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129 thoughts on “How to Make Your Ex Miss You Without Talking To Him”

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    January 19, 2018 at 1:20 am

    Hi Rachel,

    I previously left a comment on another page but it disappeared so i hope this is not a repeat…

    I dated my ex boyfriend for about 6 months and we broke up because he was caught up with and unforeseen family matter and work. So he basically told me he did not have the emotional space for a relationship and used the its me not you reason as well.

    I did no contact for 30 days and reached out with an initial contact text which he responded pretty fast and positively. He has even initiated a text once and also mentioned casually that we should go check out this restaurant together sometime. He also started on instagram recently and followed me and liked my photo. My profile is public so he could have seen my photos without following me. Why would he do so? I am thinking is he just trying to appear that he is ready to be just friends?

    Generally when i initiate a text, he replies rather positively and i try to keep it interesting and end on a high point as i have read on the texting bible.

    However, now i am afraid he might just be treating me like a friend and i have been friend zoned. I understand for the texting bible that it is ok to initiate texts as long as i keep it interesting and leave on a high note. But should i be initiating more texts? I am afraid now that he might see this as an indication that i have moved on and am ready to just be friends. He did mention when we broke up to continue just being friends… and he is also friends with his ex girlfriend before me (they work in the same company).

    So far i have not initiated any more messages in the past few days… as I do not know what should be my next step. Should i initiate another text or should i wait for him to initiate? I do not want to be friend-zoned 🙁

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      EBR Team Member: Amor

      January 20, 2018 at 2:03 am

      Hi Sarah,

      It’s too early to say you’re friendzoned.. You’re really supposed to start like that and just continue building rapport and attraction.. Don’t be too available so you can avoid being friendzoned.

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