Today we’re going to talk about the phases of your ex’s rebound relationship and when you can expect a rebound relationship to fail.

What’s fascinating about this topic is that everyone seems to have a different idea of when a rebound relationship will fail.

Some say that 90% fail within the first month; others say 90% will fail within three months. Yet others say that 60% will fail in three months’ time…

I’ve found that the truth is none of those things.

But before I tell you when you can expect your ex’s rebound relationship to fail and the phases that he or she will be going through, I first want to turn your attention to a special resource that I have here on the site called the Ex Recovery Chances Quiz.

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When Can We Expect Your Exes Rebound Relationship To Fail?

As I said above, there are lots of resources you can find on the internet about how long rebound relationships last, and many of my peers make ridiculous claims without any proof to back them up.

I checked out their claims, looking for the research behind them.

I didn’t find it.

But that’s when I had a bright idea.

What If I simply spent a weekend compiling research of my own to come up with my own findings?

So I went through different online forums, looked at my own successes, failures and records to get an idea of when people’s rebound relationships were failing, from their own mouths.

What I found was interesting.

I want to preface this by saying that most times when scientists perform studies like this, they like to have a sample size of about 10,000 people to draw from.

The bigger the sample size, the more accurate the results will be.

I didn’t have that many people.

I found about 100 people with concrete data on how long their ex’s rebound relationship (or their own) lasted.

This is data I trust, because it comes from clients I have worked with, and members of our 3,000+ member community.

So what did they say?

Turns out the average rebound relationship will last 5.2 months.

That answer feels right to me based on my years of experience with clients who have worked on winning their exes back despite there being another woman (or man) in the picture.

Of course, this is just an average, and rebound relationships can be much shorter. But we do usually say, once it’s been eight months or more, you are looking at something more serious.

So we have our answer to the first question, but for me, the more interesting question is, what does that relationship and its eventual end look like?

I started asking more questions of people and found there are four patterns or four phases to a rebound relationship.

Phase 1:  The Honeymoon Period

Expect this phase to last about one month in a rebound relationship.

The honeymoon period is where your ex and the person he or she is with are having fun. The new person can do no wrong. They look at them as the epitome of everything they’ve ever wanted in a partner.

It’s the first flush of love, where everything is new and shiny.

There’s not much you can do during this period; trying to get your ex back right now will most likely backfire as they are enjoying this honeymoon phase.

But often, your ex has jumped into something new with someone to replace that feeling of being in a real relationship with you.

This often happens soon after the breakup. A great sign that a relationship is a rebound relationship is that it begins only days or up to a few weeks after a breakup.

Your ex can’t deal with their feelings about the breakup and their lingering feelings for you, and so try to soothe themselves by concentrating on the next best thing.

This is often the first person who comes along, and this person is rarely a great fit for them.

During this first phase, an ex will typically post ‘happy couple’ type content on social media.

This hurts. So don’t look at their social media and don’t stalk the new person. Keep yourself busy being awesome, and remember that social media does not tell the whole story.

In fact, the more they show off their new relationship, the more you can think to yourself…who are they trying to convince? Themselves? You, their ex? The new person?

This is especially true if they are not usually the type to post lots of loved-up content for all to see.

Be reassured that the faster they move and the more deliriously happy they seem, the more this relationship is a rebound.

But if you see them flaunting this new relationship on social media, of course it will make you feel bad, and you’ll be afraid that this new relationship is really serious.

But don’t worry. Trouble is on the horizon.

Phase 2: The Cracks Begin To Form

So, where phase one was all sunshine and rainbows, phase two is where you start to see the cracks beginning to form.

You can expect this phase to last about two to three months.

How do you know these cracks are beginning to form?

It’s very likely that the beginning of the end comes when they have their first fight.

This can be over something apparently trivial like one partner often being late, or a throwaway comment that isn’t appreciated by the other.

As they get to know each other better, they will inevitably find out things they don’t like about each other. The hastily-entered relationship will begin to falter.

You might not be in a position to see this first-hand, but you might notice a drop-off in the happy social media posts, or hear via mutual friends that things are not all rosy.

In my own first relationship, the honeymoon period lasted exactly one month to the day.

Things began to seem different when we had our first argument, which was about her hanging out with another guy without telling me she was doing so.

She later had a sleepover at his house with her friends.

I’m sure you can agree, that’s not exactly a thing that most guys would be okay with.

What’s interesting is that from that moment on, the whole mood changed. The cracks had begun to form in the foundations of our relationship.

We began to fight a little more frequently, which of course led to phase three…

Phase 3: Fight Or Flight

You can expect this phase to last probably around a month.

So how does this happen?

We talked in the last phase about the cracks beginning to form.

When things get difficult, what tends to happen is one of two things – a partner will either fight or flight.

I chose the fight option in that first relationship of mine. I was really upset that she’d stayed over at this guy’s house. Even though it was with friends, I still felt uncomfortable about it.

Could I have done a better job at communicating my feelings? Absolutely. But I was young and inexperienced and when emotions run high, logic runs low.

So we began to fight more.

But what’s interesting is that not everyone will fight.

Some people will ‘flight’ – they will run away and avoid the problem.

You might notice your ex is a little less responsive. Something seems to be bothering him or her, but when you ask them what’s going on, they’re not very forthcoming about their emotions.

They seem to be deep in thought, considering whether they want to be in their relationship or not. This is someone who’s taken the flight option.

If you’re not really in contact with them, you might again notice a downturn in the positive social media posts and check-ins. You might hear less than positive things on the grapevine.

They are pulling away from their current partner, wanting to avoid fights. They aren’t communicating properly with them, and resentment is building.

This is where they realize that their rebound relationship is not perfect, and begin to think about whether it’s the right option for them or not.

Of course, you know that the right option is you. At this point, you need to make sure you are creating a new narrative about yourself, and that your ex can see it.

Post fun new things on social media – there’s a 90% chance he’ll creep on it (this is scientifically proven). If you see him, show him the best positive you that you can be.

You want him to start to think about the happy memories you have together.

As I said before, you might not be in a position to observe how your ex seems to be feeling in any of these stages. You simply have to hang in there and wait for a sign, or (hopefully) the end of the relationship.

Phase 4: The Epiphany

This phase is the end. One or both of the people in the rebound relationship have that ultimate epiphany where they realize that they don’t want to be in the relationship any more.

There’s no real timeframe for this. Basically when they have this epiphany that’s it, they will end the relationship.

So what is an epiphany in this context?

Well, it’s an ‘Aha moment’, where they come to the realization that they really don’t want to be with the other person, and that changes their behavior, and how they look at this relationship.

A fight can trigger this realization. A simple irritation at something a partner does can set it off. You being the Ungettable Girl can do it.

If he’s starting to think, “You know what, this was a nice fling but it’s not what I really want”, you have a better chance of showing him you are what he really wants.

So it’s no longer sunshine and butterflies, happiness and fluffy clouds. Dark days are on the horizon.

They have realized that it takes more to stay with this person than not be with them.

Now this is true for any relationship. Relationships, especially romantic ones, take hard work. The payoff can be great, but you have to be ready to invest a lot in each other.

Rebound relationships are built on a weaker foundation. They have usually progressed too quickly, the partner has been chosen to buffer to your ex’s sore heart, and maybe your ex isn’t quite over his or her feelings for you.

Thus the rebound type of relationship is more likely to fail, because the initial solid investment isn’t there.

So take heart.

Those are the four main phases that your ex will go through in a rebound relationship. Sometimes it will be the person they’re with, sometimes it will be the ex themselves who moves through all these phases.

The phases stay relatively the same because by nature rebounds are the shortest relationships anyone can go through.

What Do You Do If Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship?

My first piece of advice is to take the quiz right here on the website, which includes questions about your ex seeing other people. Then we can get you started on exactly what you should be doing, assuming you do want your ex back.

I also have a lot of resources on how to deal with an ex who is in a rebound relationship, and the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro program goes into lots of detail on this.

You could start with this article: Signs Your Ex Is In A Rebound Relationship.

And if you leave me a comment below, my team and I will always do our best to answer you.

This is one of the toughest situations to deal with, but my clients have lots of success stories of getting back with their ex despite there being another person on the scene.

There is hope.

Hang in there.

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36 thoughts on “The Phases Of A Rebound Relationship”

  1. Avatar


    May 23, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    I did 30 days NC but couple of weeks later he’s seeing someone else, removed me on all social media and doesn’t wan’t to speak to me! Do I still have a chance? We were getting on great after NC and speaking regularly (always me who initiated it though) We had a two and a half year relationship but this is the second breakup, and we’re due to swap belongings any day now.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      May 29, 2020 at 3:16 pm

      Hey B, yes you still have a chance, stick with the program, you are going to have to go into a second no contact for 45 days and read about the being there method

  2. Avatar


    May 4, 2020 at 1:14 pm

    My ex broke up with me after 8 months, there were no warning signs other than he mentioned his ex a lot and how bad she was, we met each other’s family and friends and all got along swimmingly.

    Since the breakup I am now 2 weeks into no contact and have heard nothing, just before I found out he reached out to my best friend apologising for not being in contact (they met twice!) and then it turns into them both sending what I can only interpret into flirty messages

    1. Could I have been the rebound
    2. What do I make of the contact

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      May 6, 2020 at 8:27 pm

      Hi RJ how long was his relationship with his ex before you? If it was a long term relationship there is a slight chance you were a rebound but not 100%. As for him reaching out to your, friend, I would say that he is doing one of two things, checking with your friend for intel about you, or he’s looking a distraction from dealing with a break up. Which is in the wrong place. Either way don’t react to them speaking but be mindful if your friend crosses a line

  3. Avatar


    February 10, 2020 at 5:53 pm

    My ex and I were together for 5 months. We got on really well but I could tell he was holding back. He ended things saying he didnt feel he could commit to me in the way I wanted and we were very different people. He said although we had a lot in common there just wasn’t enough there to make it work. He just wasn’t feeling it. We broke up on 1st December. I went into NC. Didnt argue beg, cry or anything. He texted me on Christmas Day to wish me a lovely Christmas but nothing since and I haven’t texted him. After reading this article though I am now worried that our relationship was the rebound Will he come back do you think?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      February 11, 2020 at 11:20 pm

      Hi Liz, what makes you think it was a rebound? Was he recently out of a relationship before you? If you are working on yourself to become the Ungettable Girl and showing this on social media, then when you have not spoken for 30 days minimum, you can reach out with the type of text that Chris suggests to open the window of conversation and try to re build your connection that way. However, if he said that you want different things from the relationship assess if you do want the same things from a relationship.

  4. Avatar


    January 14, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    My ex of 4 months broke up with me about a week in a half ago. He said that he liked me but didn’t love me. Then I found out he had got back on Tinder and started talking to someone from his past. He tends to be looking for love at 4 month mark, apparently he believes you can fall in love that fast. I know this girl is probably the rebound, but it’s hard to see if it is or not. I am focused on my trinity right now, but its even harder to make him see how I’m doing if he has no social media.

  5. Avatar


    January 9, 2020 at 3:07 pm

    So I was with my Ex for 6 years. We wasnt perfect it was tough but we always made ti work. the last year he got in with a new crowed and started partying more, staying out all night etc. We argued more about it. one weekend away with the boys and he couldn’t look at me or anything. I ended up leaving so we could get some space and talk it out. He went radio silence until about a week later and ended it. I had a feeling he cheated on me. Anyway turns out he started seeing someone and is now with her. It was so tough. its been 6 months or so and although I still love him I started to put my life back together. I lost weight, got a promotion, new boyfriend the lot. Now we are back in contact and have been for a few weeks he says he doesn’t know what to do no one would accept him etc. he wishes he never done it he regrets it, what do we both do as we are n relationships. my response is you left me. If you wanted me back you would be moving heaven and earth to do so right!? I don’t know.

  6. Avatar


    January 7, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    I have been with my Ex for 8 years. He met the new woman when we were still together and perceived her as more interesting and distanced himself from me. I decided to break up due to accusations and emotional manipulation and I broke the contact off. He did not stop seeing her even during the no contact time but kept asking about me and I know he said to his family members back then that he wants to be with me. Eventually he reached out after two months but nothing changed, she was still present in his life and he could not decide on which one of us he wants to be with. I made many mistakes during that period including expressing my emotions and confessing to him and being available whenever he wanted and I was struggling with setting boundaries. It all led to arguments and misunderstandings again. He eventually told me that he wants to give it a try with her since they have become close in the last months and he has feelings for her. I broke the contact off as soon as I heard that he is on his way to her place. On the phone, during the last conversation with me, he said he didn’t want to be alone and that he doesn’t want to lose me, had panic attacks and said he loves me and that he never let go off me. He has narcissistic traits and that’s why I couldn’t listen to him anymore because his words did not match his actions. I told him in anger to never contact me again and broke the contact off immediately as I promised (I told him that if he ever chooses her I do not want to see him nor hear from him and that was the promise I kept). I feel devastated and used by him. Each time he had panic attacks he called us both and kept us both at bay. At the moment I am the one who was abandoned. Everything lasted 10 months – our breakup, no contact, the new relationship and moving to her. I don’t know what I want to ask you, I just want your honest opinion about the whole situation. Is this a rebound or is it real? Will his decision backfire at him? I don’t mean I want to come back to him, I just can’t process the whole thing.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      January 11, 2020 at 6:58 pm

      Hey Anja, so when he told you he wanted to see how things go with this new girl – in his mind he knows you are sat there waiting for him so if it doesnt work out, its all going to be fine because he has a safety net (you)….

      It could be a rebound, but if they have been together 10 months then, its passed the rebound stage by now. It does not meant that it won’t end in the future, it just means that they are in more of a relationship than what a rebound would be by now. There is the being there method if you wanted to try to get him back, but personally I would start dating and making it clear through mutual friends and your social media that you have started dating. He does not want to be alone… then he is going to have to work hard to get you back

  7. Avatar


    January 2, 2020 at 3:42 pm


    My ex and I were together for 9 months. My ex cheated on me with a girl he’s been friends with for 3 years. He cheated on me about 2 or 3 weeks before we broke up. They started seeing each other about 2 weeks after we broke up / a week after we were still hanging out. The reason he gave me for the break up was that he needed to be alone to mature and grow. It later turned out that he left me for her.

    I tried no contact and 5 days into no contact he showed up at my house saying he made a huge mistake and that he loves me and that she’s toxic and we had the most amazing relationship and he can’t believe what he’s done etc. he said he’s made the decision to stay away from her and he was going to stay strong in this decision. He said he hoped we could at least be friends in the future.

    2 days later he was seen out partying with her and kissing her.

    Even though she’s been in his life he still wants to see me and speak to me and says that his feelings for me hasn’t changed. He says he thinks we’re actually meant to be together but he can’t forgive himself for what he’s done to me.

    I’ve started no contact again and I’m currently on day 3. He’s still texting me but I’m not responding. He’s also currently going through a very weird phase of partying and drinking excessively and when he feels bad about it all he’s been turning to me.

    Do you think this new relationship will last? I’m inclined to thinks so because they’ve been close friends for 3 years and I think he’s always liked the idea of her (even though according to him she hasn’t lived up to this idea and he apparently regrets it all).

    I’m not sure what to do, other than focus on myself and not have any contact with him.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      January 3, 2020 at 6:21 am

      Hi Nicki I doubt that it will last if their connection is based on drinking and partying and they have been friends for 3 years… yet didnt get together before. Meaning that he as created an image of what things would be like with her, shes not met that imaginary bar that he set for her. So now he regrets losing you. So, you need to focus on you and show the world how much better you are than she is. Living your life and doing great things, but also showing this on social media and letting him see that he chose the wrong girl. Stick to your no contact for the time being and do not reply to him before 30 days are over and then you reply, have very little time for him. Let him chase you and let him worry that he is going to lose you to someone better than how he has been lately

  8. Avatar

    P ellis

    November 21, 2019 at 8:43 am

    We had two years of loving relationship though it was long distance we made it a Point to travel to see each other it was a Perfect relationship last December he dropped me off at the airport I was coming back to my home country we had a fight in the car.He apologized and I left for my Journey somewhere deep down I felt I would never see him again. Beginning of January 2019 he met a Tarot reader who read his cards and told him this relationship holds no potential and it will not survive has lots of ups and downs. My Ex went missing the whole of weekend his phone was switched off I had my doubts his calls became fewer and also messages after 3 months he did a video call and told me he loves me and that he was in a casual relationship with the same tarot card reader.I forgave him gave him a second chance.In October I was suppose to travel to see him and stay with him for three months before my travel he was All Excited and Eager to see me just before my travel we had an argument over that Female he admitted he cannot choose between us and that he loves us Both I asked him to make a choice he agreed and told me he loves me not her after 5 days he went missing over the weekend and messaged me that he cannot be faithful and that I am a nice Nice woman and I need to move on.It broke my heart to make it worse 10 days later he posted it on social media that he is engaged to that woman and also the woman announce iron social media I am devastated and heartbroken dont wish them Bad but how on Earth can a person do something like that

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 24, 2019 at 6:01 pm

      Hi P Ellis, I am really sorry that you went through that. It is very hurtful. You will be fine just make sure you do the work to heal from what youve been through

  9. Avatar

    Abby Morris

    November 19, 2019 at 9:07 pm

    So myself and my husband split in early July this year! We were together 13 yrs! 5 yrs of them married. High school sweetheart, my first love and my only love together we had 4 children. However just before we got married he cheated on me but I forgave him and continued with the wedding stating that everyone deserves a second chance we went onto marry an 5 years down the line I think he did it again altough he denies this! So we argued a lot and mainly over petty silly little things nothing major and then one day I just turned round and said I don’t want to do this anymore and said it was over between us (I had said this many times before during an argument and he stayed so didn’t expect his reaction) he said OK fine and he left! Within a month he was with a new girlfriend someone who he works with but she is polar opposite to me and what he said was ever his type of girl! They have been officially together nearly 2 months now and I fear it’s the real deal but hope it’s a rebound as I want him back I miss him, us, everything even the arguments because that was just us!
    However I have tried the NC but failed within days and last week he came to a hospital appointment with our son and afterward he took me for coffee, then lunch and then back to his flat and we chatted and I really saw the old him come back for a short while but the next day he was splashing his new girlfriend all over social media she commenting she loves his so much (how can you love someone that quickly) and it just broke me to think he can act all nice as pie to my face but actually he is happy in this new relationship my response was to say some nasty things about his new girlfriend as I feel she is the homewreaker here as she tried to pursue him at his works Christmas party last year and knew he was married, with kids etc yet she just didn’t stay away! (again he denies this) I know he is just as much to blame for being weak but I can’t help but forgive him but I will never ever forgive her! So last week when I said some nasty things about her he became nasty towards me and we’ve not spoken since so I have re-entered NC and am currently on day 4! (it’s a killer) I guess what I am trying to ask is – have I messed everything up now or can I still make him see that we are meant to be?!

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 19, 2019 at 10:07 pm

      Hey Abby, so you are able to do the process and you are able to complete a limited NC ( where you would only speak about your son and shared responsibilities )

      You need to do some work on the being there method and the Ungettable girl work. But you also need to start learning how to deal with the fact that he is with her and she is not relevant to you. The more you argue or get angry about her and what happened the more you are going to push them together as he is going to be focused on the arguments rather than how great you are and miss the family life. 30 days to change some things in your life that you want to better, and take a break from speaking with him about anything. They do say to go 45 days if the relationship is new but I am assuming they have been together for some time now based on your break up being in July

  10. Avatar


    November 18, 2019 at 7:28 am

    Good Day

    My ex boyfriend left after 3 years as he developed GIS and wanted to make sure I was the one. About 3 weeks after we broke up he started hooking up with this girl who is everything I’m not. He cannot stay away from me, he gets upset if I even talk to another boy. He tells me he still loves me but wants to see where this relationship is going with this other girl. They have moved way too quickly, he has not brought her mom as he knows his family do not like her. So they hook up at varsity and by the sounds and looks of it, it’s just lust, no true feelings. This girl is horrible and has no friends. They have been fighting nearly everyday and I still don’t understand why he keeps going back, 2 days ago he told me he made a mistake breaking up with me, invited me to his house to see his parents and then this next day, he seems fine with this other girl. He worries more about me then her. He is very easily manipulated at this stage. I really do love him so much and I’m not sure what to do ..? Please help

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 23, 2019 at 12:31 pm

      Hi Han, so the fact he is hooking up with this girl but is worried about you moving on with a new guy… he is keeping you available to him. It is mind games so that when the inevitable happens and they finish finally you are there waiting for him. I suggest you start dating guys and making sure it is known. Now I am not telling you to go out and sleep with guys. Just go on casual dates. But you let him work up his own mental thoughts on what you are doing. This will force him to make a decision to commit to you and leave her. Or stay with the new girl, who by the sounds of it is going to be a toxic relationship until one of them walks away for good.

  11. Avatar


    November 17, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    So my ex and I went to highschool together but never mingled in school but we had mutual friends that hooked us up about 5 years after graduating. were together for almost 8 years we were engaged after about 6 months, we have a child together and I also had a son before we got together who he took on as his own. Our relationship started great for the first year, but eventually it became filled with addiction, him incarcerated more than he was home, and him cheating which made it difficult to trust him creating a lot of fighting and problems and 5 years later leading me into addiction as well. I had my life together never in trouble in my life a single mom working through college, my own place, a car, good credit, associates degree in accounting, was approved for my first mortgage on my own when we got together and now I’m left with being jobless, thousands of dollars in debt, 2 felonies that make employment for a single mother of two damn near impossible to find, and a year and a half sober from opiates after going to a 3 month extensive rehab. He got out of his 5th rehab in July and after a few weeks of being home FINALLY made the decision to take sobriety serious, but also told me he was done with our relationship, things were just too messy and we’d never be able to get it right both being addicts now. I took it as him needing space to work on himself but within 2 weeks our daughter was coming home from his house mentioning a new girl and her 3 kids always being around and of course I assumed the worst and was right, he told me they were taking it slow and I’m pretty sure they met at a 12 step meeting, so she is also an addict. It has been 4 months now and a few weeks ago they decided to post on FB they’re in a relationship. I have made it clear to him that I do not want our child around who he’s dating until it is really serious. As for me though of course I’m sitting here wondering why and how I spent 8 years trying to stick by his side through court cases, jail, prison, and addiction leading to my own addiction, making sure his daughter, finances, and everything else was always taken care of for when he got home, and then he finally decided to clean his life up and give it to some other stranger leaving me, our daughter, and my son confused and devastated. I can not grasp how he can put us through so much hell and then leave me to clean the mess up alone. I’m on the fence about wanting to work things out, my irrational side wants to beg and plead because he’s all I’ve known for years, and it’s just so much history and trials we managed to work through to throw away when I always believed he was an amazing person battling serious demons, but the other side is that maybe were better off and my friends and family are right that hes a narcissist and I need to stay away. I hate playing games with all this no contact bs and dangling the sex carrot but it seems that is what humanity and society has degraded to. Screw the vows for better or worse in sickness and health… I’m obviously a little old fashioned and a hopeless romantic, or maybe just a codependant, abandonment issue filled mess. But either way no matter what I Google or who I talk to there’s no answers for my situation and it breaks me heart when my 6 year old daughter is crying to me asking why mommy and daddy aren’t together and I have no answer for her except I tried and I don’t understand either. He’s stayed clean the longest I’ve seen as far as I know, he’s kept his job and he helps me with paying our phone bill that is still in my name and giving me $50 a week to help with our daughter. I want to see what being with the sober side of him is like again because it has been so long that I feel like that person I knew has died and he’s the one who murdered him. So obviously a lot of resentment and I barely have money to pay my mortgage and such let alone pay for a relationship guide but my life has felt very incomplete and empty like a part of my soul is missing since we’ve been apart, it’s near impossible to have no contact when we have a child together. And this new girl has taken my anxiety to a new level, I keep saying it’s a rebound but I’m terrified it’s not. Idk wth to do. Please help.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 23, 2019 at 1:13 pm

      Hey Nicole, so you need to complete a full Limited no contact where you only speak of the child and shared responsibilities, and no small talk or emotional conversations. During which time you need to do some work on being the Ungettable girl. You are doing so many things to be strong and independent so well done you for handling this with two children to take care of too.

      As for when your child asks you why you and daddy are not together, remember she is only six and her mind is innocent so tell her, you and daddy are still friends but live in different houses because thats what her mind cares about. Mammy and Daddy are FRIENDS.

      The other woman, you need to train your mind to be indifferent to her being around, you know you are a good woman and have worked hard to get to where you are. But the fact your relationship and lives broke down as much as they did, sometimes you need to take a step back and ask yourself, even though you invested years into him. Are you compatible and can you be sober and happy together. Does it work? If yes then follow the program and stick with it, but sometimes we love people who are not good for us as we grow older.

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    November 16, 2019 at 2:59 am

    I tried posting from my phone to one of the other blogs, and I didn’t see it, so I wanted to try via my computer on this one.

    I’m highly confused with my situation. I guess almost 7 weeks now, I broke up with my boyfriend. We’d been having issues, mainly me being self absorbed and demanding. I was off balance, and didn’t realize it until a few weeks ago. However, a week or two after the split I wanted to get back together. We had only talked once about our breakup, and it wasn’t really a solidified breakup discussion. We had managed some decent conversations over those weeks, but every time he was supposed to come over he couldn’t. Last Friday was the first time since we talked about the breakup that I got to hear his voice, he asked to call me from a conference he was at in Orlando. We had been making small talk about things going on in our lives, and he wanted to swap to a call. I felt confident that maybe I could get him back for sure now. That Sunday, things got bad. I had been at the gym and when I got home my Alexa was sending letting me know I had a notification. I asked for the messages, was told there were two FOR him from this girl I knew he worked with, she had been helping him on his project for several months now. The first message wasn’t the bad one, the second was “I love you so much”. Oh was I steamed, but I tried to be calm, text him his notifications and go no response. I was crushed, like most of us would get. The next day I told him via text that since he is now seeing someone else, he should likely come get his stuff from my place. No reply, I will add his job is demanding, but I was still annoyed. Later that day, he finally responds and I got him to confirm they were together and he said it was recent. I told him that hurt me since we hadn’t solidified our breakup and that I had been wanting to talk to him for weeks now about getting back together. He told me to hold on 5 mins, and then he called, said he didn’t have long but that he wanted to discuss this further and that he felt I was fully done and we couldn’t reconcile. He had to go back to work, and it took two more days before he could call me. Yes, I blew the F* up out of his phone, which I don’t ever do. I’m officially the crazy texting lady, that’s how bad this guy has me. My daughter’s dad didn’t even spark that type of behavior. During our conversation, he informed me that he loves me still, and that he spent 3 weeks straight crying and hurting over the loss of me and the breakup. He got the vibe from our ONE conversation that it was completely over and that we couldn’t reconcile. He mentioned he still thinks of me a lot, and still cries over losing me. He started seeing her sometime after that 3rd week, and that she reminds him a lot about me. He said he wished he had done things way differently, because if he had known he would have worked it out with me, but that he felt inclined to stay with her since he had pursued it to begin with. He’s always been the kind to start something and follow through to the end of it, so I understood where he was coming from. I told him that if it didn’t work out, I’d be here.. maybe, that if I was single I’d love to get together and see if we can rekindle things. He said he understood that. I told him it really hurt and annoyed me though that he could tell someone else he loved them but that he was still majorly hurting over me. He had told me he actually hadn’t responded to her statement, and didn’t know if he could even say those words yet. I did ask if he thought he was in a rebound relationship, and he said he likely could be. The man hasn’t dated much, I was his first girlfriend after his ex-wife and they were married 15 years. By the end of the conversation, he had gone from “I’m going to stay with her” too “I clearly have a lot of thinking to do over the next several days.” I have a lot of hope I can get him back, but deep down I fear he won’t come back. The two of them work together, but she no longer helps support his team. Meanwhile, when we discussed the renewal on our apartment he said he’d like to stay on the lease, which will last for another year. All this happened three days ago, I didn’t look into you all until yesterday or the night before when I had sent him an image from my team building event where we went axe throwing. It had been something we always considered doing, and I had wanted him to know he needed to put it on his list. He responded the next morning before work, and said he would then asked how I was. We made some small talk, where I suggested maybe I be the one to take him, even if I was just a friend, and he was happy about that. To a brief discussion around a career goal I’ve been needing to achieve, and how he wants me to because it will make me one of the rarest and most marketable personnel in our area – maybe more. He hadn’t been that encouraging in a while, and my heart sank. I found you all that next day, and bought the book, I’ve listened to almost all the audio and I stared my no contact, which I chose 30 days seeing as how he’s kind of in a relationship. I had bought him a gift for his birthday, which would be on day 18 and I canceled it, despite the fact I figured that would be an okay day to start contact. My concern is, should I wait a little longer due to the relationship? The respectful person in me wants to say yes, but I wouldn’t know when would be a good time. They have been officially dating now for a month, and I think the incident and our talk put a damper already in the relationship that could start causing issues, that could eventually help push this my way. Am I over analyzing, over thinking things? Over feeling things? I’ve never chased a man after a break up, I’ve always been the woman to go “Peace dude” no matter what. This is all new and I feel so lost, despite taking notes from the book, and already trying to plan out my conversations with him for our 30 day contact day. Am I doing this right? And am I the only one who thinks there really is a strong chance we will be back together hopefully soonish?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 18, 2019 at 9:17 pm

      Hey so there are a few things, dont think of this process as a race. If you rush it you will fail. You need to complete 30 days NC and work on your ways during that time. So if you were self absorbed then show how you can be selfless. Posting these things to social media. So you need to think of these stages as approx 30 days each. So you are going to have to work your way up his value chain to get him to want to be around you again

  13. Avatar


    November 15, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    Thank you a lot Shaunna, I’ll try my best.

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    November 14, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    About 5 months ago We broke up mutually after 7 years of dating cos I flirted on phone with another guy  in front of him and he couldn’t take it since I had cheated on him twice. Three days later he told me he was currently going out with a lady friend  I had told him that she made me feel scared of losing him to her. This lady stays in the same community with me and I had once mentioned to him to never go out with her in case things ended between us. I did all the mistakes of crying, begging and all. However, he is still protective and possessive over me and still cares for me by providing me, my brother and 2 of my friends  with  jobs and assisting with my T&T and feeding to work to I receive my salary. He is always saying am the only one he yearns  for and love but can’t break up with the new girl because of the consequences since he asked the girl out and can’t be a bad person. He still makes me do things for him because he says am the only one he can trust. He normally blocks me when he is meeting the girl and unblock when he is back. One time my friend sent me screenshots of his status updates of him and the girl which really hurt me. There is this problem of my parents not liking him and to extent of warning him to stay away from me several times so we had to date secretly. Am working on my parents so they accept  him. I started limited contact but when he notices he says am trying to get rid of him.   What do I do.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 15, 2019 at 12:12 am

      Hi Sasha, so the fact he blocks you and unblocks you when around the new girl is a sign that YOU are now the “other woman” and she sees you as a threat. But him telling you that you are trying to get rid of him. Is him manipulating you to answer him. You need to complete a full NC where you do not speak with him at all for 30 days and if you work together then you do your job, but do not do him any favours or help him out in anyway that is outside of your job description. You need to work on becoming Ungettable so that you are NOT sat around waiting for him to now be with the new girl so he can get the attention he wants from you. You may have cheated but you do not deserve to be a back up plan either. Read the program and follow it if oyu want this guy back then you also need to learn to be honest with him and not cheat or flirt with other guys when you are in a relationship with someone else

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    November 14, 2019 at 12:14 pm

    Thank you Shaunna.
    Well, he’s s not my ex,, we were mutual crushes, friends… He trusted me a lot and we was super attracted to me. So I need to be the best UG possible to beat his obsession with the new girl but she’s in the same city, lots of things in common (me too but still)… It seems impossible. But I need to try, I love him and I’ve been builing this step by step (he is moving on a very bad broken heart, with depression) for months and months, can’t stand losing it now.
    So I’ll go with small NC (No starting until he texts first or maybe during two weeks; I have to tell something then for a circumstance, but I’ll be neutral, not a bit of my usual warm and nice way) while I try to be the best UG possible, even if it seems impossible.
    Is that a right plan?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 14, 2019 at 11:37 pm

      Yes you need to be the “perfect woman” essentially to him. To make him notice you and value you more over the other women around him who may be getting his attention in particular this one you spoke of the other day. I know he isn’t your ex, I apologise, its a force of habit in this role 😉

  16. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

    EBR Team Member: Shaunna

    November 13, 2019 at 11:37 pm

    Hey Olivia, so you need to read up about the Ungettable Girl situation, looking at your health ( not just appearance mentally too) Wealth ( work life, possible promotions, any debts you could clear) and then relationships (with family and friends) then you giving you completed your NC successfully, you can start the texting phase you need to keep it about your exes interests and short and positive. Building up the number of texts you send every few days based on him giving a neutral / positive response

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    November 13, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    It’s been 4.5 years since we were together. In the beginning 2 years he was quite occupied with his college & friends due to that he didnt give much attention to me and met me only twice or thrice in a month even though we stayed in the distance of 20 mins. After 2 years he realised and vented it all out to me to fix things and he started paying more attention to me and everything and it was getting better and we were doing great. Last year in august he left for pursuing his masters and went to canada and since then we got into LDR. It was difficult for him to take in living alone, doing things and stuff and he did not wanted to come back to India because then he wouldnt be able to go back as he has everyone here but as it was his sisters wedding he had to come so he came. While he was here, he ended up cheating on me, he ended up kissing someone else. It was too difficult for him to speak it up to me but he vented it out to me the next day itself. It was a rough phase. He did not wanted to go back but I made him understand why he had to go as he had to pursue his career and everything so he went. He assured me he wants nobody else except me, he was devastated because of what happened back then and it was difficult for me to take it in. He has always been a less speaking person and recently our communication had reduced because we both were occupied in our own things and stuff and we were normal. We had a silly arguement in the last week of august and I decided to not talk to him for a while so we didnt talk for 5 days. We always greeted each other with a hi on the call after any arguement or anything we had. We have barely fought throughout our relationship never had a break up. Later that night he texted me saying he has things to talk over which he never thought he would, he spoke to me about it stating its difficult for him to live there all alone, he stated he has lost interested in everything and enjoys nothing he isnt happy, being depressed and everything and one of the major reasons is that he is talking to other people and he is getting attracted to people and distracted as well and he cant take the distance and cant live in the guilt by commiting any mistake again and hence he said its better to part ways. He firstly said he doesnt wants to lose me forever and wants to marry me but then after breaking up he said not to keep any false hopes because he got free. He said he wants to stay single and does not wants to commit at the moment. I begged and pleaded him stating we will make things work and everything but he said he cant take the distance. After a month of begging I asked him to talk to me over call and he said why are you crying I am alive you should move on, he also stated he likes someone there. I decided a week back to take up the no contact rule and did not speak to him by any means but yesterday things just clicked into my head i asked him did you abandon me because you like someone there and he said no its because of the distance and then we cut the call. It was eating my head and hence I had to speak to him because I could see his snapchat score increasing like anything and constantly seeing him online and everything was getting over my head because all he is trying to do is move on also because he likes someone there and hence I had to speak to him. I told him about what I am going through. He started the conversation with what’s up how are you and I said I am not doing fine then I asked him again that why are you doing this and everything he constantly said the same thing that you’re not ready to understand that I don’t want this relationship or anything at this point of time in my life. I have 100 things to do here. I don’t have time for anything. No time to cook either
    College work and assignments This is how his day passes by. I told him I can see you online and snap chatting. He said I can’t turn off messenger
    And snap I don’t have friends? I can do Whatever I want, it’s my life. I told him you like someone there he said I don’t get the time to talk to her also or any as such.
    He told me constantly that you’re trying to piss me off again and again by repeating the same things again and again. He said I am not in the state to be in a relationship. I don’t know for now, don’t know about the future as well. I don’t know how long it is gonna take for me. Months or years I don’t know about my present. I can’t talk about future. He is not coming back to India. I told him what if I come there He said I don’t know We’ll see
    I don’t know anything he said simply. I told him about the suicidal thoughts that I am having and everything and he said you’ll get through We all get through. I told him about him treating me like a trash. He said I don’t want anything and anyone at this point of time. He doesn’t wants to be in any relationship because he has to make his career and so much more. He said we are too young to take any decisions at this point of time. After that we cut the call then he texted me after a while. And then he wished me Happy Diwali as we are Indians and it is a new year for us. And then replies from his side turned into one word again and then he has not replied me after that. He texted me lastly that he doesn’t wants to be in a long distance any more because it’s not keeping him happy and hence he has decided to be selfish. He is putting all his efforts for her and to be with her. He said he likes someone there and concluded stating that I just fell for the wrong guy. Since then I have not responded to him and it’s been 2 weeks now since I’ve not contacted him. Now He is seeing someone else and it is eating me totally. And I feel terrible for not acknowledging him enough and no understanding what he must be going through all alone there. It just makes me feel terrible at this moment and I really love him. It breaks my heart seeing him with someone else. Please help.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 14, 2019 at 12:01 am

      Hi Rahuni, so you want to get your ex back, your best chance is by following the program and sticking with it. Read the materials given on this website that apply to your break up and relationship so that you can get all the information needed for you to complete this successfully.

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    November 12, 2019 at 7:28 pm

    The guy I’m interested in (not ex, just mutual crush but…long distance right now) just got super infatuated with another girl. I don’t know if something happened (they just met and for professional reasons but still), but I think he is into her. He tends to idealize people (he has a realy badly broken heart for that, he was still recovering) and I think that thatt is happening. What can I do?
    Should I go NC or that would make him forget me even more? I’m very active in social media, being there like an UG won’t work, and I don’t really know how to steal her shine (he admires her, she is in the same city…I’m in a bad position).
    As I said, this just happened, they just met and probably nothing happened YET but I think he may got an instant crush with her. I need to act now.

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 12, 2019 at 8:46 pm

      Hi Olivia so you do need to do the being there method essentially as you are going to be the “other woman” he is going to compare you to her. Doing things that make you Ungettable 100% is going to help your position as this is going to cultivate the image in his mind that you are the perfect woman for him not the new girl. He does not know her as of yet, they have just met. So her personality and interests may not match his desires. Give it some time his idealisations will lessen in time

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    Amy Bean

    November 11, 2019 at 1:48 am

    My boyfriend of a year broke up with me about 5 weeks ago and has been dating his high school sweetheart for about 3 weeks.. the only reason my ex gave for our split was he wasn’t sure of what he wanted. My ex says he loves me and prob always will but he’s happy now. He says that I was probably the best girl for me him.. my heart is completely broken.. I’ve tried no contact but only made it 10 days so I’m attempting again.. he even still has my contact in his phone as his girl!!!!! He told me if he didn’t care he wouldn’t answer.. all my friends say move on but I can’t.. he has my whole heart. Please help

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 12, 2019 at 9:07 pm

      Hi Amy,as he has moved on you need to do a NC of 45 days minimum and work on yourself in that time, read about the being there method and read about the Ungettable girl too. I would not listen to his words right now, you need to focus on his actions. “Actions speak louder than words” And you need to keep this in mind too. The being there method is something that takes strength so make sure you focus on that section to give yourself your best shot

  20. Avatar


    November 8, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    My ex of 2 years (we split nearly 2 years ago), is seeing someone who was my best friend. They’ve been together for around 3 or 4 months (I’m not really sure). We all work together and it is very uncomfortable for me. Only one person has mentioned them around me as she is unaware of our history and she told me that she was telling her all about her boyfriend, and he told her she got very drunk and kept shouting ‘You can’t control me’ at him (he isn’t a controlling person, so that’s strange). He also returned all of my stuff this week that had been left at his house, but he left it at my desk as we no longer.
    I know it’s been a long time since we split, but he was so important to me and I always thought he just needed some time to deal with things. He remained my best friend for a long time after the split but he has changed a lot in the last few months.
    Am I stupid to believe that despite the time, they might not last?

    1. EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      EBR Team Member: Shaunna

      November 8, 2019 at 10:34 pm

      It sounds like they as a couple may not be happy anymore. But for now you need to work on yourself so you show that you are better than your old friend. You are going to do the work to make you the Ungettable girl. You can read about all of this on the website and get the right information on how to do the being there method too. IF you want him back then you are going to have to reach out to him at some point as a friend, if they are having problems I would suggest doing it in 21 days after he returned your stuff.