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What Is The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community?

The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community is a special Community for women and men designed to help you with every facet of your breakup from start to finish. 

Our Mission is for you to emerge from a break-up as a stronger, healthier, and more informed individual, irrespective of whether you want your ex back or not.

The main goal of the Community is simple. We wish to  provide you "just in time” advice and support from like-minded  Members, Moderators, Coaches, and the Founders (Chris and Jennifer Seiter) as you embark on your post-breakup journey.

In doing this, we want to offer you helpful and timely resources, key information, and invaluable services to assist you in navigating through this difficult time.

You get Access To 12 Premium Community Features Immediately

We're here to show you a better way...

Weekly Q&A Livestream With Chris Seiter

Practically every week, Founder Chris Seiter will be conducting an hour-long Q&A Livestream where you can have the opportunity to ask him your questions.

Q&A Livestreams With Our Ex Recovery Coaches

Additionally, our Ex Recovery Coaches will be conducting hour long Q&A Livestreams where you can have the opportunity to ask them your questions.

Answers From Our Trained Moderators

The Ex Recovery Moderators are always on the lookout to answer your posts within the Community. Our goal is to ensure that your questions are answered in as timely a manner as possible.

Answers From The Ex Recovery Coaches

In addition to conducting Livestreams, when our Coaches are not preparing for and conducting sessions with their clients, they'll be visiting the Community weekly to answer Member questions.

Answers From Founders Chris & Jennifer Seiter

In addition, when Chris and Jen aren't coaching or running the business, they'll be striving to spend time in the Community answering your posts or tags.

Answers From Other Community Members

One of the biggest benefits of the Community is that we are aiming to surround you with individuals who are likely to have the same or similar breakup situation. We encourage our Members to help and support each other throughout the ex recovery process.

Monthly Guest Speakers

One of the most exciting additions to the Community is each month we will be striving to have a featured Guest Speaker. For example, an expert on some aspect of relationships, grief, anxiety, divorce, co-parenting, and psychology.

The Battle Buddy Pairings

After you sign up you'll have the option to apply for a Battle Buddy. A Battle Buddy is a fellow Member who we try to pair you with. Together, you and your Buddy seek to stand alongside each other and support each other throughout the entirety of the breakup process.

Dedicated Texting Help Space

We've created a Dedicated Space for you to post your "draft" texts you may wish to send to your ex such that you can receive some feedback from other Members, Coaches, and Moderators.

The Essential Dedicated Resources Breakup Space

Gain access to some of our best Guides and Downloadable Resources.

Enhanced Privacy (Secret Community)

In the past, Members have worried about whether their ex might notice them in a Facebook Group. We've removed that possibility by making our Community secret. You can't even see who is inside of it unless you are inside of it. This also removes any risk of you accidentally posting a breakup update on your own personal profile.

Group Platform Upgrade (Member Friendly Post Visibility)

Our Community is powered by Mighty Networks which means that there is no algorithm designed to unfairly push your content down or distract members with ads and other clutter.

We Believe The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community Is The Most Valuable Thing We've Ever Created. This Is Why We Want You To Experience It In A FREE TRIAL!

Going through a breakup is hard. 

Going through a breakup alone, is harder. 

With the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community we believe we've solved that problem. 

The Community really is the CENTERPIECE of Ex Boyfriend Recovery. Our focus is
for you to emerge from your break-up as a happier and more emotionally balanced individual.  

You see, what makes this Community so exciting is that we believe we've found a way to combine.... 

  1. A form of email coaching
  2. Group coaching
  3. Premium access to Helpful Resources and Services
  4. A way to partner you with an individual who actually understands what you're going through
  5. Not to mention a large Community whose goal is to provide you with a Support Network of peers

We have found a way to combine all of this IN ONE PLACE and we want to give you an opportunity to join our unique Community! 


The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community is hosted on a dedicated secret group platform designed especially for you!

We've Chosen To Host The Community On Mighty Networks To Provide Maximum Privacy For You

For years we hosted the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community on a Private Facebook Group.

Here's the problem with that. Some of our clients were terrified to join our Facebook Support Group for fear of their exes finding out. 

Not to mention that the Group was somewhat disorganized and Members had problems getting timely answers  due to Facebook's intrusive algorithm pushing their post down in the feed in favor of more controversial posts.  

With our new Community that won't be a problem for you. 

We've made the choice to find a permanent home at Mighty Networks as has many other large Creators and Brands across the world.

Not only is there no algorithm to push your post down, but I've managed to keep the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community secret within Mighty Networks.

This means that you can't even find it if you were looking for it within the Mighty Networks community search function. 

In fact, the only way to get access to it is through this Page you are on right now and more importantly, you can't even see who is in our Community unless you already have access to the Community. 

It's far more private and the chances of your ex ever finding out that you are in "a breakup community"  are slim to none.

Not to mention that it's far more organized as you can see from the image below.

With Facebook Groups everything revolves around a news feed. It can feel impossible to sort through things because there's just so much. 

Our Community is kind of like taking the best aspects of Facebook Groups, Discord and Reddit and combining them into one. 

Not only do we have our own Discussion Feed, but we also have special Spaces that help us organize key information and resources:

  • A Dedicated Texting Help Space
  • A Battle Buddy Space
  • A Guest Speaker Space
  • A Livestream Space
  • A Success stories Space 
  • An Essential Free Breakup Resources Space
  • An Access Premium Products Space
  • A 1 x 1 Coaching Session Space (for Booking)
  • An Email Coaching Space (for Booking)

This will be your Go to Place to get help and assistance. Your Community Membership will also entitle you to a special 25% Off Discount for your first 1 x 1 coaching session where you can get personalized attention for your unique situation. And as our Community grows there is always an opportunity to add more Spaces to keep things growing and more organized.

"He Told Me We Were Never Going To Get Back Together"

"Alright ladies I'd just like to point out just how empowering Chris Seiter's knowledge about being an UG is. It truly is the best thing that I could have done for myself. Turning my life, attitude, and my persona of what other think of me has not only done a number on my ex but it's definitely changed me! Please do all yourselves a favor and strive to be UG because I've personally never been happier. I also would like to point out that it definitely makes your chances of getting your ex back higher 😉 lol my ex is all of a sudden all over me and it's quite amusing 😂 (ps no I'm not a bot guys I'm a different version of Buffy the vampire slayer 😂😉)"

Four Layers Of Accountability

Here's the Truth. 

I can sit here and give you the best plan in the world to get your ex back but if you don't show up, if you don't execute it, it doesn't matter. But another truth is that it is very difficult to do all of this by yourself.

So, the reason that we have such a high success rate is that we have 4 forms of accountability. 

1. Peer To Peer Accountability

You have other Members that you are starting with that are going to be in the same or similar spot as you. The synergy of peer to peer interaction can be very powerful in its various forms of sharing and lessons learned. Our Battle Buddy Program is a good example.

2. Veteran Member Accountability 

You'll have people further along in the ex recovery process who you can learn from. You will be able to see the road they took to heal and maximize their chances of getting their ex back. It can be very compelling if you see what others are experiencing. That way you can learn from their triumphs or mistakes.  It also can be inspirational to have fellow Members cheering you on every step of the way because they've been through it and understand what you are experiencing.

3. Expert Accountability 

You'll be guided by the Founders of the Ex Recovery Program, Coaches and Moderators who are all invested in seeing you succeed and come out of all of this as a stronger and emotionally healthier individual. 

4. Self Accountability

Finally, you will be guided by your own fortitude, courage and sense of self accomplishment. None of your success can happen unless you are committed and determined to utilize all of the information and support to help you get over the finish line.

In closing...

By joining our Community you aren't just making a bet on yourself but you are betting on these layers of accountability to help pull you through one of the most difficult times in your life.

"I just implemented everything in your Program and Community and got some really great stories of how that worked."

" I just implemented everything in your program and community. And I’ve got some really great stories of how that worked. So well. And then yeah, about Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks ago, he messaged and said, I love you, I want you back I’m reconsidering marriage. I’ll marry you. And, you know, but by that point, Chris, honestly grown and changed so much. That really wasn’t what I wanted anymore. And that was something that I learned in your program that I didn’t think would happen to me. So success story, not a success story. Depends on how you view it. I view it as a huge success."

Take a sneak peak inside the Community

We're here to show you a better way after a breakup...



Four layers of accountability to help you after your breakup.


Weekly Live Q & A's

Our Coaches and Founders are there to help answer your questions


Battle Buddy Pairings

We will do our very best to pair you with an individual who is in a similar situation.


Enhanced Privacy

In the past, Members have worried about whether their ex might notice them in a Facebook Group. We've removed that concern by making our Community secret.

Join For The Battle Buddy Experience

We'll partner you up with someone who understands what you're going through.


Take Our Battle Buddy Questionnaire

We ask you questions about your breakup, age, gender, etc to help ensure the best pairing for you.


Pairings Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday we seek to pair Buddies together.



Form a lasting friendship with your Battle Buddy.



Battle Buddies are one of the layers of accountability mentioned above.

Gain Free Access To Our Vast Essential Breakup Resources Which Will Give You Access To The Following:

The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Quick Start Guide
Dealing With The Other Woman/Man
The No Contact Rule Guide
How To Handle Social Media During A Breakup Guide
How Attachment Styles Can Help Get Your Ex Back Guide
Handling An Ex Who Blocked You Guide
How To Tell If Your Ex Still Cares About You Guide

In Addition to all the free Guides you're going to get access to, we'll also give you free access to FIVE downloadable Breakup Resources. 

Five Free Downloadable Resources. 

  1. A Habit Tracker to Help You as You Engage in the Trinity Work we Recommend
  2. Several Trinity Guides and Worksheets
  3. A Holiday Survival Guide
  4. Real Examples of Successful First Texts to an Ex
  5. Usable Jealousy Texts 

Perhaps the coolest part about this Library of Resources is that we are always adding to it. 

So as the Community grows so too will the Downloadable Resources.

Try The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community For Free!

The new Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community combines Live Coaching, Four layers of Accountability, Guest Speakers, Essential Breakup Resources, Community Interaction and much more all in one Place. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity NOW as our total Community Memberships may be capped in the near future.

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Premium Community Features (get immediate access)

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Weekly Q & A's with Founder Chris Seiter, Guest Speakers, Coaching Services, Battle Buddy pairings, Essential Breakup Resources, Enhanced Member Privacy and More!

Amazing Customers Have Already Seen Results With The Ex Boyfriend Recovery Community

Live Interview - With Thida A Community Success Story


How long is the Free Trial for?

We want to give you 7 days to try out the Community for free.  We feel it is the best ex recovery offering out there, giving you tremendous bang for your buck. If you don't like it or feel like you won't find value from it then just contact us before 7 days has elapsed and we will cancel your Membership and you will NOT be charged for the Membership Plan you selected.

Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel your access to the Community at any time.  Simply click on the Contact link in the Community or on our Website to cancel your Membership. Simply leave us a message and we will take care of cancelling your Community membership.  

But for full transparency, if you elect to cancel your Community Membership, you may not be able to gain access again as we anticipate that our total Community Memberships will be capped in the future in order for us to provide the quality and level of support we feel is necessary.

How do the Live Q & A's work?

Every Thursday (barring any emergencies) Founder Chris Seiter makes time in his schedule to do a live Q&A session fielding questions on a first come, first serve basis. Additionally, Ex Boyfriend Recovery Coaches and Moderators scour the Community daily to try to answer all unanswered individuals within 24-48 hours. 

How likely is this Community to work when it comes to getting my ex back?

There are no guarantees when it comes to ex recovery but after ten years of studying breakups we believe that our Community and Ex Recovery Program creates the best environment for you to heal from a breakup while also helping you re-attract your ex. It's the two birds, one stone approach. 

How Private is this Community?

Due to our association with Mighty Networks we believe that our Community is one of the most private in the niche. You won't have to worry about your ex "accidentally" seeing that you are a part of it anymore. It is set up as a secret Community.  Only invited individuals can find and login to the Community to see posts, activity, and members.

How long on average do people need this Community for?

Some of our Members have been with us for years as they enjoy the benefits the Community offers them as well as the opportunity to help others. We have found that individuals who are in the Community for at least 3 to 6+ months tend to have the best results post breakup. 

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