EBR 027: What To Do If You Live With Your Ex Boyfriend

Is it even possible to get an ex boyfriend back if you live with him?

Well, that is the question we are going to explore today in episode 27 of the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Podcast.

We hear from Ashley.

A woman who is desperate to win her ex back.

Here is a quick recap of her situation,

  • She’s been with her ex for a year
  • They got into a fight and broke up
  • She did what most women do by crying, begging and pleading for him back
  • He told her that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with anyone
  • Then he turns around and tells her that he doesn’t want to lose her, doesn’t want her to be with anyone else and to save herself for him
  • He is still living with her
  • They have also been intimate

What I Teach In This Episode

  • The no contact rule when you live with your ex
  • Being a “respectful roommate”
  • Not speaking unless spoken to
  • Flip Flop emotions
  • Displaying the fact that things are different (and not in a good way)
  • When you can get physical with him

Important Links Mentioned In This Episode

The Game Plan For Living With An Ex Boyfriend

This game plan revolves around taking advantage of an exes “flip flop emotions.”

What are flip flop emotions?

Glad you asked.

Flip Flop Emotions= An ex boyfriend clinging on to positive memories from the past and after telling you he doesn’t want to be with you he tells you that he does.

You can take full advantage of the flip flop emotions by doing the following,


1. Mini No Contact

I think a mini no contact rule is ideal for Ashley since we don’t want so much time to pass that the flip flopping emotions completely dissipate. As a result, I recommended to Ashley that she cut her no contact rule in half.

Of course, she will still have to abide by the rules of NC I set in the episode.

2. Things Have To Be Different

One of the reasons that Ashely’s ex is displaying these flip flopping emotions is the fact that he realizes things are different and that scares him. Ashely should keep the her foot on the gas peddle to continue this trend.

Men don’t like change (no one really does) and the more he clings to the past the more he will continue chasing.

3. No Physical Contact

Ashley, if you are reading this DO NOT BE INTIMITATE WITH HIM AGAIN.

Make him commit before you give that up.

Also, don’t even kiss him until he asks you out on a proper date!!!

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