By Chris Seiter

Making a long distance ex commit to you is pretty tricky.

Mary knows!

Today I opened up my Speakpipe page and got a really interesting message from a woman named Mary. Basically she wants to figure out how to get her ex on board for a long distance relationship.

You know how these things go.

  1. The ex has preconceived notions about long distance relationships.
  2. Mary being the optimistic ex girlfriend has romanticized notions.
  3. The ex doesn’t want to play
  4. Mary leaves heart broken

So, as I was listening to her voicemail and I started reminiscing about my own experience with a long distance relationship and I have to say that I learned a lot.

In fact, I learned so much that I am willing to pass it on to Mary here!

Mary’s Situation

  • He broke up with her because he didn’t get accepted into a grad program
  • She wants to convince her ex to be in a long distance relationship with her
  • Things seem to be going pretty well recently every since he eventually did get accepted to a school

What I Talk About In This Episode

  • I am not sure I buy into his reasoning for the breakup
  • Sales theory
  • Interdependence theory
  • Scarcity, urgency and fear of loss
  • Satisfaction, alternatives and investment
  • Is long distance even viable for Mary’s situation

Important Links Mentioned In This Episode