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    June 15, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Tara – I feel your pain. I had my long-term bf tell me he ‘wasn’t on Bumble’ until I showed him the screenshot. Then that he ‘was only on there to check if you were’ – I didn’t even know what it was. I broke up with him – I felt I had no choice as he’d done it once before. We weren’t getting on well. I felt we needed space and I had to work on getting back to my happy self. Now there’s another woman and I feel sick, anxious etc. all the time.

    Don’t worry about the rebound girl – this is typical behaviour. He thinks he can do better. He’s already regretting that, as he can’t stop contacting you. Don’t give in. Give him time to miss you. Work on yourself. Take time to process what he’s done with these bloody dating websites, and see if you can see why, and maybe forgive him – or maybe not, and no-one would blame you.

    This article is awesome advice.

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    June 12, 2019 at 2:55 am

    My discovered my long distance boyfriend had a profile on Match. I confronted him and he deleted it. Saying it was old and a joke. I didn’t believe him. But I drew a solid boundary. I said it goes, or I go. The following month we met as we were trying to move forward. Well, while in bed and looking at his phone, a Bumble notification appears on his screen. I have never been on a dating app so have no clue how this works. He tells me that it is for networking. Even though it says dating. We fought all weekend over it. It ruined our time together. He of course denied it all. When I got home, I set myself up an account and found his profile that read looking for a long term relationship. I again confronted him and sent pics. His reply was it doesn’t say a romantic long term relationship. So the shock of it all kept me around for another few weeks. I was trying to navigate it all in my mind. 4 yrs combined friendship and relationship all ending. Shortly after this he started dating someone. And it became sexual quite quickly. I know this because all his patterns changed. 2.5 weeks ago I called at 8pm which was the time we ALWAYS spoke and he didn’t answer AGAIN. I knew what was going on. This time I left messges questioning what was going on. The next morning I got a reply that said….nothing specific. As close as we are, I no longer feel as connected to you as in the past. I didn’t reply. I was fuming and insulted. 2 hrs later he texted saying, “i’m just being honest”. Something in me shifted. I felt done. I didn’t reply and went into instant NC. I still don’t understand why all the lies and denying. I chose to keep the drama out and for once not react. I feel better. I was sick with anxiety knowing he was with someone else and playing me for a fool. At first he sent a couple of texts. Basically saying its too bad I decided to stop speaking to him. Then he texted saying I miss interrupted his words as a full rejection unless I stopped talking to him for other reasons. Then it was quiet till yesterday. He texted asking me to please consider calling him. That he needs answers to get closure. And today he called but left no message. I am so confused but holding NC. It seems like all his texts are just about him. There is no I miss you. Zero I’m sorry. And there won’t be I guess because it seems he seems clueless to the fact I know about his girlfriend. Why does he care if he has moved on? I feel so lost. Don’t know how to handle all this. This sucks.

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    June 11, 2019 at 7:25 am

    Hi Chris,

    I broke up with my ex boyfriend 9 months ago and been having trouble moving on after being together for a year. When my ex and I first met he was still getting over a previous breakup I found that out later in the relationship after I caught feelings. He would show me he cared about me by doing sweet things like making me breakfast, taking me out on my birthday doing boyfriend usual stuff. But right after our 1 year anniversary he said he was not ready to say I love you yet and told me that he has love for me but is not in love with me whatever that means? After going through so much with him (we were on and off again for the first 4 month) I decided to end it because I felt after being together for a year and going through so much with him it was too much of a blow. Why do some men take a while to say I love you when they have shown it before with actions? Did I read his actions wrong as him just being a nice guy?

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    June 9, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Hey Chris,
    Its been six months since i had break up.I decided to move on because my ex is distracted boyfriend.and i think we are not compatible for each other (because of religion,age, society, his behaviour) but i silently still cry alot to want him back. I really miss him badly.My ex was my teacher (immoral relationship) ;'( .He left the college.Now my exam results are out.I want to talk to him about my career.Can i call and talk to him or is it bad idea? Because he was the one who made me interested in studies and now i don’t feel any interest in studies i really miss him badly.i just don’t know what to do.i am unable date anyone because everytime he is in my mind.it feels like i am doing wrong even if i try to start new relationship. It seems i lost trust in love.because he left without letting me know he is leaving me and college for further studies. :'( how can i trust anybody now after being betrayed many times in my all relationships.
    Hey Chris please help me… My mind is not working at all.i always keep smiling to show i am happy. i had done no contact and workout and had been with friends,family,relatives, pet, travelled many places . but i am unable to take him out of my mind.my academic scores are going down because i keep missing him.
    Kindly reply soon Chris.i need your help .

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    June 9, 2019 at 5:41 am

    My boyfriend broke up with me 2 weeks ago due to us both going through some different stuff regarding mental health. While i know that we both have things to work on and things that could’ve been better in the relationship, i truly love him and want him back. I know there’s major things i need to work on regarding myself and i want to do that. But i also want him back as soon as possible since he’s moving states for his career in 2 months. After staying in some contact the first weeks, This last week i had been doing no contact but he texted me yesterday checking in, and i gave in and replied. We said we’d stay best friends so doing no contact for the 3 weeks is hard when i know to be friends we need contact. I know that it’s said that after breaking NC you should start from scratch but that’s a long time to ignore him if he checks in again. I’m worrried that’ll make me lose him as a friend and potentially getting him back completely.

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