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Personal Coaching

Get coached one on one by me or a member of my team to get your ex back. We highly recommend this service due to it’s ability to be tailored to your situation.

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Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO

My best selling book will teach you how to become a pro at getting your ex back. PRO is updated every two years to ensure that you are getting the best results possible.

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The Private Support Group

Surround yourself with likeminded men and women trying to get their exes back and gain their support for your situation. Attend weekly meetings where I lecture and take your questions in real time.

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The Texting Bible

Once referred to as, “the dictionary of breakup text messages,” this book takes a look at the art of texting and teaches you how to handle real situations our clients have found themselves in.

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The No Contact Rule Book

The no contact rule is one of the most important strategies for getting an ex back. With this book we teach you the right way to implement it.

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