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The Complete Guide For Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back

The No Contact Rule (The Definitive Guide)

Does Your Ex Boyfriend Still Care About You? Let’s Find Out Together!

How To Use Text Messages To Get Your Ex Back

The Best Guides to Help You With Your Ex

Our free guides can teach you the concepts and strategies you need to help improve your oddds of winning your ex back.

How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Interested in learning a step by step method for getting your ex back that actually works. This is the guide for you then.

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The No Contact Rule

Our complete guide on the no contact rule will let you know everything you need to know about why ignoring your ex after a breakup may be the key to getting them back (or even moving on.)

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Does Your Ex Still Care About You

Wondering if your ex still has feelings for you? Especially after they’ve given you indications that they aren’t interested? This guide will help you figure out if they really mean what they say or do.

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Using Text Messages To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

What type of text messages actually work for getting exes back? In this guide we share our experiences in what’s actually working for our clients.

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How To Get Him Back If He Has A Girlfriend

Worried that your ex has moved on to someone new? Terrified that they will? In this guide we let you in on our secret for success and why we believe we’ve found the most effective way of dealing with this particular situation.

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How To Get Over Your Ex Boyfriend

Fed up with your ex and want to get over him? Well, not only will this guide show you how to do that but it’ll also let you in on an interesting correlation we’ve noticed between how getting over an ex actually helps you get them back (if you want that.)

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How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Miss You

Want to know exactly what makes an ex boyfriend miss you? This guide will help you learn what’s working in the field so you get the best possible results in making an ex miss you.

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What Your Ex Says Vs. What They Really Mean

Wondering what your ex really means when they say something? How about when they do something? Well, this guide is all about dissecting their statements and telling you what they aren’t.

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Understanding Mixed Signals From Your Ex

Why is your ex being so hot and cold? What’s up with all the mixed signals? This guide is all about helping you decode those mixed signals.

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Signs Your Ex Might Come Back

What does a situation look like when an ex wants you back? What signs do you need to watch out for? This guide will help you understand what real life signs actually look like.

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Should You Get Your Ex Back?

Debating on whether you should get your ex back or move on? Well, this guide will help you make a clear decision on what you should be doing next.

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How Attachment Styles Can Help You Get An Ex Back

We’ve found that understanding attachment styles is a key component on helping you get your ex back. This guide gives you the basics on what attachment styles are and how you can use them to get your ex back.

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What To Do If You Slept With Your Ex

Make the mistake of sleeping with your ex? No worries we know exactly what you should be doing if you find yourself in this situation.

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My Ex Boyfriend Blocked Me On Everything

Has your ex blocked or ghosted you? This guide focuses on how to overcome this difficult situation so that you can get unblocked or get a ghosters attention again.

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Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Get Their Exes Back

Wondering what the biggest mistakes women make after a breakup? Well, this guide highlights all of them and explains why we believe they are mistakes.

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Making Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

Trying to learn how to make your ex jealous after a breakup? Well, we’ve done all the research for you when it comes to learning what’s actually working.

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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Using Social Media

Learn our core rules on how to implement social media to dramatically improve the odds of winning your ex back.

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The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast

Are you struggling with your breakup? Chris Seiter a professional breakup consultant and founder of Ex Boyfriend Recovery shares his daily insights from helping people with their breakups so that you can apply them to your own situation. Chris' relationship tips are narrowed down in the episodes so that you can get the help you deserve.

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Get coached one on one by me or a member of my team to get your ex back. We highly recommend this service due to it’s ability to be tailored to your situation.

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Our best selling product The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program will teach you how to get your ex back from start to finish. We take great care to update The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program every two to four years to ensure that the latest trends are being accounted for.

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The Texting Bible

Once referred to as, “the dictionary of breakup text messages,” this book takes a look at the art of texting and teaches you how to handle real situations our clients have found themselves in.

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The No Contact Rule Book

The no contact rule is one of the most important strategies for getting an ex back. With this book we teach you the right way to implement it.

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