Should I Get Back Into A Relationship With My Ex? What Are The Red Flags?

Most of the clients that I work with are at a crossroads where they have to pick between two choices.

  1. Should I try to get my ex back
  2. Should I just move on

Often I find that at the beginning of the process almost everyone picks choice number one. However, as time goes on women can skirt the two choices jumping back and forth between them. It’s a fascinating thing to witness.

And then I met today’s guest.

Natasha St. Clair,

Natasha is the best selling author of “The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags.”

I was super excited to talk to Natasha because I was hoping that she could shine some light on the red flags that you need to keep an eye out for if you are considering getting back into a relationship with your ex.

Natasha didn’t disappoint.

What We Talk About In This Episode

  • Who Natasha is and why you should listen to her
  • How she came up with the idea for her book
  • What some of the top red flags were for women
  • What some of the top red flags were for men

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Written by EBR Teamate

Chris Seiter