By Chris Seiter

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of women asking a variation of the same question,

Chris what the heck do I do if things seem to be going great when I am texting my ex but then he just stops responding?

The truth is that I was actually asked this on a Facebook Live I did within the Private Facebook Group yesterday and I kind of drew a blank.

I hate it when that happens because there are like 25 women on watching and dissecting my every move.

And all I could come up with was a measly,

Be more interesting

So, last night and the better part of this morning it just stuck with me and I knew I had to do better.

That’s when I got a voicemail from a woman named Melody.

As it turns out melody asked the same exact question.

Chris, what do I do if my ex is unresponsive?

And so I answered and I feel pretty good about my answer.

Check it out!

What I Talk About In This Episode

  • Long distance relationships
  • How my experience with them impacted me
  • A funny story about my past
  • Why an ex really becomes unresponsive
  • What to do if he becomes unresponsive
  • How to avoid it from happening again to you

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