By Chris Seiter

Have you ever been talking to someone and literally thought to yourself,

This person is so annoying

All you want to do is leave an never talk to that person again.

But lets change the script up a little and pretend that you desperately want your ex back but he finds you so annoying that he wants nothing to do with you. Not a really great position to be in, huh?

Well, that’s a position that Sydney has found herself in as she believes she was too much of a text gnat and scared her ex boyfriend away.

No worries Sydney, help is on the way!

But first, there is something very important I’d like to talk to you about.

How To Get Featured On The Podcast

If you didn’t already know one thing that I like to do with my podcast is field listener questions and answer them in an in-depth manner but I have never really stopped to explain how I choose the listener questions.

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Basically there are three things I am looking for when I pick a question to answer.

THING #1: It has to interest me

I feel like sometimes my entire life revolves around answering breakup questions and sometimes it can get a bit dull. So, one thing I look for when asking a question is if it interests me or not.

Asking a basic question like, “Should I break the no contact rule?” isn’t going to cut it.

With this episode I remember taking Sydneys question and thinking,

Wow, I don’t think I’ve talked about this on the podcast before. I am going to pick it.

That, plus she also met the other three requirements.

THING #2: I have to understand the person asking the question. 

One thing that makes it difficult to choose a question sometimes is the fact that I can’t really understand the person. Sometimes they have a thick accent that I can’t pick out and other times they literally call in using a different language (true story.)

It becomes increasingly difficult to pick a question out like that, just saying!

THING #3: A clear connection

Sometimes someone will call in and I can understand them and their question is interesting but their connection is kind of bad. Either I can only hear every third word or I can hear a construction crew outside hammering away.

But enough about that. Lets get down to business now and talk about what I cover in todays episode.

What I Talk About In Todays Episode

  • What it takes for me to choose a question and record an episode about it.
  • What is going to happen if your ex blocks you
  • What I see happening a lot of times if they block you
  • Figuring out how to adapt when things don’t go your way
  • What to do if you became a “gnat” and annoyed him

Important Links Mentioned In Todays Episode