If You Keep Doing What You Are Doing, You Are Probably Going To Fail.

Don’t worry though, today I am going to share some very unconventional ideas with you and completely reframe the way you think about getting your ex back.

I am going to dispel the scammy BS that you are used to out there.

You know, the so called “gurus” that ask you to pay thousands for a “guaranteed result” that never comes.

Oh, and I am going to give you a simple yet innovative strategy that can make your man want you back much, much more than he might have imagined.

Over the last several years my unconventional strategies have been responsible for helping millions of women with getting back with their ex boyfriends, husbands and lovers…

Seriously, MILLIONS!


Visitors / Year

My Name is Chris Seiter

I have been in the ex boyfriend, husband and lover business for a long time and I have seen a lot of things throughout my tenure.

In other words, I have seen a lot of fads come and go (and die.)

I have seen incredible successes and disastrous failures.

After seeing all of this I began to notice something interesting…

The difference between the women who succeeded and the women who failed was the fact that they were willing to be bold…

They were willing to go above and beyond what was typically expected of them and as a result their ex came crawling back to them, BEGGING for another chance.

Don’t believe me?

This was a comment I received during a Facebook Live from a woman who used my advice where this very thing happened...

After only 30 days of putting my teachings into effect her ex literally BEGGED for her back. Here’s the funny part, this could be YOU and my program is actually easier to implement than you think.

But more on that later…

Did You Know That I Used to Be One of the Best Kept Secrets out There?

Seriously, I would have maybe five or ten women contacting me a day asking for my help.

And to be honest…

I kind of liked it that way.

I liked being able to focus on one situation at a time.

I liked being able to dedicate my time to everyone.

Of course, when your advice actually works, word travels fast and pretty soon you are getting overwhelmed with questions or you are looked at as some type of savior or guardian angel.

In fact, I was lucky enough to even be asked to go onto Fox News,

It is like this for me every single day. Usually I get around 300 comments and emails from women asking me questions about their exes.

Of course, as a result of all this attention I also get incredible success stories from the women who use my advice too.

Here are a few of the videos I have received from women who have bought my course in the past:

My strategies have literally worked for women in the craziest situations you can think of


Long Distance:

New Girlfriend:

The point I am trying to get at here is that the strategies I teach in this course are universal.

Many of them arise from a base psychological foundation which largely influences us all.

I mean, look at the woman who cheated on her ex above.

It can be argued that out of all the situations out there, cheating on an ex would be the hardest thing to overcome.

My strategies not only overcame it..

They got her ex to PROPOSE.

But why are my strategies so effective?

Because They Focus On Creating Relationships That Can Last A Lifetime

A number of years ago when I first started out in the “get your ex back” niche I noticed a common theme among the “experts” out there.

You see, many of them just wanted to focus on helping women get back with their exes..


They didn’t care about what happened after the fact.

They didn’t care about creating long lasting relationships.

All that mattered to them was making sure that their bank accounts had a steady stream of cash flow.

To me this seemed like a major issue because if you really think about it a woman who is fighting to win her ex back probably wants that relationship to last a lifetime or at the very least, a long time.

So, when I started brainstorming strategies for The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program I made sure to include a “lifetime factor” in them so my clients could not only get their exes back but significantly improve their chances of KEEPING THEM.

Take Maureen for example.

After stumbling across my website and purchasing The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program she was not only able to get her ex boyfriend back but she is now married to him.

Oh, and then of course I can’t leave out Jessy, one of my very best success stories that went “all the way.”

(Went all the way refers to marriage ;) . )


Jessy has a very interesting story.

At one point of the process she became so disheartened with how little progress she was making with her ex that she contemplated giving up altogether.

“Is this even worth it anymore? I mean, he hardly ever pays any attention to me and whenever I do try to contact him he just ignores me…”

After my constant re-assurances that the process was working (albeit a bit slower than normal) and that she shouldn’t give up on something she has committed so much time, money and energy to I was delighted when I woke up one morning to this email from her...

Now, I know you still might be a little skeptical even after hearing all of these incredible success stories.

You are probably sitting there and wondering,

“I see all of these successes but how will I know if The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program is even going to work for me?”

Simple, it utilizes something called the Ziegnarik Effect…

You like watching TV, right?

Have You Ever Binge Watched A Tv Show Before?

I have and let me tell you that there is nothing as satisfying or as captivating as watching episode after episode of a T.V. show that just sucks you in.

You get drawn into the plot…

You sympathize with the characters…

Heck, you might even fall in love with a few of them too.

But there is one aspect of television shows that really stand out to me and that is their ability to produce breathtaking cliffhangers at the end of each episode.

Think of it like this, a weekly television show has one of the hardest jobs on this planet.

They have to captivate an audience enough to make them want to tune in an entire week later just to continue the plot.

In other words, television writers have to create an open loop or an unanswered question that makes someone go,

“I have to find out what happens next.”

This is the Ziegnarik Effect at work.

In psychology the Ziegnarik Effect states that...

People remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed ones.

What I teach in The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program is how you can leverage the Ziegnarik Effect to your advantage when it comes to your ex.

The graph below represents your exes interest in you (post breakup) …

Your Ex Boyfriend's Interest In You

You may notice that the trajectory of the graph has a sharp incline (it’s going up.)

Well, this would mean that as time goes on your ex is becoming more and more interested in you which is a very good thing when it comes to getting him back.

But what causes that incline?

How can you get YOUR exes “interest graph” to look like that one?

I am happy to explain!

Look at the same graph below,

Your Ex Boyfriend's Interest In You

Upon seeing this graph you probably took note of the four arrows.

These four arrows represent the times that you will have used a variance of the Ziegnarik Effect essentially leaving your ex wanting more.

Notice how almost immediately there is a small little decline followed by a sharp incline in the line of the graph.

That Small Decline In The Graph Is Disappointment

Disappointment that your ex will have to wait a little bit longer to hear from you again.

The sharp incline, on the other hand, is the anticipation and excitement he will feel when you aren’t around.

This anticipation is essential for raising his interest in you since you are basically training him to be excited to see or hear from you again.

Also I want you to notice how every time you pull off one of these “Ziegnarik Principles” the bar for his overall interest in you goes up a notch.

In other words, the more you do it to him the more fascinated he becomes in you.

Of course, that’s not the only trick I have up my sleeve when it comes to creating a long lasting relationship with your ex.

One More Piece To The Puzzle

It’s the idea that made me an underground celebrity in some relationship circles.

Once I started making this idea public I had hundreds of women willing to pay me for private coaching sessions..

What is the idea that sparked this kind of interest?

Imagine for a moment that you become a goddess when it comes to your ex.

Every time you walk into a room he instantly becomes obsessed with you…

Like moth to a flame…

His current girlfriend…

Well, let’s just say that she doesn’t really do it for him anymore.

His mind has essentially become hi-jacked…

And You Are The Hi Jacker

You can make him think what you want…

Feel what you want…

DO what you want…

He forgives you for anything you did wrong during your relationship.

He calls you..

Texts you…

Begs for you back…

Behavior that doesn’t really make sense since a few months ago he was saying things like,

“Don’t talk to me again…”

or my personal favorite

“We are never getting back together…”

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

Not for the Ungettable Girl…

The UG (Ungettable Girl) basically leverages the idea that men always want what they can’t have.

It is an idea so powerful that women who have achieved this status have absolutely no trouble getting their exes back at all.

Oh, and I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet…

Once the UG does get her ex back she has no trouble keeping him either. Why?

Because a man knows that if he has an UG he has to work hard to keep her and he is more than willing to put in the work to do it.

It’s an idea that is so powerful that even men themselves understand it and agree with it.

Take a look at this Facebook comment I received last year from a skeptical woman who didn’t believe in the ungettable girl.

The idea of the UG works like this,

Imagine that I draw a horizontal line below…

Oh, what the heck I am just going to draw one for you,

Ok, line drawn!!!

Now, imagine that on this horizontal line I draw six small bullet points…

Guess I better draw for you again…

Each of these six bullet points has a 1 or 2 labeled above them.

Here we go again…


= Doing something where your ex thinks he can have you.


= Doing something where your ex thinks he can no longer have you.

You will notice that the ones and the twos alternate on the line.

What does this mean?

That means that if you are trying to become an Ungettable Girl you have to do something to make him think that he has you.

After this you are supposed to let a little time go by and then suddenly take his confidence away by doing something to make him think that he doesn’t have you anymore.

This process alternates..

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2…

It’s a massive game of cat and mouse that creates a roller coaster effect that causes your ex to never want the ride to end!

Take a look at how effective this strategy has been for women who have achieved the ungettable status…

3,969 Successful Students

Now, everything I have taught you today is just a small part of The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program. It is the fourth edition of the program and has been stress tested, refined and proven to get results since 2012.

I have worked hard to improve it based on the comments, feedback, successes and challenges of over 3,000 students…

Seriously, I have worked with over 3,000 students.

Here are a few of the things they say about me and my products…

The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program is truly unique to my brand, Ex Recovery.

I believe you will find my Program to be full of value and beneficial insights and advantages. Its systemic approach has helped so many of my clients realize their personal relationship goals. And you can only purchase it here on my website!

The Program is designed to cover many different situations and is taught, “A to Z so that you can learn what you need to do to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances of getting your ex back.

The Situations It Covers

  • He broke up with you
  • You broke up with him
  • Cheating
  • Long distance
  • He found someone else
  • You have been blocked
  • He’s told you you’ll never get back together
  • You share children together
  • And many more…

That means that you will always have something to reference whenever you have any type of question about getting your ex back.

Think of it like this…

I have seen tens of thousands of relationship situations.

My brain has an extensive knowledge of exactly what “emotional hot buttons” need to be pushed in order for a man to come back to you.

Through this program you will be getting access to my brain…

As I will be bridging the gap between men and women for you.

So, by the end of my training you'll have the opportunity to master the art of reconnection which can SIGNIFICANTLY improve your chances of winning your ex back.

But perhaps most importantly…

You should be in a better place emotionally and physically.

Access To The 30 Part PDF Course

The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program will give you access to a special 30 Part PDF Course.

Welcome To Ex Recovery
Why Ex Recovery Works
Success Stories
The Science Of A Breakup
The Personal Contract
Program Overview
Before No Contact
The Breakup Assessment
The No Contact Rule
The No Contact Rule Parameters
Interpreting Your Exes Behavior
Mindset Hurdles
Emotional Intelligence
The Manana Principle
Understanding Vs. Implementation
During No Contact
Know Your Value
The Holy Trinity
The Ungettable Status
Goal Setting & Habit Stacking
Social Media
Handling Run Ins
Failing No Contact
After No Contact
Re-Establishing Contact
Calls, Skype and FaceTime
Weighing Your Options
Getting Back Together
Choosing To Move On

Access To 30 Video Walkthroughs

In addition to one of the most comprehensive PDF Courses in the industry, The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program also gives you access to 30 accompanying video walkthroughs recorded by me to help you further understand the material.

I’ll walk you through the main points of each module and help you understand difficult concepts. All you have to do is sit back and watch.

Access To Professionally Recorded 30 Part Audio Course

When I began working on The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program I knew I wanted it to be something special. 

So, I spared no expense and hired a professional voice actor to record the PDF course for you. 

I know some people don’t like reading or don’t have the time to read. 

For those people the audio course is perfect as they can simply plug in their headphones and learn while they’re doing the dishes, going for a run or waiting to pick up their kids at school. 

Access To The 615 Page Digital Text Book

I have assembled all 30 parts of the program and have made it available in one single, comprehensive digital book consisting of 615 pages.

This digital book is complete with professionally designed graphics to explain difficult concepts and is delivered to you in PDF Format, which may require Adobe Acrobat or Mac Preview to read. 

If you have any issues, my dedicated support team is standing by, and can be reached at [email protected].

Acccess To Our Private Community Including Weekly Q & A's

Come join our Private Community where you can get advice and support from thousands of other women and men going through many of the same things you are experiencing.

There you will also discover that Chris Seiter and/or his team often conduct weekly Livestreams where they field questions and provide helpful information.

Our Private Community has singlehandedly spawned a large portion of our success stories since it’s inception. Join and maybe you can be one! Oh, one more thing. Recently we have instituted something in the Group called "Battle Buddies".

Battle Buddies Explained

We noticed that some members of our private support group were really struggling with the fact that they were facing their breakups alone so we started pairing some members together so they can help each other out and hold one another accountable or give each other inspiration.

So, if you are assigned a battle buddy then any time you are going through a hard time your battle buddy can be there for you. Any time you want to text your ex when you know you shouldn't your battle buddy can be there. We used to make the entire private support group a standalone product but I decided to open it up and give it to you for free with your purchase of Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program.

That's how strongly I feel about the benefits of this group.

Access To Special One on One Coaching Discount

Finally, with the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program I’m going to be doing something that I’ve never done before. 

I’m going to give you access to a one time special 25% discount on coaching. 

Our most requested and least available resource is always time. 

Sometimes people need a more personal touch which can only be had through one on one coaching. 

The problem is that for many coaching is too expensive. Well, that’s something that we are actively trying to solve for our clients. 

With your purchase of The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program you’ll gain access to a one time 25% discount on your first coaching session with one of our ex recovery coaches.

Special 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're on the fence about getting the Program you can try this ON ME for 30 Days. If you don't feel you received fair value from your purchase, I'll refund your money. No questions asked, no hassles, and no hard feelings. All you need to do is reach out to our Support email.

Here’s How Your Training Will Work

Immediately upon ordering this system you will be taken to my secure checkout page.

I take your privacy extremely seriously.  I will never disclose your email or personal information to any third parties.

Once you are there you will be prompted to provide your email address and any other additional information (like your credit card number, your name, etc) to gain access to Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program.

The Digital Modules will be delivered in PDF Format, and may require Adobe Acrobat or Mac Preview to read. The Audiobook version will be delivered as an MP3 file, and also available for online playback.

If you have any issues, my dedicated support team is standing by, and can be reached at [email protected].

Now, many of you may be wondering why I chose to structure Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program as a digital system as opposed to hard copy books.

Well, I want you to be able to access my program from anywhere in the world at any moment you want (as long as you have downloaded to the correct medium first.)

I mean, if you really think about it this is the closest thing that you will get to having me, an EX-Pert, follow you around for a month and essentially do all the hard work for you.

This begs an interesting question though…

What Is A Program Like This Worth To You?

Your ex could be the love of your life…

Your future husband…

The father or your children…

Heck, you may never feel like this about someone for the rest of your life…

Now, what if I told you that I had discovered a system that could potentially get him to come back to you?

What would a system like that be worth to you?

Well, believe it or not some women are willing to pay THOUSANDS…

Don’t believe me?

Here is a screenshot of how much one of my coaching clients has spent with us. She got her ex back by the way!

That’s $1,879 by the way.

When you see stuff like that it’s not surprising that a lot of folks in this industry think I should charge at least a couple thousand for my system and believe it or not but there are a few copycats out there whose products ARE that expensive (seriously.)

But never mind them…

They can keep charging a small fortune and taking advantage of people..

That’s not my style.

No, I believe in making my products affordable so everyone can take advantage of them.

It is for this reason that you can gain access – TODAY – to The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program PDF Course, The 615 Page Digital Textbook, The Audio Training And The Special Discount On Coaching

For Just $47

Clients have literally offered to pay me thousands for my time (see above) and I rarely ever take them on.

Of course, while I do my best to make my products affordable for everyone my personal time is a very different story.

When I do take on a coaching client my time is worth a lot.

$2,000 to $3,000 per month to be exact.

Now here is the crazy part… people are willing to pay because they know I can help them get results.

Heck, even an hour of my time on Skype is $300.

Yet, today you can get my knowledge for getting an ex back for only $47

When you look at it like that it makes a $47 investment look like an incredible and amazing bargain.

What Would You Rather Spend $47 On?

Contrary to popular belief time does matter

I am the type of person that despises others who are pushy when it comes to “selling something” but if there is one thing I have learned through my tenure here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery it’s that time does matter..

So, if you are serious about getting your ex back don’t “sit on the fence” and debate whether or not this product is worth it.

(FYI it is!)

Every minute you spend on the fence is a minute wasted when it comes to getting your ex back.

Oh, and in case you are wondering there have been women that have bought this product too late and doomed their chances because they waited a few months to pull the trigger on buying this…

Please Don't Be One Of These People…

I am not saying this so you will buy this course. I am saying it because I know that if you wait to buy this product you may potentially hurt your chances at getting your ex back and believe me when I say that, that is something you don’t want to go through.

I want to give you every opportunity to win him back.

Here’s to getting your ex back! You can do this.

P.S. -

You know, they say that if I added a picture I am supposed to be more credible to you…

I am not quite sure if a picture alone is going to convince you…

Guess I am a skeptic there..

So, let me just say this. I absolutely want you to get your ex back.

With this course I did everything in my power to make that happen.

I wanted to be there side by side with you… Answering every question you have… I wanted to be able to provide real life examples from women who have succeeded…

Examples that you could learn from…

But what I really wanted was to create a product that was so incredible that it actually got results.

I can confidently say that I feel I have done all of that with The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program.

This is really the best I have to offer..

So, I am going to get a little bold here and tell you that it really is in your best interest to buy The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program because without it you probably won’t have a great chance of getting your ex back.

Here are a few of my favorite success stories

“You probably don’t get many people who up-date you afterwards (or maybe you do), and I was pretty sure that I had lost all hope after he sent me an email saying he was sticking to his decision to breakup with me. But, after I had read everything you said on here, I was able to get my boyfriend back. Thanks so much, Chris!”
- Erica

“Your plan is working well for me. I finished no contact over a month ago, and have been following your plan ever since. Now he compliments me every day and texts me about all kinds of stuff! I’m into the “inspire jealousy” part, and I know he’s thinking about me every day. Lately, he initiates most of our contact and I’m starting to wonder if he’s read your site, too!”
- Beth

“I have been struggling emotionally in the beginning, crying alone, doing nothing, but I did not contact him. Then I started my “emotional healing”: dancing, spending time with my girlfriends, shopping, trying to be happy (without him). During this time, he texted me 3 times and called me once”
- Lisa

“I would like to update you regarding my love life.. Know what, after 4 days of not contacting my ex… out of the blue he called me… right now we are taking things slow but so far so good. Thank you! ”
- Mischa

“I come across to your website when my ex broke up with me 3 weeks ago. It felt horrible and I cried the entire first week. I missed him so much. I eventually started searching “how to get your ex boyfriend back” on the internet. I found a lot of advice from many websites but I came across yours and it just stood out. I decided to try out what you recommended. Step by step I change my physical appearance, social life, gym, went away for holiday and didn’t contact him, I also acted wonderful and smile all the time.

He texted me in the second week of NC and called me by my nick name. I just answered back really friendly then after a little bit I cut him off. Then he came around to my office where I work and started to flirt with me. I just smiled and laughed at what he did some time. He then proceeded to ask me out!

Thank you so much Chris!”
- Lucie

“Since we have a child together, I followed your modified NC. Have engaged in zero arguments, have sent intriguing texts, have started spending time and flirting with male friends….. His family saw the new friends being added on FB. We have spent 5 times together since I first contacted you, all went well. He’s admitted he misses me. Doesn’t bring up Chanel anymore. He’s very distant from his new girlfriend that lives with him. We text every day now, short and sweet. He’s sweet and romantic in ways he never was when we were together. He’s planning on telling her to leave…. Although she has no job so just being patient and understanding while he figures out where she will stay. From all accounts of his family they all miss me, he hasn’t been the same since we split, and he is always distant from her. Not counting my chickens before they hatch, but so far so good! Your plan works, just wanted to give an update!”
- Sara Mae