By Chris Seiter

One of my all time favorite interviews was with Buffy,


Actually, when I refrence the interview with Buffy I am talking about a girl who is widely known in our Facebook Support Group, Sarah Michelle Stevens!

You see, Sarah Michelle ended up getting her ex boyfriend back after he told her all sorts of ridiculous things like,

I don’t love you anymore…

We aren’t meant to be…


You get the picture.

Here is the original interview in case you are interested: Watch The Original Interview Here

Well, a few weeks ago I recently conducted a follow up interview with Sarah Michelle to see how she was doing and most importantly, if she was still with the ex boyfriend that she fought so hard to get back.

What ensued afterwards was one of the best interviews I have ever conducted.

Let me just put it this way, I think this woman is the true “ex whisperer.”

Watch The Interview

What We Talk About In The Interview

  • We catch up on Buffys situation
  • What to do when your ex boyfriend breaks up with you again
  • How to use jealousy effectively
  • How to handle an ex who is begging for you back

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