What To Wear On A Date With Your Ex Boyfriend (Video)

As a professional relationship consultant there is only so much that I can bring to the table.

I know my strengths (teaching you about what goes on inside the mind of a man) and I know my weaknesses (what to wear on a date.)

But one of the amazing things about Ex Boyfriend Recovery now is that it’s grown so big that I can bring people in that shore up my weaknesses.

The End Result = Better Advice For You!

I’d like you to meet my wife, Jennifer who is going to be spending the day teaching you exactly what you should wear on a date with your ex boyfriend,

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us at Ex Boyfriend Recovery. Today, I’m going to show you how to dress for you ex.

So, I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Jennifer Seiter. I’m Chris’ wife and he’s asked me to do some videos for you and I’m really excited to spend the day with you, to talk to you about what to wear. Today, we’re going to be talking about what to wear and what colors to wear specifically.

So, the colors that I’m going to be recommending that you wear on your first date are Red, Blue, or Black and I’m going to break down each one and tell you the reasons behind that. So, you may be wondering why I picked those three colors. They’re actually going to drive the emotions you want to see from your ex. Here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery, we recommend that you wear Red the most. Now, you’re maybe wondering why. Red, represents passion and that’s what you want him to feel on that first date. I’ve done research on how the color Red affects people and in the Olympics, judges awarded more points to the teams that were wearing Red. Now, if you thought that was big deal. Listen to this. Waitresses in France wear red lipstick or red clothing because they receive the biggest tips that way, as much as 20%.

Okay, I’m going to give you a huge tip. When you’re wearing this color Red, it’s going to drive him crazy and he’s going to want you but don’t sleep with him. Whatever you do, do not sleep with him because you’re going to get stuck in that friends with benefits zone and you won’t be able to get out of it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but, we’ve been watching the debates lately.  A lot of the politicians are either wearing Red or Blue. So, the Red is all about power. It’s all powerful. The Blue on the other hand is to help to get people to trust, to trust and the security of it. So, that will bring us to our next topic, Blue.

So, if your relationship ended in cheating, if you cheated on your ex and you’re trying to get  him back , we recommend that you wear the color Blue. It’s going to help bring out that trust in him subconsciously. He’s not even going to know it but he’s going to trust you just a little bit more. I mean I can’t guarantee that he’s going to trust you a hundred percent but like I said the politicians, they wear Blue to get people to trust them and it works. I mean you just take a look at this example. I mean we have Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush wearing Blue, we have Kate Middleton. I mean you could go through the list. Every politician has worn blue at least a few times because they want to become trustworthy. If you ever look at the debates they’re either wearing red or blue because red is powerful and blue is trustworthy. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we also used Blue for the website and also for the logo. We really want you to trust us and it’s also Chris favorite color so, it’s a win-win.

The third and last color that we recommend you to wear is Black. It’s sophisticated. And you know what, if you didn’t lose all the weight you wanted to lose during your 30 day no contact, you can wear Black. It makes you look just a little bit slimmer and it’s pretty nice. You can always pair it up with a color. So, say you cheated on your ex and you want to be trustworthy, you can wear blue and black together. I also recommend black if you are a text gnat. So, if you guys were fighting all the time because you were overwhelming to him, black implies that you are independent. So, he’s really going to start looking at you like, “Wow, she has it together. She’s not bothering me anymore. You know, I actually want to talk to her.” And black will help kind of portray that. Black also implies that you’re starting new, a new beginning. So, it’s a great color for this first date. So, you can forget all that old stuff, all the fights and all the issues that you had in the past and start your relationship fresh.

So, about 60-90% of decisions are influenced by colors alone. So, it’s really no surprise that Facebook, Twitter, Linked In are all Blue, –Ex Boyfriend Recovery, because it promotes trust and security.

We have Yellow like Best Buy. It likes yellow because it’s optimistic. Hooters, orange because it’s friendly. We have Hallmark for purple, it’s like creativity. Green would be like Whole Foods. It’s all about health and wellness and you know of course we have the red as the passion and excitement and that’s what we want to really push for on that first date. So, like Coca Cola picked Red because it’s just—I’m thirsty just thinking about actually. [laughs]

And so, we have Red, Blue and then Black. So, Black is powerful and sleek and that would be like the car companies. A lot would do it. Infiniti does it, Nike, Adidas, a lot of the sports because they want to really show that powerfulness.
Thank you so much for making it to the end of this video and if you liked what you saw so far, please subscribe. So, we can give more quality videos and next Tuesday I will be doing a tutorial on hair extensions. So, we can spend the day together and have a little girl’s day. So, I will see you next Tuesday.


Written by EBR Teamate

Chris Seiter