are maybe a little skeptical about everything to see others struggling through the same exact thing and it sort of makes you realize, “Wow, this is actually normal.”

  • Yes, when I started seeing the heartache I’m like, “Ok, I’m not the only one.”

  • Trust me, there’s 500,000 people feeling exactly like you are.

  • Yes, I feel physically ill and I’m reading their anguish and I’m like, “Oh my gosh! It’s not just me.”

  • Yes, you lose your appetite.

  • And that was great to read about it but then to actually see it occur on a Facebook page so, even though you’re going through it. I’ve spent the time like you said with the no contact, spending a lot of time thinking, “Ok, mine was going to be 30 days.” Because I know you also have 21 and I think 45 but I even emailed in to your group because you would advise send some questions in and I did, I got a response back and they confirmed from your staff, “Hey do the 30 days.”

    So, I had my mind. I already had a plan out, 30 days no matter what, I’m focusing on me. And I though I’ll just keep looking at the Facebook page. I’ll touch base. I’ll try to be helpful to others when I feel I can and so that’s where I spent my time. Now, I will say I obsessively was thinking the entire time and then I have to try to catch myself but everyday it was just like an addict. You get up everyday, you go, “This is what I’m going to do to try to make myself feel better and move on and I’m gong to have faith.”

  • You’re sort of reforming your habit pattern. One of the really interesting things and takeaways that I’m having as I interview more and more people who get their exes back is the people who get their exes back are just really excellent at execution. We get so many people who buy the book who understand the process but don’t actually execute it right?

    You are excellent at execution. Like you saw health, wealth and relationships and you were like, “Ok, let me divide my life up. I’m doing good here. I need some work there.” You’re really good at execution which is probably why you saw some positive results.

  • Well, I hope and I have to say though, I mean I relied a lot on advice from the group. Because what happened is after that, they got to the 30 days and then I freaked because I was like, “Oh my gosh! I’m supposed to send a text.” And then I started battling with myself. I went back out and started looking other sites and they’re like don’t you ever text.

  • Don’t text him, right.

  • Don’t text him but then again I kept listening to you and then I posted. I didn’t usually put a lot of posts. I didn’t about myself.

  • Before we even like had gotten-before we started the interview, like 30-45 minutes, I actually went through the group and pulled up all of your posts, just so I can kind of familiarize myself with your situations. There’s so many posts there. And I had noticed that you usually would comment on other people’s post and then there were just a few like select times that you actually did a post yourself.

  • Yeah, because I just thought I don’t want to sit there and kind of vomit onto the group.

  • You didn’t vomit! No, no, no.

  • I was trying to learn as I went but then that one time I did, I got responses back that changed everything and it confirmed what you were teaching. One was from your wife and–

  • She’s the best advocate I could ever have.

  • Yes, I’m telling you and the wonderful thing is the calmness and just being able to be a third party on the outside, “Here’s what we know works. Consider this, this is what we’ve seen–the results that we did.” Like a friend does, you get all wrapped up in somebody’s drama.

  • And also friends aren’t necessarily– this is something I always find myself repeating, friends are really great as a support system but they’re not necessarily the best person to advice when it comes to trying to get your ex back.

    They’re not like trained in it right? They don’t have any experience with it. They’re just going off on their own experience and it’s not like they understand how to do it. So, they’re not always the best people to turn to for advice. They’re just really great for support. So, that’s what I try to tell people all the time.

  • And you’re right and they’re trying to protect you and they really are trying to protect you but at the same time–and that’s why I kept thinking, “Ok, Jennifer and Chris have seen all this instances.” And I also said, you don’t try to judge the ex, you’re trying to go by,”Here’s the behavior we’ve seen and here’s the results we get.” So, that’s where I was trying to go to. I kept thinking, “Ok, I’m going to go by what they’ve seen.”

    And when another person posted, another member and they said, 16:39 “Robin, I didn’t hear from my ex either.” Because I didn’t hear anything from my ex. Not a thing. All I heard were crickets. And then that’s why I was like, “I can’t do this. This is going to kill me. If he rejects me again, I’m going to go back into my hole. I can’t deal with the pain.” and Jennifer said just do it. The worst he can do is ignore you.

    And then other member wrote and said, “I did it with my ex. I’m back with him because he said he was too stubborn but he had been waiting to hear from me and he missed me and he wanted it all to work out.” And so I thought, “Ok, there’s someone else out there who never heard –just like me. I’m going to try it.” And so, I actually constructed a text. Kind of following your guidelines but I didn’t realize when I originally constructed it, it sounded a little obvious that I missed him. So, Jennifer said no.

  • Tweak it a little bit.

  • It turned totally different though and I’m so glad she did that because I wasn’t even going to ask her.

  • I’m going to admit something that’s hard for me to admit, when it comes to the text game, she’s a lot better than I am. Some of the texts she comes up, I’m even like wow! And it’s funny too, I use a lot of the texts that she used on me that works, that got me to marry her. So, she’s excellent for that.

  • Because she went writing to my original text and said, “No, you need to look a little buys. You need to look like you are doing this but yeah, you were thinking about him.” And I’m telling you what, so I sent the text, and again I was 18:20 some texting rise ,”Ok, I’ve sent this text. Nothing! Nothing! It’s been a whole hour.”

  • Right, that happens.

  • She’s responding and she’s like Oh you know. I’m not kidding an hour, he responded and it was beyond my expectations. He was basically like “We should have been here and here together. I’ve been waiting to hear from you.” And I was blown away. I’m like what? And it’s like, “Yeah, I’ve been waiting to hear from you.” Now that’s what I didn’t understand Chris. I’m like, “Well, then you could have reached out.”

    And that’s what I never understood and he was like, “No, you needed to call me.” and I’m like, “No. You broke up with me.” But in his mind, I had brushed him off that evening and that’s why he sent the text that says we probably needed to move on with other people. He thought I brushed him off. At least that what he says but he truly was going to –finally I got him out of him later. I said were you ever going to text me or call me? And he said, “Well, I was waiting for some situations in my life to change.”

  • No, he wasn’t going to do it. Probably a year later when he has this sort of the grass is greener syndrome. The thing gets in effect and he starts realizing, “I really messed up there.” then he would text you but look what happened. You had the guts to text him and now–so how did it go exactly? Sort of the reconnection talk? Was it pretty quick after that or was it just like one text bam! You’re back in it?

  • No, we were back and forth. We tend to joke a lot. So, he immediately started with, “No, you were supposed to come begging for me.” And I knew he was joking and I’m like, “No” and then I happen to be around his office  and he goes, “Let’s do lunch and talk.”

    So, we actually went immediately off site and talked and his mindset was the night our argument got out of hand, it should have never gotten out of hand and I said, “But yet, you shut things off.”

    And he’s like,”No, I didn’t expect to shut it off forever.” I’m like, “Well, your words said that.” So, he seems to deny it. I don’t know Chris. I don’t know if guys say things at that time and then think, “Well, maybe I didn’t mean that.” I don’t know.

  • Yeah, that definitely happens.

  • But his actions shows that he meant because he never reached back out and he did say, “Well, I don’t know if you’re still mad.” And he brought up situations where you know, “Yeah, I thought you might be at this place. So, I went there.” But he didn’t–he’s also introverted. But I don’t know. Now, he was getting busy on some new projects and he said, “I was kind of glad you weren’t around because I was so busy on this projects.” And I don’t know. It just seems like he truly thought I should come back and yet, he’s the one that broke up.

  • It’s a weird mentality, I’ll admit and it’s a mentality I had when I met my wife. So, I’ll tell you  a story. When I met my wife, I had this weird mentality that she should text me all the time. Like if she texts me all the time, it means she likes me. She’ll invest more and so I purposely woudln’t text her first. I would literally–there would be like days I would go on walks. I would get so like anxious to hear from her but I was like stubborn.

    So, I wanted her to text me. I understood that about myself later which is why I think men have this–I’m not sure why we have that mentality but I think it probably falls into the fact that we’re thinking, if we can get you to invest in us or invest in the text in us, it means that you like us. Men generally just want to feel wanted by women. And honestly, I’m a big proponent of texting first after no contact rule and I realized you’re falling into that category of like, “Why? The man should always chase the woman.”

    But I think of it more as like, look, if you can text first, you can control exactly what to say. You can raise your chances of getting him to response to you and then you can cut the conversation off. You’ll hook him in, you’ll get him invested and all of a sudden, you fall of the face of the earth for a day or two. We found just statistics alone, it’s way more powerful to do that. And it goes against the grain completely but hey, it works.

  • You know what, I had heard you say it like that before. So, that’s helpful when you say that because I hadn’t thought of it as, when I text after the 30 days, I looked at it more like I’m reaching out for you and begging for you back because in my mind that’s how I’m feeling right. But as you’re putting it, it’s like “No, I’m going to control this conversation.”

  • That’s exactly how you need to approach it.

  • If you don’t like it, if you don’t respond, I’m fine. I’m going to move on.

  • That’s exactly it.

  • I hadn’t heard you say it quite like that so, that’s helpful because I didn’t feel that when I sent the text, I wasn’t like I’m in control. I was kind of like, “I’ve sent in the text. Ok, respond, respond.” But I will say, what’s interesting, and Jen wrote me, she was, “How did you feel?” And you know what because of the 30 days, I wasn’t as upset in the hour that he didn’t respond. I did started getting in that mood, “You’re not going to respond. Heck with you.” I did feel stronger for that reason. So, the 30 days helped with that.

  • It’s almost like you have to shift your paradigm when you’re trying to get your ex back and the 30 day no contact rule can definitely help with that because it’s sort of taking the focus off of on him and putting it onto you and it shifts your paradigm. So, that you’re approaching getting him back from a position of strength, as opposed from a position of weakness. Now they always say fake it ’til you make it.

    That’s kind of what you did because inside you felt, “Oh wow. I’m begging for him back.” But he probably took it as your approaching this from a position of strenth which probably it would have maybe seem like you were begging for him back if Jen didn’t make the alteration with your text message.

  • That’s correct because my message wasn’t like my first one where I’m –it was a little bit more of you could tell I was missing him more instead of “Hey thought of you because of this, this and this.” It was just like “Hey, thought of you.” And then that’s when he came much more forward and since then he’s been coming much more forward.

  • It’s interesting, men we found react better to women who approach things from a position of strength. Why? Because it means the woman is of high value. So, a woman of high value is a woman who’s different than the rest. So, he wants to find a woman that is “ungettable” girl which is a phrase I coined years ago and somehow. There’s a clothing brand now that ripped it off.

  • No! Oh my god!

  • But you get what I’m saying? You approach things from a position of strength, you’re going to be looked at as this high value target. And so men always wanted challenge, what’s more challenging than getting a woman who’s a high value target which–

  • But you know what? I think what I, part of that is is not just look at all the men that want her but it’s inside she’s got that strength.

  • Yes, true which technically you didn’t have. You felt like you were making a mistake but you projected that you had it. So, he thought you had it but now going forward, just approach things from a position of strength. Even in your relationship, I realized the rules are a little bit different now that you’re back together but he’ll love you more if you’re a strong woman as opposed to a weak, needy, begging woman.

  • That’s good too yeah but then what about expressing feelings at this point once your back? Can you do that without–

  • Absolutely. I think communication is key to any relationship I mean, everyone always says that. So, what does that mean. Well, it just means anytime you’re going to have a really tough conversation make sure he’s in an environment where he’ll be amenable to taking the tough conversation well. There’s a lot of different ways you can do this.

    You can create an environment like physically around where you can like light candles and make it intimate, not sex intimate but if you’re going to have a tough conversation make sure he’s in a really good mood too. Not a lot of women do this, if he’s in a good mood and you break bad news to him, he’s probably going to be not taking it as hard as if he was in a bad mood, you broke bad news.

    That’s how those arguments can start and spiral out of control. I’m even guilty of this with Jen sometimes. Sometimes I can add when she’s having a bad day. So, if I’m having a bad day I forget to take her feelings into account but you know that’s just the phrase it takes two tango in a relationship. It just takes two to tango. You also have to get him to be willing to sort of invest into the relationship.

    Really when you’re looking at trying to get him to commit to you, just, I cannot stress this enough, get him to invest time into you. That’s his most precious asset. He’s probably at the age where he makes enough money so, it’s not so much that. It’s time. So, the more time you can get him to invest whether that’s text messages, whether that’s in person interactions, the better it’s going to be for the longevity of your relationship.

  • Ok and then if you don’t mind me asking then, how do you get him–like you mentioned the tough conversations. So, sometimes arguments just occur right?

  • Yeah, normal. Completely normal.

  • And now what I learned from my situation is definitely don’t storm off like I’m 12 years old because that’s exactly what I did. I think women do that. It’s like, “Oh fine.” and we pout and run off and that didn’t work. How did you–do you find it with Jen? Do you guys have like the code that you know when one person’s had enough or–

  • So, I’ll give you an example. It does take two to tango but I’m trying to think of the last fight. We don’t have to too many fights because–this sounds cliche but anytime we have sort of an disagreement, we try to come up with a solution for it on the spot. So, the one that’s come into mind was I like to stay up at night and decompress by watching tv because I’m sitting in front of the computer working all day and I just want to decompress and she wanted me to come to bed with her like at the same time every night and for the longest time, it really bugged her.

    I think what set her off one time was she read this article in a magazine that said one of the ways you can find the higher chances of divorce or something is if you don’t go to bed at the same time at night. And I remember I was watching the baby and she just started crying and so I went “What’s wrong?” and she wouldn’t tell me for the longest time but eventually I pried enough and she told me and though I wasn’t amenable I at the moment because I was like, feeling like my sort of free time at nights where I can just kind of decompress because I’m kind of the person that needs his own free time a lot.

    I felt like it was being taking away. I realized sort of the most important thing for me, my family and even our relationship with Jen is if I make a sacrificing and start doing that. And so, I ended up starting doing it and so what usually happens is, I stay in bed with her until she falls asleep and then I come down stairs and do work or watch and decompress or whatever.

  • It’s a compromise.

  • It’s a compromise. I guess that’s what I’m saying but it wouldn’t have been possible if I stayed stubborn right? And I’m a very stubborn person by nature. So, one of the things I’ve had to improve on and I’ve had relationships in the past where I’ve sort of picked a part of what I did wrong and what I did right.

    And one of the things I noticed is that I had to be less stubborn. I had to be willing to compromise even though for me at that time it felt like  a gigantic compromise. It felt like my free time, my only free time at night was being taken away but I’m so glad that I did it.

  • Yes, that sounds great. Yes, it’s a compromise but and one other question then Chris, do you think men cannot handle stress the same way women do? What it seems like too and what I feel like in arguments with my — I don’t say my ex anymore but he says I gets stressed, he gets stressed and I’m like what’s the stress?

  • I think it honestly depends on the individual. I will say though I think generally women are better at handling stress and I don’t want to sound non-feminist or something like that but I think you guys certainly have that time of the month right? And so, it almost I feel like trains you from an early age to handle things when you’re not feeling good and everything probably becomes more stressful.

    You guys can get pregnant. Everything, your hormones can get out of whack, you can gain a lot of stress. Men, we don’t have that kind of stuff. So, we’re maybe not as practiced and now I don’t know if there’s any sort of research to back this up. It’s just my own sort of theory at this point but I can certainly say, Jen is much better at handling stress than I am. In fact, when I’m really stressed, she’s the one that I have to go to to help calm me down.

    When she’s really stressed, I do my very best to calm her down but I will say those moments are few and far between. She’s usually sort of the strong one in the relationship. I’m more of the stressed one whether it’s money, whether it’s sort of mortgage bills or anything like that. That’s probably what tends to stress me out the most now anyways.

  • Right, right I bet. Well, I’ll tell you the group–all that you offer has been a lifesaver. I mean–like I said, I’m much older than you. I learned so much from what you guys taught and if anything it just makes me realize, don’t go by the cookie cutter approaches that are out there. Sometimes you got to step back away from the family and friends and kind of do what’s right for you.

  • I will say one thing about the cookie cutter things, everyone has unique situation right? And so a cookie cutter plan is not necessarily going to work in your case. And one thing I like to say is, my plan is a cookie cutter plan so to speak. Like I come up with a strategy but you need to alter it according to your situation. It’s meant to be sort of as a guideline to help you follow down the path but it seems like you made some alterations to the plan. It seems like you sped up the texting phase a lot quicker and it worked for you.

  • Yes it did.

  • You have to follow your gut, I guess what I’m getting at here. You certainly did that. You were also really excellent in execution which I think is definitely one of–your excellent during your execution during the no contact rule which is one of the hardest things to do. So many people fail in that.

  • It is but at the same time there was something in me that says, “Ok, I”m going to do exactly as they say. They say this is what works.” And at the same time I knew that  I needed to do the other stuff. I needed to work on me and I needed to get my head right before I thought I move forward.

    So, it gave me time to do that, is to really process everything that had already happened, I get to work on me and so it bought me some time and then that’s why I relied on the group so much because then it kept me thinking about, “Ok, what do I do next? Do I really want this ex back?

    Do I really want to make this?” So, it gave me the time too and I knew that. I didn’t want it to be knee jerk because I’ve been knee jerking the past and I’ve seen myself fail miserably every time. So, I thought time time, I’m going to trust someone else other than what I’ve done.

  • I imagine that’s hard for you to do. I’m really glad that we had you come to the website and join the group. You’ve been one of the people who like I said before we started recording, I saw your profile picture and I was like, “We need to answer her.”

    There’s something about it that made me want to help you, I guess more than regularly but I’m really happy for you Kelly. I really appreciate you coming on to the podcast here. One last thing I want to ask you, let’s say someone’s listening to this and they’re on the fence about buying exboyfriend recovery pro, what would you say you took from it?

  • First and foremost, get advice like I said outside of what you know. Go with people that know it which you have spent your time with thousands of hundreds of people. So, you’ve seen lots of situations and take the time for yourself. It’s so affordable that it’s ridiculous. You’re going to waste that money on Starbucks coffee in a couple of weeks.Spend the money–

  • Really, you really will.

  • You really will and what you get out of it, all the reading that you get. You’ll get so much reading free on the website but then all that you give with the downloads and the audio and then daily Facebook, you’re getting that throughout your entire time and it’s absolutely–to me that’s just a freebie and that’s like free counseling everyday.

  • Yeah, it really is.Yeah, it really is.

  • And there is nothing better than that. It kept my sanity. I was on the Facebook page. I can take it wherever I was because I have my phone and when I felt my lowest I could go to that Facebook page and you felt connected with others. So, and the last thing I”ll say, I really did, I really researched other sites and you and Jen are so genuine and everyone sees that.

    Everyone sees that you truly do care about the people. You know what’s going on in their lives and that matters today in this world. There’s so much craziness going on and to have people really care, that means the world. So for me, that matters to me. If someone’s genuine, that takes it for me. So, that’s what I appreciate too. So, it’s kind of a package of things that made me think, “Wow, I got to stick with this.”

  • We are so glad to have you. I really appreciate you coming on the podcast. Thank you so much for telling us your story.

  • And thank you for your help.	

Written by EBR Teamate

Chris Seiter