By Chris Seiter

It never ceases to amaze me the things men say during a breakup.

Some of them have no problem telling you off with comments like,

I never loved you anyways…

But perhaps the more interesting case is when you have a man who gives you a contradicting statement.

That’s the case with Brittney in today’s episode. You see, her ex boyfriend had the audacity to tell her,

“I love you and I think you are “the one” but I kind of want to go out and explore.”

Last time I checked if you loved someone and thought she was the one you wouldn’t need to go and try other girls out.

Anyways, Brittney is kind of left in limbo land and has no idea what the heck to make of her situation.

That’s where I come in.


What I Talk About In This Episode

  • What her ex boyfriend really means with his wording
  • Why Brittney’s boyfriend probably broke up with her
  • How she should approach her situation going forward
  • The idea of adventure and stability
  • The rollercoaster effect

Important Links Mentioned In This Episode

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We will get around to answering you.

I promise!