She Got Her Ex Back After He Blocked Her And Told Her He’d Never Talk To Her Again

Today I have a really special article/podcast/episode to show you.

Most of the visitors who come to Ex Boyfriend Recovery are in a constant state of panic where they are thinking things like,

This isn’t going to work…

I don’t have a chance…

He never wants to talk to me again…

Well, Sophia, the subject of today’s episode certainly had many moments like that. However, despite everything she ended up getting her ex back and is quite excited about that fact.

Now, generally when I start interviewing people who have gotten their exes back they know exactly what they did to actually win that ex back.

Sophia was different.

You’ll find that she admits that she has no clue why she got her ex back.

Then she proceeded to tell me her entire story and I started noticing a fascinating trend.

Perhaps the most interesting part of her situation was that her ex had literally blocked her and she was in a constant state of worry trying to figure out.

Video Of The Episode

What We Talk About In This Episode

  • Sophia being blocked by her ex and what she did to get him to unblock her
  • How she thought that he would never talk to her again
  • Sophia had no clue how she got her ex back
  • The importance of creating competition

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Written by EBR Teamate

Chris Seiter