By Chris Seiter

Published on May 2nd, 2023

After analyzing hundreds of our success stories here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery, I have an answer to whether long-term relationships get back together.

But first, we tackle the age-old question of defining a “long-term relationship?”

According to this law dictionary,

A long-term relationship is a romantic connection between two people that lasts two or more years.

And if the law says it, well, then that’s good enough for me.

So, people who go through a breakup following a long-term relationship can get back together. In fact, by the end of this article, I will show you why that might be an advantage.

Overall, here’s a breakdown of what we’ll be covering.

  • How Likely Is It That a Long-Term Relationship Can Get Back Together After a Breakup?
  • A List of Real Long-Term Relationships That Got Back Together.
  • Long-Term Relationships Get Back Together After a Breakup When the Following Things Are Present.

Let’s begin!

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How Likely Is It That a Long-Term Relationship Can Get Back Together After a Breakup?

The most common questions that we typically see here on Ex Boyfriend Recovery about long-term relationship breakups are:

  • Is it possible to get back together?
  • Are there any percentages I can rely on?
  • Do we even have a chance?

Once again, I repeat that long-term relationships can get back together.

Chris Seiter, a relationship expert and founder of Ex-Boyfriend Recovery, had this to say when I asked him directly,

Long-term relationships have a higher chance of reconciliation than short-term relationships. For proof of that, one needs to look at how much more of a struggle it is to get over a long-term relationship breakup or divorce. Investment of time matters.”

That is quite a statement.

When exes invest time and effort in profoundly understanding and creating memories with each other throughout the relationship, they’ll form a bond of familiarity and comfort, which can make them more open and willing to forgive in the post-break-up period.

Let’s Take A Look At What Statistics Say Now

And we should start with one of Chris’ podcast episodes, where he points out the chances of success in getting back together based on statistics.

  • In a We-TV poll, 41% of the 2,000 people who answered admitted that they tried to get back with their ex.
  • Moreover, in a Journal of Adolescent Research study, 57% admitted that they tried to have sex with their ex, and 50% attempted to rekindle their broken relationship.
  • And if you’re wondering if you’ll succeed, Rene Dailey, Ph.D., researched college breakups at the University of Texas. She found that 65% of them got back together at one point.
  • On the other hand, Ex-Boyfriend Recovery Research states that in 2018, 7 out of 10 of Co-Founders Chris and Jennifer Seiter’s clients successfully rekindled. So, if you want to know more about it, visit this website.

Need more to convince you? Let’s check out some real-life samples.

Real-Life Stories: Long-Term Relationships That Got Back Together

This is my favorite part!

As I stated in the introduction of this article, I spent a few hours reading the success stories.

I hand-picked five LONG TERM relationships that ended up getting back together after a breakup.

Let’s begin!

Kelsey (2.5-Year Breakup)

Listen To The Full Interview Here:

Kelsey and her ex-boyfriend were together for a solid 2 and a half years.

That’s a long time to invest your heart and soul into a relationship, right?

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But unfortunately, the guy broke up with her, saying he “didn’t see a future with her.”

Kelsey was devastated, but she stumbled upon the ex-boyfriend’s recovery program one day.

Here’s the thing, Kelsey found it hard to keep up with the no-contact rule because she saw her ex almost once a week!

Her ex was giving her mixed signals to make things even more complicated.

He would contact her one minute, and the next day, he would avoid her. Talk about being hot and cold!

But something interesting happened when they started hanging out more. Three and a half months after their Breakup, they went on a romantic getaway on an island trip together.

And guess what?

They got back together after that!

Sarah Michelle (2.5-Year Breakup)

The story of Sarah Michelle and her ex is quite the rollercoaster ride.

After being together for two and a half years, including an engagement, they sadly broke up, and things didn’t end well.

He said those hurtful words that no woman ever wants to hear, ‘We are never getting back together.’

That’s when Sarah Michelle discovered the Ex Boyfriend Recovery Program and said the ‘no-contact’ rule was the best thing that happened to her. It triggered her ex to show up at her doorstep when she followed it to beg for her back.

Heather (2-Year Breakup)

So, the next one is Heather, and she and her boyfriend had been together for two years when he suddenly dropped a bombshell on her.

He told her that he didn’t see their relationship working out while she was driving.

Good thing she pulled over safely.

The reason was that he felt pressure from his family. She described her ex as a fearful-avoidant because they had a push-and-pull breakup relationship. She’s got a lot of patience. In the ex-boyfriend recovery program, others typically find the no-contact rule the most challenging tactic to get through, but to her, the texting phase was the hardest.

They got back together eventually, even if it took them some time.

They are still doing well. Here’s an exact quote Heather said on the podcast,

“I’m so excited that I got to the point where I can do a podcast and talk about this. We’re both very happy now. I do owe it to the program.”

Jenny (3-Year Breakup)

Next up, Jenny and her ex were together for 3 years; they even lived together for a while, but eventually, he moved out. And one month after, when they were conversing, he said, “he can’t do this anymore.” Three days after crying over the heartbreak, she discovered the ex-recovery program.

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Following the rules, she posted positive things on TikTok to inspire herself and others. She later discovered that her ex was among those watching her TikTok videos.

She didn’t even complete the no-contact rule because her ex showed up on her porch at 10 o’clock in the night and made a drive-by proposal, as Chris Seiter described in the interview.

The Breakup taught Jenny not to give up.

Becca (4-Year Breakup)

And here’s our last story, Becca and her ex-boyfriend were together for 3 years (almost 4 years) before the Breakup.

They broke up because she believed he was stressed with his job and couldn’t take the long-distance relationship. He said the patented, “I love you, but I’m not in love with you anymore.”

She also said that the no-contact rule was the best thing she did in her post-breakup.

She deleted Snapchat, their primary communication, and focused more on herself. Fast forward a few months. They went on a trip with his family, and then, just after that trip, he confessed that he wanted her back and was 120% sure SHE WAS THE ONE.

She admitted that the Breakup was good for them as they got the chance to be together again.

Long-Term Relationship Gets Back Together After a Breakup When the Following Things are Present

Breakups can be painful, but sometimes they can lead to reconciliation and a stronger relationship than before.

If you’re considering getting back together with an ex, there are several things to consider.

According to our founder Chris Seiter, four key factors must be present for a long-term relationship to successfully rekindle after a breakup. These include:

  1. implementing a No Contact (NC) rule
  2. moving on from the past
  3. curbing anxious tendencies
  4. and having a framework to guide your actions.

Let’s talk about each of these things a little bit

Followed NC Rule

The No Contact (NC) rule can help both parties to gain perspective and clarity after a breakup.

It involves avoiding all communication with your ex-partner for some time, usually 21 to 45 days.

It can help both parties heal emotionally and process their feelings, which can lead to a more positive outcome if they decide to get back together.

And reading the stories above, NC was a success factor in getting your ex back because when you focus more on self-growth, the glow and happiness you feel can make him realize he wants you back.

You personally moved on.

If this is present in your life, chances are your ex doesn’t want to see you with someone else, especially if you were together for a long time.

And in the ex-boyfriend recovery program, it was proven that it can work for an avoidant ex,

What Are Your Chances of Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back?

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Let’s take Sarah Michelle’s’ story above as an example. It wasn’t until she had gotten over her and started dating new people that he finally “came back.”

Moving on can help you become more confident and self-assured, making you more ‘Ungettable’ to your ex if you do.

You worked to curb your anxious tendencies.

If you want him back, working on curbing the anxious tendencies that may have contributed to the Breakup is a good step.

This can be challenging, especially when constantly checking your ex’s social media profiles. This behavior, commonly known as “stalking,” can harm your emotional well-being and hinder your ability to move on.

One way to break this pattern is by seeking support from a therapist or counselor to address any underlying issues fueling the behavior. Additionally, practicing mindfulness and self-care and learning healthy communication and conflict-resolution skills can help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform into a more confident and self-assured person and pave the way for healthier relationships in the future.

You are following some post-breakup framework.

If you are following a post-breakup framework, such as our value ladder concept, that can help give you a framework for success.

You want some framework because it involves setting clear goals and boundaries, focuses on self-improvement, and helps you take things slow and steady when reconnecting with your ex.


In conclusion, long-term relationships CAN get back together after a breakup.

In fact, long-term relationships have a higher chance of reconciliation than short-term relationships, according to relationship expert Chris Seiter.

  • This is because of the investment of time and effort put into the relationship, creating a bond of familiarity and comfort.
  • Several studies and statistics, including a We-TV poll and a Journal of Adolescent Research study, support the possibility of reconciliation after a breakup.
  • Moreover, real-life success stories, like Kelsey’s, Sarah Michelle’s, Heather’s, Janelle’s, and Aline’s, provide hope for reconciliation.

Thus, couples who have long-term relationships can rekindle their romance with the right mindset, effort, and techniques.

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