By Janell

I get so jealous of people who can break up on good terms. You know, the couples that say things like, 

“Oh, we broke up, but it was mutual.”

How do you “mutually” agree to end a relationship?
How is it possible that after everything you’ve been through together you just decide,
“Eh, we gave it a try. Let’s just stop this bus here?”
I know. I know. There is more to it than that. It is likely much more complicated than the way I imagine it. And, okay yes, people really do break up mutually, without finding any fault with each other. It just… isn’t the right fit.
For me, it’s always been the more complicated route that gets you to the same destination.
Blame is a tricky thing. Sometimes it is your fault and sometimes people just assume it is your fault. It doesn’t always matter if it is true or not.
What I’ve found is that, after a breakup, both parties find reasons to feel at fault, regardless of who’s fault it was.
So, as the title of this article stated, today we are going to address gaining some clarity and perspective if you are shouldering some fault, whether it’s yours to bear or not.
Perhaps that’s why you’re here reading this article because you feel like it was your fault your ex broke up with you? Or maybe it’s that you were the one who caused the breakup and you’re wondering if there is something you can do to fix it.
Whatever the reason you find yourself here reading this article today, there is something at EBR for you. This is what we are going to cover today:
  1. No, The Breakup Wasn’t Really My Fault, But It Feels Like It Was
  2. If We Are Being Honest, We Were Both At Fault
  3. Yes, The Breakup Was Definitely My Fault, Is There Anything I Can Do?
  4. What Can I Do To Get Him Back?

Blame and fault aren’t really black and white like I thought they were when I was younger.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

If you’re wondering how you to find out if you are the one at fault for the relationship ending, I would suggest you do a little reflecting on your relationship and do it while you’re in No Contact. I spent my own No Contact period thinking about my relationship from different points of view, not just my own.
If you’re completely new to the EBR program, No Contact is pretty easy to understand:
No Contact is a period of time in which you ignore your ex DELIBERATELY in an attempt to make them miss you more and ultimately allow them time to erase any bad feelings they have towards you. It also simultaneously provides you an avenue to emotionally recover and grow as an individual.
During this time you’re not only giving your ex time to miss you while he’s healing from the breakup. You’re giving yourself time to heal too.
It is a good chance to really dissect the good and the bad aspects of the relationship, just don’t dwell on it too long. You can get stuck there. Reflecting on it gives you a good sense of clarity.
 The trick is to avoid the what-ifs.
“What if I always picked too many fights with him?”
“What if I showed him I didn’t trust him when I kept checking his phone?”
“What if I nagged him too much and he got sick of it?”
“What if I pushed him into a relationship he wasn’t ready for?”
The last two were personal for me. I asked myself those questions a lot during my reflection.
Like I said earlier, it’s just a chance for you to take a look at your relationship and see if there were parts already in danger.
It’s easy to be a little self-absorbed in a relationship. I mean, not many people make a habit of seeing things from other peoples’ perspectives. Hopefully reflecting on your relationship in this manner can give you a little understanding of where the blame really lies.

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The Breakup Wasn’t Really Your Fault, But It Feels Like It Was

There are plenty of reasons you could be feeling like the breakup was your fault when it wasn’t.

I mean, you can’t do things 100% right 100% of the time. You are only human.

Are You Blaming Yourself For The Breakup?

I definitely blamed myself after mine and it got me nowhere in my healing process.
When my ex broke up with me, he basically cited our religious beliefs as one of the reasons he wanted to end it, among other things.
It was really a combination of several things. We both had busy weekend schedules. He had his golf, I was working on the weekends. Every weekend, even though he knew I had been working, he would ask if I had gone to church. I had mentioned to him once before that I really wanted to go back. He eventually started going back to church on his own, but I couldn’t follow suit because I was scheduled to work every single weekend.
When we broke up, I was convinced my not going to church was the reason our relationship fell apart. I spent months blaming myself for that.
“If only I made going to church a piority for him.”
It’s a normal reaction to think this way. It’s human. Children blame themselves for their parents splitting up when there are plenty of reasons that they have no clue about. It is ridiculous how many times we blame only ourselves for things that we did and things that we didn’t even do or things that didn’t even matter.
In my case, I was trying to protect my ex from being “the bad guy” in the whole situation. Personally, I didn’t want my family and friends to think of him as the reason I was hurting. I did this even though he had made himself the bad guy in the first place by hurting me. I wanted him to be the good guy I always thought he was, which is probably why I spent way more time blaming myself than blaming him.
Yes, as humans, we can be a little self-centered. But when it comes to people we care about, we rarely hesitate in putting their feelings above our own. So, you could be blaming yourself needlessly when you really didn’t do anything wrong.
Then again you could be blaming yourself because you don’t want to see that maybe this relationship wasn’t very good for you in the first place
Then again, maybe you’re blaming yourself because you’re scared or too comfortable living in the past to start something new with someone else.
Whatever, the cause for your hesitancy, if you did not actually do anything wrong then blaming yourself isn’t going to make things better for you. In fact, it’s more likely to make you feel worse… and worse.

Is Your Ex Blaming You For Something That Wasn’t Your Fault

Most of the time, when relationships end, it has a lot to do with mistrust and misunderstanding. 
This can be caused by:
Miscommunication – This is the main reason for relationships falling apart. Healthy communication is something that is necessary for a relationship to thrive.
Outside Forces – What I mean by that is that other people could have pumped information, opinions, or even rumors into your relationship during and probably even after the breakup. When that happens, expectations and even opinions of each other can be skewed. Your ex may be blaming you because of misinformation from those outside sources.
 In this case, your ex probably already has his mindset, so it is better to let him cool off. Remember in No Contact, part of it is to “ultimately allow them time to erase any bad feelings towards you.” If he is feeling negative about you right now, whether or not it was your fault, you need to let him have this time to himself. If you don’t, you could push him into further resistance to talk to you and could create more bad feelings towards your instead of erasing them.
 No Contact is 21, 30, 45 days. Once you let enough time pass, using the No Contact Method, you can reach out using the Process laid out in Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro. 
Like I said, miscommunication is a big part of why relationships fail in the first place. Use your time during No Contact to learn how to communicate healthily within a relationship.
You should work on The Holy Trinity. If you aren’t sure what that is, watch the video below.

Then, when you have completed No Contact, re-established rapport, and are considering getting back together…
…well, for one, you should come back and tell us about it…
…and two, you should talk CALMLY and REASONABLY about the parts you both played in the decline of your relationship. TOGETHER, talk about what you can do to improve in the future.
It’s important to listen to his side and make an effort to understand where he is coming from. Remember, the goal here is not to lay blame, but to find solutions to the problems of the past.
 Just remember – give him time, give him space. Don’t push him because it will ultimately just push him into a state of resentment. And don’t draw out the conversation. If you are struggling to communicate, then sometimes it is best to leave the past in the past. Admit that there were mistakes made, that both of you played a part, and that you will work together to overcome them as you move forward together.

The Breakup Was Definitely Your Fault, What Can You Do?

So, you do know that you messed up and it was all your fault? What can you do then?

Own Up to Your Actions

Own up to your faults. Do not try to deny it or pretend like it never happened. If you truly want your ex back, you shouldn’t run away or avoid the problem. As I always say, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” And as others say, actions speak louder than words.
Don’t just admit that you screwed up. Change your behavior.
Like I mentioned in the previous section it will take time for your ex to heal from that emotional wound. But if it is too big, you’re probably going to have to give your ex a long No Contact to get over it.
Even then, if you have not made changes to your behavior, your ex will not see a reason to get back together.

You Cheated On Him

Specifically, if you cheated on him, that emotional pain is going to take a long time to heal from. Give him his space and time to reflect, which will give you time to reflect on your actions and its consequences. This is also a good time to perform an “Act of Contrition” if you will, or a way to show that your actions were a one-time thing and you fully intend for it to never happen again.
It’s highly suggested in Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Pro to cut off any and all ties with the person you cheated with. So when you do your No Contact period, you have practiced it on both your ex (to let him recover) and the person you cheated with (because you want to end that relationship entirely.) After that has been settled, you will then have to practice something called a “Mindset Shift”, which is changing or eliminating any type of behavior that might lead your ex to believe you will cheat again.
You don’t want to give him any more reasons to think that you’re going to repeat the betrayal. You will be tempted during No Contact to go out and live the single life. However, in the case of cheating, you will want to focus on self-improvement and avoid situations that might lead to more. Your ex is unlikely to consider any interaction with men during No Contact kindly.

Can I Still Get Him Back?

I don’t pretend to know all of your situations. However, we have seen nearly every situation there is here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery.

The answer is yes!

No matter what your situation, there is always a chance.

There is one way that you can diminish that chance before you ever get through No Contact. And that is to allow your emotions lead you to break No Contact.

Read this article on How To Stay In No Contact. It will help you avoid the most common mistake people make trying to get their ex back.

You might know this already, but I feel like it needs to be repeated: It won’t be an easy fix and it will take time for your ex to even consider getting back together with you if he thinks you are at fault in some way. So while these steps will help get you at peace with your ex, it might take him longer to finally forgive you for everything and give you another chance. So, be patient.
As long as you follow the EBR process and remember to be patient in the process, no matter how impossible it seems.

The Take-Away

When it comes to finding fault after a breakup, people tend to see fault where it isn’t, even in themselves. After reading this article you should be prepared to:

  1. Learn How To Communicate Healthily in a Relationship
  2. Admit Any Contribution You Had to the Failure of The Relationship
  3. Commit to the EBR Process Completely
  4. Most Importantly, Be Patient

Only then, will your chances of getting your ex improve. For now, I want to start a conversation in the comments below. Tell me about your breakup.

  1. The details surrounding your breakup
  2. What you have done since the breakup
  3. What you think your best next step is after reading this article

Our expert will help you discern what your next action should be.

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50 thoughts on “How To Get Him Back If The Breakup Was Your Fault”

  1. Avatar


    April 17, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    H i am marisol . I broke up with my boyfriend bcoz things werent right and he video called girls and sexted may be and lied to me about it when i asked that too very properly like he is telling the truth but i myself saw it on his phone but still he lied .
    He always used to say i never make plans i never did anything for him but i was always there when he called me and i also started initiating but he nevr realized and when i started making efforts he acted like he was not interested . I broke up after 2 days i called him but he was rude like he never wanna be with me thn after 15 days he texted he miss me i said evrything will be ok but thn i started feeling bad and i texted me he said he miss me but one thing that he knows is he dont want to be with me anymore. I felt bad and said ok i will have to move on . He said yes block me and once everything is ok unblock me so i blocked him its been 15 days he is also talking to some beautiful girl .will he move on What should i do

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      April 24, 2020 at 7:14 pm

      Hi Marisol, I would say this guy does not respect you and you should spend 45 days No contact to work on your self esteem at least to see what you want in your life and relationships. I would also start dating casually so that you can see how other men would treat you.

  2. Avatar


    February 19, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    My boyfriend and I are on a break/breakup. I took my frustrations out on him and said I ruin special moments for him. He looked at me and said, “I’m done and I can’t do this anymore.” So, I proceeded to think quickly on my feet. I asked for a break, I won’t contact him until I see him. I know I have improvements to make myself and I have started the process and not letting things get to me and bottled up inside of me. He says the same thing also, “I believe actions, not words.”
    He won’t be able to see the change until I’m in a certain situation again. But, I take ownership of not bringing things to the forefront to be more transparent with him. Other than that our relationship was great. I’ve already admitted to myself I messed things up and thinking back on how I could have handled them differently. Next step is to continue to work on myself and figure out that I am working on a different me and hopefully he would like to go on that journey with me. I understand it will take a little longer for our romance to get back to where it was. But, I’m just stuck on how can I can be transparent with the couple steps I took toward my change and hope he will work with me through this.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      February 28, 2020 at 8:13 pm

      Hi Tiana, so showing progress you made is by using social media and mutual friends that show how well and happy you are in life and he is going to realise that you are making positive changes

  3. Avatar


    January 23, 2020 at 2:36 pm

    Ex emailed me that he doesn’t want to talk to me anymore after I sent all the nasty emails n txts because I was so hurt after he dumped me. So basically it’s turned arnd on me and it’s my fault that he’s not wanting to to talk to me and that it’s unhealthy far as my nasty msgs. Is there still a chance?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      January 24, 2020 at 11:20 am

      Hi Maria, you need to give it some real time apart where you are in No Contact, work on your emotional control during that time too!

  4. Avatar


    December 16, 2019 at 4:45 am

    My ex boyfriend and I were together for 3 years, we have a one year old boy and its been a month since he broke up with me. We started our relationship wrong. From the very beginning he tested my trust and at that time i was immature and treated it as if i couldnt trust him at all and i was very controlling, and i wouldnt let him speak to girls whatsoever and i was very controlling over what he could do and not do, and when i would get angry i would go after him without any remorse even when he’d try getting his space after a fight to breathe id still go after him until he would be the one apologizing and just ignoring his feelings to make me happy. That was pretty much our entire relationship him always doing whatever it took to keep me happy and him never feeling like it was good enough. I turned him into an angry person who hates himself and no longer wants any type of relationship ever again with anyone and doesn’t want to have a family or anything. He says i turned him into someone who hates himself. I did realize all my faults too late and i understood why he left me. But i was changing, it just wasnt drastic changes or something fast enough for him to see that i could be a different person than the one who made him hate himself and change his entire perspective on family. He’s holding on to all that anger and every bad thing about me that made him who he is and thats why he won’t return to work on things with me. He says it won’t change and that ill always be the same. He says he no longer loves me and that he no longer sees himself with me ever again. Is there really no chance i can get him back? I know i drove him away but did i really lose every chance to have my family complete again?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      December 22, 2019 at 10:46 am

      Hi Jo, this is hard to deal with as the break up is caused by you wanting to control the situation and what he does. It is not healthy behavior for you and it is going to make him resent you. Go into a no contact for 45 days and during that time you need to go seek some advice on how to deal with the way you expect a relationship to be, this work can not be done on your own as you clearly want to have control of a situations, there must be trust issues as you had an issue with him speaking to other girls in any way. Insecurities can break a relationship as it damages trust and the ability to fully bond with your partner because you’re always worried about them leaving. Read about the Ungettable girl and also look up how to not to be controlling in relationships – I think thats going to be your only way to get this guy back showing you are not going to be a controlling person anymore

  5. Avatar


    December 6, 2019 at 3:10 am

    So what had happened was in August this year. My ex had broken up with me. He said that he feels no spark in our relationship anymore. I ask him whether he wanted me to wait or whether we had a chance again. He assured me no. I was heartbroken. However after our breakup he does still find me every week where we would sleep together and hang out about once a week for about an hour or so just at home. During those sessions where we meet up he would tell me things like “i will delete our pictures if not i cant hit on girls on instagram” or “I will go on tinder”. But i still met up with him cause i felt that getting abit of his attention is better than nothing. Till one day during our once a week meet up he told me he had slept with multiple women.

    I was so upset. In this two months i have been waiting and waiting for him but then once he said that i flipped. I just wanted to move on. Wanted the pain go away so that week i went out on a date and had a one night stand.
    I regretted this instantly. But i didn’t told him that. Then about a week later in our next meet up session i asked him about those women he slept with and he told me he was joking. He never slept with anyone. It was just a joke!! Omg i freaked out. I felt like i betrayed him. Then i tried doing the no contact rule. It worked. He came back eventually in october wanted to patch things up. But before that he asked me whether did i slept with anyone else. I said no. ( i lied clearly) cause i was scared. Then we got back together. However i wanted to start our relationship with full honesty and transparency so i told him the truth on monday. He flipped out. He say he kept imagining me with another guy and not him. And he needs time but he is not sure jf he can get over this or not. He is worried if i have any contact with the other guy and i assured him that i have not contacted that guy ever and does not want anything to do with him. I really really want my ex back. Albeit i lied to him before telling him the truth after. He acknowledges that its not my fault as it happened during our break up but he justified by saying that him sleeping with another girl is a joke. But he is definitely upset about it. And i feel like it is entirely my fault and i should’ve just waited longer despite the break up.I really really love him and it meant nothing with the other guy. I did it out of spite and anger. But now i really really want him back. He is not sure if he can get over the fact that i have been with someone else or not. He says the image just keep replaying in his head. (i was his first btw). He did say things like maybe he should go try sleeping with another person then he might get over it.

    I want to do no contact cause he says he needed time and space. I wanted to leave him alone entire but he said he prefers me to tell him what im doing and who im with everyday so he feels secure that i am not doing anything else. So im not sure whether no contact would be helpful in this situation. It has been 5 days since this had happened.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      December 6, 2019 at 9:45 pm

      Vanessa, he wants you to tell him what you are doing because he wants to know he still has you as an option!!! Hes not insecure, he just doesnt want you to meet someone else because he knows you’re worth so much more, just you dont believe so! Ignore him for 30 days MINIUMUM, and no matter what he sends you, you do not reply. No more sex, no more meeting up and no more answering to him every day! Show him what a break up means, it means losing you. Stick to it and show yourself you are worth more than a back up plan to someone you shared your heart with!

  6. Avatar


    August 13, 2019 at 8:30 pm

    Hi my fiance left me, 3 weeks ago.
    He has, 6 kids and ex wife is dead.
    I took on all his kids like my own and love them all. I have one daughter to a previous partner. We had been trying for a baby for 10 months but nothing happened so we went to a doctor and it turned out he has fertility issues. Which up set me badly I felt I took on all his kids and now he cudnt give me the one thing I wanted.
    The kids also made life hard on us as we had no babysitters to let us get alone time.
    I found out he quit his job behind my bck and didn’t tell me for a week. I was cross and kicked him out. He then never came bck.
    He took kids and left.
    I begged him for weeks to sort it.
    He said he was unhappy and stressed out.
    I left him a week and called to c him and the kids.
    He went mad at me said was I thick he didn’t want me. Kids all cried and begged to help more but he said no he was miserable.
    Im broken cause he left me with no money car or anything.
    I left my job to keep all the kids and cause we were planning a baby.
    Only 7 weeks ago we were booking out wedding.
    He has no conscience or emotion towards me or my daughter.
    Not even a sorry.
    He ruined my life and just moved on.
    It’s like he only sees my faults nothing good I dne for him.

  7. Avatar


    July 3, 2019 at 5:50 am

    I was actually wondering…how do you find strength to move on after dating someone and it ends with no real closure? I feel confused and frustrated. I want answers but I know I won’t get them. This break up was not a result of something dramatic that happened. After all that time of building a relationship, how does someone end it, blame it on you and take no responsibility for anything? Now you’re left trying to understand what happened and if it was actually anything. I feel very under appreciated even though I showed my appreciation and respect at the end. I know my value so I’m not really questioning myself for why it ended just want closure but know I won’t get it.

  8. Avatar


    June 28, 2019 at 9:51 am

    Hi there!
    My boyfriend of 2 and a bit years split up with me 2 weeks ago. At first I kept thinking ‘how could he do this to me?’ etc but now I have realised that it was actually my fault. I have been struggling with anxiety and depression over the last year or so and so I’ve been a completely different person to the one my ex fell in love with. He was really supportive throughout but he had just had enough. I know that anxiety and depression can’t miraculously be cured; it takes time to get better. However, losing him has made me realise how horrible I had been to him and I feel like I had a big black rain cloud hanging over me. I feel like that has now disappeared and I have realised what I have lost. I rang him the other day to apologise but he was really cold with me and said I’m only calling him to get back together. I’m going to a festival next month and he’s going to be there so I plan to kinda show him how I’ve changed and I am the girl he fell in love with but I worry that it’s too little too late. Is there anything I can do?

  9. Avatar


    May 8, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    Well my situation is that my ex reached out 3 months after break up and we stayed in touch. A couple months later we met and were casually dating for like 4 months. We were intimate but not always, we only had one fight but we managed to work it through. He always reached out after a small break or nc. I have been struggling with some mental issues lately (depression and anxiety) and I hit the bottom one evening after we had a huge fight over texts. I ended up in hospital after I tried to kill myself. It wasn’t because of him, but I really needed him in those hard times. After I got back from hospital I asked him if we could talk. He came over and we did. we were both crying, he told me he cares about me but that he cant be with me cause this is too much and he is scared of being wirh person like me. After he left he deleted my number, didn’t block my thought, just deleted me. It hurts. I am going on therapy and trying to fight to be healthier and better. He said he never wants to see me again (he also did say that after our first break up) I also know he has been seeing somebody and he told me they slept together. He still wanted to see me and spend time with me even though he was also seeing the other girl. He said time wirh me was nice and that I understand him like nobody does and that I made him better person but this stress and fear he has because of me is not worth it:( idk what to do. He was love of my life:(

  10. Avatar


    May 7, 2019 at 9:54 am

    My situation is way more complicated than anything you have covered in your book or on this website and I think that I lost him forever and it is all my fault:(

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      May 7, 2019 at 7:59 pm

      Hi Radka…you may be surprised at how many situations my Program can help with as the principles I teach arise from a basic psychological foundation we all possess. And I am also quite sure that the breakup is not ALL your fault. It never is the fault of one person. Relationships are far too complex for that to be the case.

  11. Avatar


    October 24, 2018 at 3:46 pm


    My ex-boyfriend and I have been together for 2 and a half years. Our relationships has been rocky at the start but has generally been very happy after the adjustment period. We’ve had our fair share of fights, big and small, but they were mostly all resolved within a day or two, if not immediately. We were in a very serious relationship, where we have talked about the future and marriage, I have met all his family members and visits every weekend.

    I am naturally a very flirtatious person, and my ex knows that. There has been an incident before where he found out that I was flirting with a guy over text and he was not happy with it. After a fight, he made it clear that, to him, flirting even just over text wasn’t acceptable and it upsets him.

    However, 2 days ago, he found out again, that I have been flirting with some other guy over text (The texts were only flirtatious but never explicit, and things were kept strictly over text) and he asked me to show him the conversation, which I refused at the time. This is when he proposed the break up. After that, there was a period where both our emotions were flying high, I cried, kept saying sorry, and basically begged for him back and he deleted me on social media and packed all my belongings out of anger etc and said it’s too late and it won’t work out.

    The main reasons he claimed for proposing the break-up was:
    1) I’ve done it before, and he’d made it clear already that this action was unacceptable for him, but I still did it (and more unduly this time) despite that knowing that it would hurt him.
    2) Even though I agreed to show him the text conversation at a later time, I refused to show him on the spot, so it is hard for him to trust me that nothing has been deleted or edited, leaving the imagination go wild.
    3) That being flirtatious might just be who I am as a person, and him finding it unacceptable makes us not compatible.

    After we both calmed down, we had a talk last night about the whole situation where I explained my perspective and he his. In the end we came to a conclusion, that after this incidence, he struggles and will struggle to trust me on anything in the future, and he also cannot fully trust that it was all harmless flirting, without any emotions or intentions. He cried a lot at the end, so I realised that he wanted to make this work really bad, but he couldn’t help not being able to trust me again. And if he couldn’t get over the trust issue himself, then there is nothing I can do. In the end, we both agreed that it’s not working out, and that we should both take some time before arranging for pick ups and such.

    What should I do?

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      October 25, 2018 at 4:14 am

      Hi Mae!

      Maybe a break will do you both good. But make it a planned break. That is what NC is partly about. But its many other things. I encourage you to look at some of my Guides so you can come up to speed on how to handle yourself during the post breakup period. I see this relationship coming back together again, it just needs to be nurtured.

  12. Avatar

    Melissa Hill

    October 18, 2018 at 10:01 am

    My breakup happen 3 days ago..
    I got emotional because I was pregnant and I didn’t know until yesterday..
    My ex fiancé and I lived together and no matter what we always worked things out. I took up his phone the night before and upon looking for the gallery icon he came back I panicked and hit close all tabs like I do on my phone. The next morning I feel like I know he would leave so I pushed him away by telling him to go carry our daughter do worry about me and work. I had my bag pack over my shoulder and I really and truly was gonna catch wifi to let my boss know I would be late and head back home. It’s just two houses away. But I turned back before he left and went into the house and waited on the bed for him so we could talk. I rememberes I had a little change on my phone so I message my boss and told him I’ll be late. I didn’t know he wanted to talk in the vehicle but I know he thought I was going to walk to work and didn’t want anything to do with him. He came home 45mins after( when he usually take 15mins) and told me it’s over that I don’t trust him and this relationship can’t work. I never had a reason to search his phones I just wanted our daughter’s pictures. He moved out pack all his things or he thought he packes all his things. Cause he left wash rag, shirt, pants, cologne, toothbrush & underwears…I have to see him every morning and every afternoon when he comes for our child and when he drops our child home. He gives me a lift to work at mornings still but we don’t say much.
    I message him every morning or tell him I love u have a good day, I message him everynight and tell him I love u good night. The last couple times we broke up me going by him the very first day of that break up is what works for us. This time I decided to wait a couple days cause I’m currently bleeding from a miscarriage. So my mind yells me to go by him today after work and I have his key still to go and see him and tell him I am sorry about what happen I know it looks bad on my behalf so I’m not going to deny anything I’m sorry I went into ur phone while u weren’t there. I’m sorry to let my emotions get the best of me and even though I don’t generally.
    My fiancé is the reason why I am alive today I stopped eating for 6 months before him because I lost my grandfather. My fiancé was my high school sweetheart, we split he got married because of a child and divorced after he realize what she’s about we got back together we got pregnant we moved into together.
    He doesn’t speak he acts, I sometimes don’t act I speak especially when pregnant I become silent.
    He usually goes through my phone without me knowing and closes off all my tabs as well.
    He’s the type the longer u leave him alone the more he thinks u don’t care for him and faked ur love for him.

    What must I do? I haven’t eaten since 3 nights ago when he and I sat down together and ate. I haven’t even drank more that 5 gulps of water over this time frame.. Yesterday afternoon he came into the house realize I started cooking early, and also saw that I was trying to hold back tears when he’s near me. He does know I was pregnant I don’t know if I must say something. U see he never wanted to end the relationship but he was upset.
    U do see the look of regret on his face now that he has cooled Down.
    I have been have sever panic attacks because of this.
    He has answered me civilized when we talk now. But I try to stick to the simplest forms of answers.
    He needs me he always and he still does( u can see it). I know for a fact he isn’t cheatin or I’d know by now..everything he does he does for me with me and about me. I need him. We have a baby together and it’s hard to now raise her on my own I have to be a mother and father figure in the house.
    It hurts but the only time I could talk to him is if he’s in his room I can’t even say much at mornings or he’s gonna make me walk( since we broke up).
    He isn’t the going out type he works hard and only spends time with his daughter and I and sometimes at the garage with his male cousins and their friends.

    What must I do?

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      October 18, 2018 at 11:14 pm

      Hi Melissa!

      Its important you find some healing and take care of yourself emotionally and physically. That’s very important for many reasons. This must come first.

  13. Avatar


    October 13, 2018 at 11:05 pm

    My ex and I just broke up, for the second time. While we did solve a lot of our issues, I think we failed to address the main root of the problem, which is what led to this breakup. I am a very anxiously-attached person, therefore I can sometimes feel insecure, like attention and like to solve things right then and there. Meanwhile, my ex is more of an avoidant-type and therefore gets extremely frustrated and needs his space before dealing with problems.
    When we got back together after the first breakup, I started having doubts about my general future, felt self-conscious and was extremely emotional. This led to me saying some things that I didn’t mean such as “I’m not sure if I want to be with you” or “I’m unhappy” even though I was absolutely happy with him. I realize now that all I wanted was his attention but instead of communicating this, it manifested in negative ways. Despite this, we kept working on our issues until this past weekend we broke up. There was an incident in which he was invited to a concert, obviously I wanted him to go, but because of my highly emotional state, I just kept crying and made a snarky comment that made him upset. When he came back from the concert, he was visibly upset and would not let me touch him. I, of course, freaked out and pushed him to talk about it despite him telling me that he needed space and that we could talk about it later. I didn’t listen, and pushed and pushed until he snapped and broke up with me.
    We met up to talk about the break up the next day, and he seemed set on it, saying that he was exhausted of trying. But the more we talked, the more confused he seemed. He kept kissing me, hugging me and telling me he loved me, but in the end said that I had to go because he was confused. He seemed convinced that this was the best thing for him and that we gave it our best shot. I, however, don’t think we did give it our best shot. I realize my mistakes and what I could have done better, but he also is extremely impulsive and lets his frustration influence his decisions, which is why he broke up with me the first time.
    I love him, flaws and all, and he is my best friend, but I am scared that this breakup is final. He told me that he was going to remove me from social media (he hasn’t) and told me that I could do whatever I wanted with his clothes that are at my place (in the last breakup we used the excuse of getting our stuff back to meet up). I am already making the necessary changes to address my need for security and attention in relationships, but I am scared that I have lost him completely. I fear that he is convinced that there is nothing we can do to get out of this cycle. I need your help. What should I do?

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      October 14, 2018 at 9:43 pm

      Hi Han!

      So I am thinking you should consider the no contact principle so you can focus on being the best “you” and also benefit from some of the other advantages NC can offer. Consider picking up my 485 page eBook, “Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro”. Also, look into joining my Private Facebook Support Group’!

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    Jordyn Bennett

    September 25, 2018 at 11:34 pm

    I dated this guy for 5 months(mike). (Doesn’t seem long, but I think I liked him more than any other) I wasn’t interested at first. But he was persistent and loyal. He’s a good guy. Now looking back maybe I took him for granted and want him back. I was dating another guy before I met him. There was drama with the previous guy(sam), and he had actually written me a letter saying I wasn’t allowed at his house(stupid, but my friends all go over there for parties.) the guy I am trying to win back is jealous, and I kept telling him about how badly it made me feel that sam and his roommates wrote me a personal letter saying I was it allowed at events they held there. Not because I still had feelings for him, but because my friends still hang out with him and I felt left out! He seemed okay with me discussing it. Then one day became fed up with it, and ended things. He said he was going to be busier with work, that he was sick of hearing about the drama, and things of that nature. I cried.. and then of course tried asking for another chance but still gave some space in between. Maybe not enough. Then about two weeks into no contact he sent me a photo of myself and Sams roommate shaking hands at a football game. He was apologizing to me for writing the letter and banning me from their house. That’s when the guy I’m trying to get back, texted me again and was very rude at this point saying he was done and wanted his stuff back and all of that. It’s now been about 1 month since we’ve talked and it’s all starting to hit me. I lost someone who was very special to me and I don’t know where to start. He didn’t want to talk to me and he was very mad last time we spoke and I was also frustrated. I tried my best to keep my cool. I also deleted my social media for a while so that I’m not seeing things or posting anything g to get revenge on him cause I really just want another chance. What do I do??

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      September 26, 2018 at 12:05 am

      Hi Jordyn!

      We all make mistakes in our relationships. If he was honestly looking back, I am sure your ex would acknowledge his shortcomings. I know all this is upsetting. Best to have an ex recovery plan so you can apply a sensible approach to it all. I think he is going thru a stage of anger and time will help that and no contact is part of the solution. Go take a look at my eBooks for comprehensive solutions and certainly my website is filled with other tools and resources!

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    September 22, 2018 at 3:29 am

    I live with my boyfriend and we have been dragging a break up since May. We did tried and I have been changing my bad habits but my bf just lost his patience and doesn’t want to be in this relationship anymore. He said not that our relationship isn’t better than before but it’s still not positive enough for him to want to stay in it. He thinks badly of me on many things and I have been owning them up and changing them. Along the way he just thinks he doesn’t love me anymore and that I am not marriage material. ( he cheated on me in May but I forgave him, he’s been loyal since ) He’s now given me one month to be exact as a final chance if he doesn’t change his mind afterwards we have to break up for real. What can I do in this 30 days to make him change his mind about the relationship and feel positive about me and this relationship again?

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      September 23, 2018 at 5:01 pm

      Hi Tasha!

      I not a fan of guy who gives his girlfriend a 30 day warning as a final chance. It seems to me he is contributing problems as well. He says abusive things to you. The two of you can sit down and come up with a Plan on the top 3 things you both will focus on to make the relationship better. But if things don’t improve, maybe you should consider taking the break from him and reflecting on whether you want this kind of relationship considering his history and his controlling behavior.

    2. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      September 23, 2018 at 5:01 pm

      Hi Tasha!

      I not a fan of guy who gives his girlfriend a 30 day warning as a final chance. It seems to me he is contributing problems as well. He says abusive things to you. The two of you can sit down and come up with a Plan on the top 3 things you both will focus on to make the relationship better. But if things don’t improve, maybe you should consider taking the break from him and reflecting on whether you want this kind of relationship considering his history and his controlling behavior.

  16. Avatar


    August 28, 2018 at 4:12 pm

    Dear guys,

    Thank you for this post! It really clarified the no contact rule, as a strategy for healing on BOTH parties, and not just a one-sided manipulation technique.
    My boyfriend broke up with me a little over a month ago, but I messaged him here an there for two weeks following, asking him to reconsider since we had vacations planned together. He became more and more frustrated, since the reason behind breaking up with me was due to my own unhappiness, and not his choice. I have since stopped contacted him (18 days to be exact).

    At first it was really difficult to get through it, especially since I felt it was all my fault. But slowly, I accepted his decision and realised he was right: while he was in the picture, I wasn’t going to get my life together. In fact, since he has left, and I have applied the NCR, I have gotten to the root of all that was causing me unhappiness, and finally started to take action to get to a healthy place, instead of staying in my rut and using him as a destraction and and someone I can dump all my problems on. I realised i wasn’t living in the city i’ve always wanted to, or separate from my sister (we have a codependent relationship), or pursuing the career path and hobbies I’ve always wanted. This caused me to be in a light depression, I was also dealing with the loss of my mum amidst it all, and though he was an angel to me through it all, he eventually got tired of me doing nothing about my unhappiness, except releasing it on him for no reason (which I also admit, he’s the only guy who’s really given me everything i’ve ever wanted in a relationship, and never given me reason to be sad, or worried).

    Since the break up, I have moved, and that’s already made me given me a great confidence, for the independence i feel, but also for the fact I’m pursuing my dreams and passions. I have started running every morning, which is showing physical, but especially great emotional progress. And I am finally laying down roots in a place where I know I’m not just temporarily living, and creating new habits, routines, and friends. I feel much more grounded.

    I’d like to start slowly seeing him again. The only problem is… I don’t know the state of mind he’s in. During the year we dated, he tried to leave many times, because felt constantly attacked by me and saw I needed help before I could be in a relationship, but always came back within a few days (for love and promises made by me). Now he has decided it’s really never gonna work until I make some serious changes, which he said would take more than a simple separation of a few days or weeks. He lost respect for me toward this end, because I really begged and pleaded, since he saw no point in it, as he knew it didn’t depend on him though he was doing the breaking-up. He told me not to try to convince him, as he knew I’d go right back to my ways if he returned, and the only thing that could help me get better was time. He became immune to my crying the last few months, and that’s another reason I realise NCR can help me get back to a position of respect and adornment he had shown me up to that point.
    I just don’t kno how much time he needs before I can contact him at least for a coffee, so he can see the improvements I’m making. My sister says I need to allow him to return in the city and miss me in his every day routine, as he’s been travelling these weeks, and only just got back now.

    Do I complete 21 days? 30? Or start counting since his return to the city?
    Hope you can help! Sorry for the lengthy message.

    Thankful for your work, and the support it’s given me in this fragile time xx

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      August 28, 2018 at 9:30 pm

      Hi Era….yes…the time around a breakup is fragile, but there are things you can learn to do to better cope. I am proud of you for picking up running and doing those other things to help with your recovery. I am thinking 21 days. Go get my eBook, “Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro” as there is so much more of me in there than I can give you in small doses here in the Comments! You can learn more about it by going to my Home Page.

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    August 19, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Maybe I’d be judged to be a very wrong person after reading my story , but here I go : i had a 3 year long relationship which was pretty descent at first but as the time passed , after a year he started to gain family issues and a busy life . We had lots of fights most of them initiated by me and slowly over time i tended to loose feelings over him .
    Ober time time span these 3 years passed and out of no where i randomly saw a charmjng face on instagram and got attracted to him , we started talking in no time and became close enough, it was clear enough that he gained feelings towards me as well as i did , but i was still in a relationship with the guy i met 3yrs ago and I lied that i had broke up . I got into a relationshio with the new man as i didn’t now how to let the old man go i kept continuing with both besides knowing i was wrong . Eventually when they both got to know about it , to my surprise the new man i loved stood beside my side to supoort me . He trusted me over everyone else n gave me the chance to be with him . The 3yr relationship guy told me to live .
    Yet , after a few days i conviemced the 3yr old relationship man to get back to me as i was addicted to him maybe , i was confused between the two .
    I had strong feeling for the new man i loved and never wanted to hurt him but couldn’t let my 3yr relationship go . So i commited one huge disaster by telling the 3yr relationship man to get back while i was already in a new relationship .
    The era of my lies keot continuing besides my new man giving me lots of love and me completely falling in love with him i kept talking to the old guy knowing that i was wrong and its is gonna lead to a huge mess in future .
    And as the truth comes out some or the other day , once again the truth came out were i was dating both the men . One whom i truely loved n the one who was my old love just maybe an addiction which i couldn’t throw away .
    Because of my disasters my man tales me to be a double dater , cheater , liar and dono what more .
    I know my mistakes are horrible and dont know if there is any way back to my man . But all i know is i really loved my new man and never wanted to hurt him(even though i did) . I truely love him from the bottom of my heart and don’t know how to repemd for my mistakes and get him back . I know i have hurt his heart bad but i didn’t intend to do so .
    Please do help me get him back if it is possible . Its been a month since all this has happened and I’ve been apologising and pleading and begging . But all he says is I’m a cheater and a liar . Please help if possible . 🙂

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      August 19, 2018 at 11:33 pm

      Hi Nishta!

      I avoid judging anyone. I have made plenty of mistakes. We all do. I think you will benefit by have an ex back recovery plan. You can use some healing and its good to have a blueprint to follow so you can make the right decisions going forward. My eBook, “Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro” is an excellent resource. Its lengthy and full of actionable ideas. You can also visit my home page of this site for more tools and resources!

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    August 7, 2018 at 8:51 pm

    I’ll be as brief as possible…

    Met a guy after my own assault 7 years ago. Dated 5mo. Left relationship to pursue my own therapy as I was quite traumatized.
    We hung out a few times post this, but not many. It was clear he still wanted to get with me. Changing himself to be what he thought I wanted him to be etc. This was a turn-off. Seemed needy, insecure, and then reactive when I set limits.
    3 years ago we both moved back to our home cities and were again in proximity. We spent every evening together for about 2.5 months. For the first time in our nearly 5 years of knowing one another, we slept with one another. He started telling me I was amazing, overwhelming me. I told him I was going to get spooked if he didn’t slow down. I left for a month trip abroad and while there I told him I just wanted to be friends. Truthfully I did like him, but I was in the middle of my medical residency was was in the middle of a legal case regarding the aforementioned assault. I didn’t want to string him along when I was so preoccupied and unsure of my feelings and thought he’d slow it down and we could be friends again. When I was ready I could reopen the prospect of being together if he was into it. Well- He froze me out entirely after telling him this and ignored me when I got home. I didn’t hear from him again until 5mo later when he told me he was living on the other side of the planet for work for the next 2 years (bragging or what?… this place was a city he knows I’m fond of).
    We didn’t talk to much while he was away. He came to visit one year in to his 2 year working abroad and started to fool around with me a little. When I checked in to make sure this was just a casual friend thing, he got super reactive “You’ll always just think I’m the guy who likes you.” I was going to visit him abroad but it seemed like it wouldn’t be good so we didn’t talk much.
    He got back to the US around March and stayed with me while he was getting his place in order for a few days. Withing 2 weeks we’d slept together and not long after that we were honeymoon phasing. He started to withdraw and act wierd, cancelling on me, preoccupied etc. I assumed he was overwhelmed with moving back to the US and then training in a new job which was a great opportunity for him. Things got tense because I was getting upset with him for neglecting me. He would just freeze me out for like 1-2 wks out of no-where. Said if a relationship isn’t working for him he just cuts it off (total asshole behavior and emotionally abusive in my opinion).
    Things got a little better and we kept hanging out. I was getting needy in setting of some issues going on in my life and I could tell he wanted more space, but I just kept coming over. When it seemed he really wasn’t having it I ended up telling him we should just stop pretending this will ever work and go back to being friends. He was like “ok.” But when I came over later he was looking at me with resentment and I swear hate. He’d already sort of been been behaving this way at times since getting back (he resented me for telling him I just wanted to be friends before). During this conversation he told m he’d had an affair with a married woman and cheated on his girlfriend which he’d always said was “the best fit for him” he’s had. Then he said he was broken and had never been the same since the affair was discovered and ended without closure. He said he was still in love with her. This killed me. I work as a therapist though and I consider this guy a friend. I couldn’t just leave him there telling me he was broken, especially with the guilt of thinking I’d contributed in someway. I offered to do an exercise where we both essentially sit in for people that things were left unsaid. I sat in for the woman he had the affair with, the girl he cheated on, and his mom. Listening to this nearly killed me. Turns out this guy’s brother who had abused his entire family was just released from prison and his mom had invited him back to the home which traumatized the entire family. I finally realized why he’d been acting so distant and wierd.
    After this things were tense. He missed my graduation which he’d promised to attend. I came over after and we kissed and ended up sleeping together “casually.” Things were good for about 2 weeks and started getting really intimate as in it was clear he was having feelings. Then abruptly after the most intimate night he pulled away. He ended up telling me he couldn’t do this and needed a break.
    I was in love with him by this point and went total frantic mode. Also super angry he was freezing me out again. I showed up at his place expecting him to speak with me, but he was never home so we never got the chance. I did tell him I’d been there so he knows I was there at least twice. I contacted him a ton, apologized for a bunch of stuff (anything I could think of) as I had no idea what had caused him to pull away, sent him some awful vid messages during a state of intoxication explaining how messed up I’d been from my past abuse and that this was why I couldn’t be with him before basically hoping I could undo whatever damage I’d done in hopes he could love again and be with someone else. I wanted him to be with me, but more than anything I care about him and just wanted him to be happy. Thinking of him as broken and never having the chance to love again hurt me. I wanted to help. I ended up drunk texting him after I’d totally bashed myself in that message in a pretty embarrassing, look at me partying fashion which was not fun to wake up to. He actually replied to this finally though and said he wouldn’t be home so don’t come over, me coming to see him before I went abroad for a month was not a good idea and he needed space. I said ok and that I’d contact him when I got back.
    I was gone 3wks and contacted him just before coming home. He said we could chat when I got back. Then when I got back he didn’t respond to my request to meet and chat. I ended up telling him I wanted to give him an easy out of talking to me was so unpleasant and he told me he thought being in eachother’s lives wasn’t good for him, we needed to do our own things for now and see where life took us. This isn’t unusual. He gets pissed and disappears for months historically, but I never cared so much before because I wasn’t pursuing and dating him. I ended up facetiming him and he answered. We had a great talk with me sharing my stories from my time abroad. He told me that the night I did those therapy exercises were the end for him, saying that I forced him to open up and get deep which he didn’t like. He is a very private person and I am the only one on the planet he has told those things to. I felt super blamed and upset because I’d done this to help him and had described the exercise before doing it and asked if it was ok. He did it willingly and shared WAY more than I was expecting. He said he was in a really bad place for a while after that and basically after than happened he knew “we could never be” so he had to just end it. He told me he loved me (the first time he’d ever said it out loud although I know he’s been in love with me since he met me 7 years ago). Then he said he’d always care for me. In the end it was a good talk and he said he wanted to talk to me again.
    But when I messaged him the next week, he ignored it. I ended up getting pissed after a few days and messaged him again defending my side that partners should share those sort of big things with eachother so thank you for opening up to me and indicating that it wasn’t fair to blame me for the negative emotions he had come up that were related to unresolved issues with other people. I sent this at like 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning (I know dumbest time ever). He rapidly responded that this friendship had run it’s course for him (presumable due to a.m. text at start of workweek bringing up the topic he said he did not want to further discuss). I sent him a non-needy and in my mind appropriate apology owning the fact that completing those exercises blurred the bounds of my personal and professional life and was not appropriate (it was a stressful moment and i will never do that again).

    Anyway… He disappears for months at a time in the past. He clearly has a lot of unresolved damage. If he could address his split and run behavior and defensiveness, he otherwise is a great guy. In the end I think dating right now and possibly ever may not be the best, but I do love him and would be open to this. He’s under so much stress right now I don’t think I’ve seen the best of him and truly these behaviors were not entirely characteristic of how he behaved previously. I am really upset to lose the friendship. He blocked my number after that text. He’d already unfriended me from all social media. The only way I can contact him is through email and I have no intention of reaching out after my apology. I let him know that to me he’d always be a friend and if there is a time when he can release me from the associations of this summer, he’d always be welcome.

    Any insights appreciated.

  19. Avatar


    May 6, 2018 at 4:24 am

    Hey, this is going to be slightly long:
    My ex boyfriend and I were absolutely beautiful together. We are both in University doing our masters and while I stay in campus, he has a rented apartment. So I’d spend most of my time there, 2-3 days in a week. I really really love him.
    However, there is this other guy who stays in Texas, I’ve never met him and we matched on tinder way back in 2016 before I got into a relationship. I always enjoyed talking to him and got flirtatious with him sometimes. He is 8 years older than me and I liked his maturity, the way he handled things. I did like him which is why I could not cut him off but everything with this guy was over WhatsApp. I knew we’d never meet, there won’t be any romance. Further, he’s had a tough life so I didn’t want to be a bitch and stop talking to him suddenly. I knew this would pass, because our conversations were getting strained. I was just waiting for it to pass on it’s own, didn’t have the guts to just snap out of texting him.
    Now my boyfriend finds his messages on my phone and he breaks up immediately. Since I tell him everything, he couldn’t fathom how I hid this from him. He kept calling me names and saying that I was two timing him. But actually, I had nothing to do with this guy, they were just words for me and him! We broke up two weeks back. I tried the no contact but I ended up speaking to him on the 10th day. He once again told me that there’s no scope for us to be back. I have done all the explaining and apologizing for everything in every way possible. I cut all ties with the guy in Texas. He’s not budging.
    We spoke for two hours where he kept asking why I did this and that. I explained to him and I still feel helpless. I can’t help but think of him. Got this sick feeling in the stomach and can’t get over how I actually messed my amazing relationship for something that didn’t mean anything to me 🙁 I’m hurting and he seems to be alright. We’re both students in the same college and I’m scared of facing him at all, might just break down.

    Is there anyway I can get him back? It’s really painful right now, with finals in two days!

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      May 6, 2018 at 5:25 am

      Hi Diya…first of all, your write really well! Secondly, you should consider picking up my ebook, “Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro” as it is rather comprehensive and will be a Companion Guide if this breakup situation persists. It’s best to have a concerted blueprint on how you might want to proceed in order to optimize your chances.

      Obviously, your ex feels a breach in the trust, but ironically, you have been honest with him and doesn’t seem to believe you. If he accepted what you said as the truth, then it really isn’t a terrible thing and he should move forward. But he is not there. Some time will probably have to go by for both of you to heal and recover, each in your own ways. But I am optimistic this is going to work out. I am thinking some shorter form of limited No Contact might be in order to allow you both some space to put this in perspective. At least it seems the two of our are talking and he is still trying to process it. I discuss all the way you can adapt No Contact principle for your individual situation in an ebook I wrote, “The No Contact Rule Book” (visit my website Menu/Products section”. Why don’t you keep me in the loop as to how things progress. My gut tells me that as some time goes by, this itch in your ex boyfriend’s mind might cause him to start to wonder if what you have explained to him is the truth, it certainly it is at worse just an emotional affair….not a physical affair….and it started before you met your current boyfriend. I thinking he is massaging this in his mind already…or will. So keep your cool. Find some emotional balance….Focus on your finals. And read up on some of these resources I referenced and develop your plan of action.

    2. Avatar


      May 6, 2018 at 5:41 am

      Thank you so much for the response and the optimism in it!
      I just needed to add this: I kept talking to this guy in Texas and stopped only after my boyfriend broke up with me. Is it still workable?
      I’m meditating to find some emotional balance, yes.

    3. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      May 6, 2018 at 2:57 pm

      I think so…with time, emotions will settle in place

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    April 12, 2018 at 3:29 pm

    Hey Amour,

    This is a long message lol, would really like your insight and help. I don’t know where else to turn to to ne honest.

    I was with my boyfriend for about a year and half. He broke up with me only a couple days ago so it is quite fresh. Although he had his part to play in us breaking up, but I can admit that I was the main reason why we broke up. In short, although I was so in love with him, and still am, I found it hard to give my all emotionally to him, because I kept fearing that he may hurt me and was absolutely terrified of this.

    I have been hurt in the past and even though he was the absolute best, I feared that the moment I let go and give him my all, he may change and do something to hurt me. So I was living in constant anxiety, I didn’t want to loose him at all, but ended up loosing him, so he was saying because he gave his heart into the relationship and he knows that I didn’t do the same, he feels very hurt and betrayed that I didn’t, so he is ending it to take the trust away from me. I tried to apologise, but he said he isn’t going to accept my apology, until I work on myself and I am able to relate to him, that’s when we can have another conversation about it.

    Another reason why we broke up was because I kept meeting him with a defence and would often lie about the smallest things, I would lie to make my self look better, I would lie to hide my real feelings about a situation, in case he doesn’t agree, and I would lie to try and protect him and prevent the situation from going left, but it would always end up going wrong. Lastly, he feels I had a lack of empathy for him and couldn’t feel how he feels and was very selfish. He also felt that I had a lack of empathy for men in general, which I am realising to be true. I struggled to have empathy for him and just couldn’t believe or understand that he had feelings. All of this brought the demise of our relationship.

    He also mentioned, how if I want to attract him, I need to work on my personal appearance and start looking after myself, (I was very complacent in the relationship, not only physically, but in every department, I wanted change but didn’t want to put in the work to get change, and he got very tired of that, because he is the complete opposite).
    Her said I have so much potential, that he would see other girls and think “If I was to fix up, I would be 20X better than these girls that he sees.

    So he moved back to his mums, and now we are apart. The only thing is he said he still wants to be around me and talk to me I wanted the same thing, because I don’t want him to leave my life or me leave his, and I THINK he feels the same, so we talk and have deep conversations about different topics, he also has borrowed my car because his is not working at the moment. but one time he went MIA after he came to see me because he did something nice for me to my car, and I didn’t realise it so he had to point it out to me, and I don’t think he was too happy that he had to point it out to me, so he came to my house to chill for a bit and was very anti-social and literally left and I didn’t hear from him for a whole day. I didn’t contact him, even though I really really wanted to, so the next day he called me and sent me something on Whatsapp. I took long to respond and he would message me to get my attention.. then we spoke, but I haven’t heard from him again, and it kills me when I don’t.

    I really want him back, but I do not want these issues to persists. I know I have issues, but I also know he is the one for me, and I know where I messed up. I just hope he feels the same way. I want to work on myself, but I don’t want to ignore him and make him think that I don’t care because I care so deeply for him, but I know he wants to see me change.. but I feel so lost and I don’t know what to do.

    I am not eating, and I am smoking sooo much. I just feel like a hot mess.

    1. Chris Seiter

      Chris Seiter

      April 12, 2018 at 4:30 pm

      Hi Nana! There is a lot going on here! You need a plan going forward. I am limited in what I can discuss here, but go to my website and click on Menu/Products and you can find more help there. Lots of great resources that can help with your emotional support as well as fashion a ex recovery plan. You can work on yourself and also work towards reconciliation, but you need a blueprint to follow.

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