By Chris Seiter

Updated on June 10th, 2021

One of the biggest issues that I see women having every single day is figuring out how to make their exes commit to them.

You’ll find that men are pretty stubborn when it comes to being “locked down.”

It’s a little like trying to chase a leprechaun… No matter how close you get it just seems like you are further and further away.

Now, I have written a lot about what makes a man commit to a woman throughout Ex Boyfriend Recovery. I’ve even recorded an entire podcast episode themed around it.

But one thing I have never done is gotten an outside take.

So, I thought it would be fun to take a woman who has used the EBR (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) program to successfully get her ex back and ask her how the heck she was able to do it!

I’d like to introduce you to anonymous!

(She preferred to remain anonymous and I certainly respect her wishes)

But anonymous is a part of our Private Facebook Group and was lucky enough to successfully get her ex back.

Don’t believe me?

Here is the proof,

Now, when I approached her about potentially writing an article for Ex Boyfriend Recovery she knew immediately what she wanted to write about,

What guys need to hear when trying to build the relationship back up.

Kind of important, don’t you think?

Well, without further ado I’d like to introduce you to anonymous!

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How I Got My Ex To Commit To Me

I was beyond belief happy when I finally heard my ex-boyfriend calling me his girlfriend again!

How had I gotten to this amazing step in my life and back into an even greater relationship?

Smiling, I thought back upon how it came about. When I was in the ebb & flow part of the texting phase of the Ex Boyfriend Recovery program, I had sent a cool picture of a car which had caught his eye and I eventually asked him what he thought.

He texted back right away and said, “Let’s go try it out!”

A few moments later he was calling me.

We talked briefly about my goal of looking for a car. All of the sudden he was a man made magician sending out a maximum number of ideas on goals that I could accomplish in order to find a car; i.e.,getting my credit score, checking prices online, etc.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

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He had; of course, figured himself into the equation that he was going to go with me and “act as if “he was my boyfriend.

At first I was a little flustered, confused, nervous. He had run the whole conversation, he had made the call and after giving me instructions, had decided when to end the call!

Wait a minute!

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go!!

His over enthusiasm had thrown me for a loop! I kind of took a step back a couple of days to gather my “Ungettable Girl” waves again and didn’t contact him. He texted a couple days later asking what I had accomplished.

At that point, I had received my credit score.

He was impressed with it and I joked around a bit and he called instead of texting back. This time I let the phone ring and go to voicemail even though I had just texted.

I waited about 5 to 10 minutes and returned his call. He acted as if it was normal and we talked about my credit score. We flirted a bit on the phone. A few words here and there about seeing each other, kind of like a “getting to know each other again” conversation.

He wanted to make a plan for the coming weekend to come by my house and pick me up so we could go take a look at some cars. I told him I hadn’t done all of my homework yet but maybe by then I would have.

It was amazing!

He was calling me on a Tuesday night for a Saturday afternoon date! I did make a comment that we needed to start out as “friends” and that he was just helping me out. He said he understood and would be a perfect gentleman. In other words, I was a different woman and this was a new date for us. I was ecstatic as I hung up the phone and guess what?

I told him I had something I had to attend to and ended the conversation first – actually as our conversation about our upcoming “date/event” was getting interesting.

I had made some comments during our conversation about how great it be that he help me as I didn’t really know how to handle the car salesman. I knew he could be a big help to me. He told me that I’d have nothing at all to worry about.

He would do all of the talking and if I had questions, the salesman could answer but he’d make sure that they knew they weren’t allowed to question me. He wanted to take charge and be my man and I could sit back, let myself be protected, treated, admired & enjoy the experience.

It was a bit unnerving wondering how the whole date would go.

I didn’t text him between the Tuesday night call and wondered by Friday morning if he would let me down.

I asked some questions to my friends I’d made in EBR Private Support Group and also some of the staff there.

“Just wait, be patient” was the unanimous answer.

By friday evening he texted me and said,

“We’re planning on me coming over there tomorrow, right?”

I was so shocked but I decide to wait before I answered.

He was impatient and called within the next 10 minutes. I watched the phone ring and ring, My heart beating wildly.

What was I waiting for?

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This was it!

Wait, oh yeah…

“Center yourself first, you’re an Ungettable Girl who doesn’t get all flustered”

Was a thought that came to my mind. I waited a couple of minutes and called him back.

He asked about my day and I asked about his.

Then he calmly asked if he was coming over to help me tomorrow and asked if I was ready to go check out some cars at dealerships.

I told him that I was ready, I had done some checking online. He told me that he’d be over around 2 PM the next day as he had some errands to run for his mom first in the morning. I told him that that would be fine as I had some things to do myself and that I would see him tomorrow and in a polite way ended the conversation.

He called early the next morning asking if he could come a couple hours earlier. I told him that that was all right. The next day, the weather was pretty cold and I had been trying on different outfits to look “classy, sexy ” in.

I was so excited!

It had been quite a few months since we’ve seen each other, over three months as a matter of fact. Although our break up wasn’t really bad, he’d ended it. I had gotten to know myself and learned about more of my own needs during a no contact time.

It was exactly what I needed.

When he came to pick me up, I answered the door and calmly invited him in. He gave me a peck on the cheek and I smiled. We sat down at the dining room table to work on some strategies and figure out some numbers.

We had some short sweet moments of glancing into each other’s eyes and smiling.

A bit of shyness, here and there a few words, nothing too intimate just chitchat.

Like a new relationship, A new us – a first date.

Eye contact, flirting a bit. We joked and I would softly touch his arm every once in a while when we would laugh. We took off to the car dealership and he went to work.

He told them exactly what we were looking for. He introduced me as his girlfriend, as he said he would; and of course, as predicted, the salesman tried asking me all sorts of questions when they heard it was me who was looking to buy a car. He, of course was like my superhero, my protector.

Anyways, he told them that they had to deal with him in the negotiations and that if I had questions that I could ask, but they were not to harass me in any way, shape or form. I stood back letting him take charge.

He was enjoying being my “man “and protector. I was enjoying being taken care of and protected. We made it to about three places that day and got a quick bite to eat at a fast food place.

He played our “songs “while we were in the car. I pretended to be non-attached to them. I was polite, but I wasn’t quite obtainable. He brought up the past a couple times about things that we kind of argued about. I told him that everything was anew and that we should keep it that way.

He agreed.

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

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When we ended our first day, he played a song for me while we sat in the car in my driveway. He held my hand, walked me to the door and came in to give me a good night kiss. He left mumbling something about how hard it was to be a gentleman. I told him that we had to start everything anew like a first date, a new relationship.

He made it a point of saying he was coming over the next weekend so we could go again to look for some new cars and get an idea. A few days later he asked on the phone if I thought he had helped. I told him he had made a tremendous difference in going with me and I love how well he had handled the salesman. I even made a comment about stopping to get something to eat and how nice it was to spend time with him.

He commented that that shouldn’t have been a place to eat for a first date for food. I made no comment. The next weekend he wanted to get started earlier so we’d have more time to look for cars. I felt more relaxed but knew I had to stay with my “Ungettable Girl” strength and play it totally cool. We flirted more and held hands more at the dealership.

We had some detailed conversations in the car and we had lunch at a very nice restaurant! We talked while having lunch and he has questions about my thoughts about different things. Some of it was about relationships, some was just odd questions he wanted answers to.

I told him I’d gone out on the town with the girls, as it came up in a conversation (about our time apart) and he was kind of curious about that. He asked if I was out trying to meet someone. I told him, “Not exactly, just having a good time”.

After we finished our car hunting that day, he kind of drove around aimlessly and then pulled off into an amusement center, where there was all sorts of places to play games. I asked him what he was doing.

He said, “Well, my girlfriend wants to spend time out with me so I’m trying to figure out something else we can do”.

I asked him if he was asking for a package upgrade. He said he was. I asked him what all that entails.

He rattled off the things I had told him before that I wanted in a relationship with us, starting out new. “Wow!”I thought to myself, “he was listening!” I told him that I needed him. This aspect was important I felt. We were parked in an entertainment center parking lot.

There were people in cars all around, I guess. I remember something like that. Actually, all I saw at that time was his eyes looking into mine when I told him I needed him. He looked intently back and questioned “You do?”

I nodded my head, we kissed and it’s been pretty good ever since! We have things we’re working on still, but we talk through things that we want to work on and gently remind each other if were ever falling off track. It’s been an amazing journey & I’m still, in many ways an Ungettable Girl!

My life has been forever changed by Ex Boyfriend Recovery!

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