By Chris Seiter

Updated on February 27th, 2021

Our resident YouTube expert, Jennifer Seiter (AKA: my wife) is back with another great episode where she teaches you exactly how you need to wear your hair when you see your ex boyfriend.

Hint Hint: Hair extensions are important.

One of the weakest areas of this site is little technical things like how to look, what to wear, etc and that’s why I brought Jennifer on board.

She can bring a perspective that I can’t.

In all, we are trying to make sure you are as prepared as possible to succeed when you see your ex.

Check out our latest video,

Video Transcript

Hey guys! Thanks so much for joining me for our girl’s day and today I’m going to teach how to wear your hair extensions for your first date so, you can look your best.

Oh, and I almost forgot to introduce myself. I’m Jeniffer Seiter and I’m Chris’ wife. And he’s asked me to do this tutorial for you so, I can teach you all about hair extensions. I’ve been using them for years. I used to model years ago and I’ve tried them all.

So, I can tell you the most natural ways to wear them and I really want you to look perfect for your first date with your ex.

So, in today’s video I’m going to going to go over all the different types of hair extensions there are, how to care for them and how to wear them. And you know what, during those first date, you’re going to feel so confident and great. You’re going to look beautiful and you know what?

Most guys they love long hair even though some like short hair but you know your man. So, if he loves long hair, you can wear your hair extensions and feel really great about it.

So, first I’ll be going over the synthetic hair extensions. I actually love these. They’re probably my favorite because they hold the curls in humidity and they just look fuller, they look nice in camera, they look nice in person.

They only downside is you can only wear them 8 to 10 times before they start looking like this. Here’s some that look pretty good. They’re almost on the last leg but you know, you get the point. Here’s some with curl. You can curl them but they are really, really nice. They’re going to feel nice in the beginning but after some time they start feeling really bad and then you want to replace them.

So, these are the real hair extensions. You can get a case like this for them. It’s beautiful. They last you like a year and they hold really great. It’s just that you have to do a lot of work with these. You have to wash them, blow dry them, curl them. You need to do everything you do to your normal hair to this and also I do know if you’re not careful you can get a batch with lice in them and that’s just gross.

So, I stick with the synthetic but you can do this as well. They are going to last you longer. They’re probably a better investment but I will be showing you your tutorial today using this.

Caring For Your Human Hair Extensions

So, like I said before, I was going to teach you how to care for this. You just wash them and blow dry them. You can get synthetic hair extension shampoo and conditioners but for real hair, you just want to use your regular shampoo and conditioner. You definitely want to condition this. I actually used—I’ll give you a little secret—this is kid’s stuff. It’s a kid’s de-tangler. It’s super cheap. It’s the best one I have ever tried and I’m—believe me I’ve tried all of them. I’ve tried the expensive ones, I’ve tried the cheap ones.

This one for some reason works and like—I’m not endorsing any products or anything like that. I just want to give you guys the best that I can and so, if you give this shot, it’s like 6 bucks or something. I’ll list it down below. I’ll list all of the products down below but this is what I use.

Caring For Synthetic Hair Extensions

So, to care for your synthetic hair extensions, I actually don’t do anything with them. I usually just throw them out when they look good. And some people will wash them and then re-curl them but then they end up looking really bad. They don’t hold the curls well.

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So, I just recommend—just throw them out. If they don’t look good, get rid of them. But the real hair extensions on the other hand, you’re going to want to wash them with your normal shampoo and conditioner. You want to take really great care of them because they’re going to last you at least a year.

How To Wear Your Hair Extensions

So, to get started you’re going to need obviously your hair extensions, a straightener, a hair clip and some kind of smoother. I have a couple here but if you have one that you love, you can always use that. So, to get started, you’re just going to straighten your hair, your natural hair. I already did it. So, I’m just doing this for effect! So, you start with that and then you’re going to take your hair clip and you just section your hair and I’ll show you what it looks like. I don’t have a mirror or anything but I’ve done this a million times so, I’m just going to show you like this. You just section your hair off like that. You just twist and put it up and I know, I only do a partial highlight but that’s okay. So, you just put your hair extensions one here and one here. So, you get the two prong clip. I’ll show you in a second and you clip it here and here.

These are what the two prongs look like. They just have two little clips on them and they open and close. Just like that. You just bend it. It’s super easy. So, just open them and then you put them in like this. And then there-clip, clip, just press it against your head and then one here—clip, clip. It’s super easy. I’m probably not going to go through every single clip like that. I’m going to show you a few and tell you how they go because I’m sure you don’t want to look at the back of my head the whole time.

But if you have any questions, you can comment below and I’ll show you the finished product as well. Okay so, I just put in another two prong clips. So, I did two-two and then another two and two underneath. There’s also another trick because if you have—like I have this hair under here that’s really short. I usually clip some this way like that and then it won’t show—that underneath part as much. I mean if your hair color is like matching your hair extensions perfectly 05:34.3 it anyway but mine is the dark undertones. I can always get some extensions to match that and put that underneath but I’m just going for a blonde look so, I’ll just hide it. And then this goes like this and this is the three prong. So, the three prong goes after the two sets of two. Two-two, two-two-and then three. So, the ones that I have in now are 18 inches and then I also have 14 inches because my hair is a little bit short and you can probably tell right here. So, that sticking out, you don’t want that all over your hair so, if you do it in layers, it’s going to look super natural. And then if it doesn’t look natural, you can just go to a hair cuttery or somewhere like that and they’ll trim it so that it looks perfectly natural to your hair. So, you really just want to build up. You have this small prongs at the bottom and you just keep getting more and more prongs that go along your head. Just as the natural curves of your head that go from ear to ear in the back.

My next set of extensions are the 14 inches and I’m just going to keep building them but actually when you start with the next layer, with the shorter ones so they blend. You see how they kind of—they’re in different layers because my hair is so short. You would start this one with the biggest one that goes around your head because you already have the other ones right here. So, you want it to go from ear to ear. So, you want it to go all the way around and then you can use the smaller ones clip in whenever you need to fill in those gaps. I just clipped in the three prong of the 14 inches and then this one is a smaller three prong. So, you kind of have to match them up next to each other to see which ones are longer in this batch. And you would just clip this in, just like this. Pretty simple. Very simply and then you have your layers.

So, you have—you know—obviously your natural hair is here and then you have—I can’t even tell because my natural is hair is now blending so good. But anyway you have different layers so that you can’t really tell where your hair begins and ends and you can’t tell where you had the hair extensions come in.

So, when you bring down your hair like this,–my hair is a little bit thick so, I will put in a lot of one piece extensions underneath here but they’ll blend really nicely. And you can always style it so, if you feel like you hair is sticking out too much and you know—you only got two packs so, you’re going to need two packs of hair extensions to get a full hair. You really want to make sure that you can’t tell. You can just pull back some of your hair and like leave a little piece hanging. Be like really cute, you know but yeah!

So, that’s it. So, then you’re going to have a lot of this little one piece extensions and you’re going to want to put them in just to fill in wherever your hair is kind of looking like your hair and so, for example, I would put one under here like that and I would just keep—but I mean I would put in as many as it takes to make your hair look natural and full and beautiful.

So, last piece to this whole process is you’re going to straighten it to blend your hair with the hair extensions. You just keep straightening your hair and at the very end you can curl it under a little so you just twist this at the very end and then that will—if you have any kind of dead ends at the end of your hair extensions, it will make it look really natural and really pretty. Yeah, so that’s it. So, that will do it for this week.

Thanks so much for watching and if you’ve enjoyed this video please subscribe and like below and I will see you next Tuesday!

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4 thoughts on “Hair Extensions For Dating Your Ex Boyfriend (Video)”

  1. Astatey

    April 4, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    My ex and I were in an online relationship and I’m pretty sure he is a Narcissist. He ghosted out in the middle of our last conversation that happened six months ago and I didn’t ask him why or bother to text him because I was hurt and felt insulted.
    He contacts me on my birthday, three months later , then says he’s sorry in a long apology essay that seemed more patronising, where he mentioned he is reaching out to me but has no intention of friendship or relationship with me . It looked like he’s feeling sorry for me which is why I didn’t respond to any of his messages ever since he’s tried to talk to me. He also once told me about his sexual dream which made me think that he’s looking for dirty talk over the Internet.
    He defends me when someone tries to say mean things to me, but I think he does that for everyone, it’s in his nature to stand up for people.
    He tried to flirt with me once , I didn’t respond
    I haven’t responded to him at all, but then he accidentally sent me a dot and apologized, so I said it’s ok. He then said ‘Mind if I ask how you are?’ To which I replied ‘ What? No.I’ve been busy working’.He apologies again
    Next week he messages me again saying ‘ Oh , I thought when you said no, you meant you mind if I ask you. Lol my bad. What have you been busy with?’
    I haven’t responded because I honestly think he’s trying to play games with me again. What do you think? Has he really started liking me again or he’s just playing games?

    1. EBR Team Member: Amor

      April 5, 2016 at 8:01 am

      Hi Astatey,

      if he’s really a narcissist, it’s better to move on from him because later on you would end up drained from him being hot and cold