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About Me

Hi, I’m Chris Seiter, a professional relationship coach specializing in helping people navigate through their breakups.

I’ve carved out a pretty interesting niche for myself and over the past decade I have worked with many thousands of women and men to help them reunite with their most recent romantic partners.

Tens of millions of visitors have visited my relationship based websites in search of expert advice.

I also enjoy making the speaking rounds and have appeared on many podcasts as well as produced hundreds of my own.

Academic Background & Research Studies

My academic background is in the Humanities.

I received my Associate’s Degree from San Jacinto College and then went on to attend the University of Houston which is where I pursued my Bachelor of the Arts Degree with a focus in Humanities.

Throughout my student and adult years, I have been fascinated by relationships and have studied the disciplines that affect relationships, including biochemistry, sociology, psychology, and the impact social media has on relationships.

I have also conducted my own studies and research utilizing actual results from my clients who participated in implementing my ex recovery strategies and tactics.

One noteworthy study which I performed showed that the No Contact Rule is highly correlated to successful relationship recovery.

Relevant Practical Experience

Helping people who are struggling with their interpersonal relationships started for me all the way back in 2008 and has continued to the present.

In 2012 I started Ex Boyfriend Recovery, a website designed to share my findings of what actually works to get an ex back.

The popularity of my articles quickly inspired me to write my first book about my methods and I’m happy to report that over 20,000 men and women have taken the leap of faith and bought my 485 page core eBook available on this website (i.e. Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO).

Since then, I have authored 9 other relationship based eBooks all of which are purchased every day by visitors to my websites. And in 2017, I founded the ERP Private Facebook Support Group which has thousands of members.

My relationship advice has been featured in large, reputable publications such as Yahoo, Business Insider, Readers Digest, Livestrong, Elite Daily and Bustle.

But what I’m most proud of is my work coaching individuals, one on one, as I guide them through the complicated process of winning back an ex.

People I've Helped

My Success Stories

I’m a big believer that the proof is in the pudding and the best way to show you this is for you see me interview some of my clients who’ve worked with me or my team to get their exes back.

Since I’ve been blessed with thousands of success stories over my tenure. Here are a few of my favorites

I Worked With Jessy To Get Her Ex Back

"She Broke Up With Him And Now They’re Married"

Jessy has been one of our most celebrated success stories.

I originally heard from her under unique circumstances. One day I open up my support email and see an email from a woman named Jessy who told me that she was on her honeymoon with her husband (former ex.)

Upon hearing this I did one of those classic double take moves and prayed to the gods that I could get her to come onto my podcast for an interview.

Luckily she agreed and a few weeks later we were able to record something.

What really stuck out to me with her situation was the power of the no contact rule. Usually when I work one on one with clients there are a lot of other things outside of the no contact rule that have to occur for an ex to come back.

However, with Jessy it worked like a charm and she got her ex back in almost record time,

I Worked With Sarah To Get Her Ex Back

"She Got Engaged To Her Ex After He Told Her They'd Never Get Back Together"

I tease Sarah a lot because of her name.

I’m an avid Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan so when I first met her I jokingly took to calling her “Buffy” since Sarah Michelle Gellar played Buffy.

And our Sarah was named Sarah Michelle ;) .

Little did I know that our Buffy would be a prodigy when it came to getting her ex back. Not only was she an avid participant in our Private Facebook Group (which you’ll gain access to if you download your free copy of Ex Recovery Secrets) but she was excellent when it came to implementation.

We would giver her a strategy and she would follow it!

I think the results speak for themselves!

I Worked With Mary To Get Her Ex Back

“Her Ex Blocked Her And She Still Got Him Back”

Mary was one of the original members of our Private Facebook Group.

It’s kind of cool because before we had thousands of members we were able to devote a lot of personal attention to the “newbies” and she was one of those people who got that attention.

Anyways, Mary went through a nightmare scenario.

One day, out of the blue, her ex just blocked her.

There was no explanation..

No warning…

It just happened….

She was confused as to her next steps and we recommended a strict no contact.

Well, spoiler alert, it worked.

After 28 days into no contact Mary’s ex unblocked her and reached out.

This is her story of how she got him back,

I Worked With Kelly To Get Her Ex Back

“She Texted Him First And He Came Back”

Kelly was distraught over her breakup when she found us.

She had made every mistake in the book and need some extra guidance. So, she interacted with me, my wife and my team in our private support group (which you’ll gain access to once you grab your copy of Ex Recovery Secrets.)

After some guidance from us she was still a little skeptical. After all, we had advised her that she should reach out first after a period of no contact.

Everything in her brain said that it was a bad idea but she decided to trust us and luckily that trust paid off after he was responsive and she ended up getting him back.

Learn more about this incredible success story!

I Worked With Sophia To Get Her Ex Back

"Sophia Was Blocked By Her Ex, Here's What She Did About It!"

This is probably one of our most recent success stories.

This interview has a funny story behind it because it was done at midnight! You see, Sophia is an extremely busy person and she didn’t really have any time to do an interview about her success story.

So, I asked her in a spur of the moment decision if she wanted to do the interview late at night.

She said, “Sure, but I’m getting off work at 10 PM.”

I immediately accepted and we ended up talking for hours about how she got her ex back. At the start of the interview she literally told me that she didn’t have a clue how she got her ex back but by the end we drilled down and got to the bottom of what we think happened to make her ex come crawling back.

I Worked With Jean To Get Her Ex Back

"The Ultimate Long Distance Relationship Ex Recovery Story!"

She was feeling a little under the weather when I did this interview with her but she was so grateful of how me and my team helped her get her ex back that she decided to brave the sickness and do the interview with me.

Jean had an interesting story because she was literally in the middle of a long distance relationship and her ex broke up with her.

LDR’s are some of the most challenging situations to game plan for but Jean ended up successful after following our advice and interacting with other members of our private support group.

This is her story!

I Worked With Kris To Get Her Ex Back

"What She Had To Do To Save Her Long Distance Relationship"

This is one of my favorite interviews that I have ever done with a success story.

Kris worked very closely with my wife and ended up seeing great results!

She had one of those really difficult situations, she was in a long distance relationship and didn’t really know what to do to get her ex back.

Overall we came up with a plan for her to implement and she executed it to a T.

This is her story!

How I Do It

My Process

Back in the day, Socrates was obsessed with finding “the truth” and he came up with a process that he believed helped humans do that.

He called it “the Socratic Method.”

From the Noun Project: questions by Gregor Cresnar, Research by Becris, right turn by Alexander Skowalsky, Refresh by Aneeque Ahmed, Arrow by Daria Szymonowicz

I don’t look at getting an ex back as something that is “set and forget.” Instead, I am always looking to refine my beliefs about it and get to “the truth.”

It’s an endless pursuit because there is always something new to learn.

In other words, I am always refining and improving my strategies by running them through the socratic method.

The end result is that you get refined advice that has been run through my Socratic gauntlet.

My Life

If you can’t already tell I’ve been doing this for a long time, essentially my entire adult life. more than half a decade to be exact.

I started Ex Boyfriend Recovery while I was studying for my Humanities degree in college and soon my time was split between college and the people frequenting this website.

After months of spending 5 hours a day answering the daily comments from women going through breakups, I made the decision to launch my business and focus on this endeavor full time so I could better help those who were heart broken.

It’s been one of the best decisions of my life as I was able to begin solving one of the most difficult problems in the world,

“What is the best way to get an ex back?”

Over the past 6 years, over 25 million men and women have frequented this website and I’ve worked with thousands of those people one on one and have helped many of them get their exes back.

And while I wouldn’t say that I’ve solved the “big question” completely to my satisfaction, I will say that I have made great strides and feel I am honestly making the world a better place.

Contact Me

There are a number of ways you can contact me. Probably the best way is to use the Contact Page on this website. And guess what. I or somewhat on my team will be waiting for you ready to reply!

I’m also pretty active on social media, publishing content every day. So that’s another avenue you can take if you’d like to learn more!

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