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81 thoughts on “Has Your Ex Has Moved On And What To Do About It”

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    March 9, 2018 at 3:44 am

    We’ve broken up over two months ago, but a few weeks before he explained it was just removing the label, but this New Year’s I snapped at him and he called it a quits.

    I tried talking to him about it, said I regretted that time, and that I want him back. He just said, “Let’s stay friends, and let’s just see what happens in the future.”

    Every time he seems to be enjoying with our friend more than me, I’d get so jealous I get angry about it. He said that for her, he’s the only person she could talk to. But I thought they were too close, and that everyday my chances of getting him back would lessen. To me, it seemed like he’s giving his whole world to her. He said I thought too much about it, but him being THAT close to her made me so angry and depressed that I cried every single day. I thought he’s starting to leave me, I feel broken.

    I would get so angry at him I picked fights with him almost every other day, I keep saying that I’m jealous and I want him back. It got to the point where he said, “I don’t have any plans to get back together anymore.”

    I tried NC but one time I stalked him, I couldn’t control myself. I saw he posted a work I made for him, without crediting me. I am an artist, and it hurt me a lot. Not just because he hid this account from me, he was stealing my art. I talked to him about it, he got angry at me for stalking him. But I made it clear that I was talking to him as an artist, not as his ex.

    I work with him, so I have to see him 3 times a week, and absolute NC was impossible. But I’m trying my best to ignore him, only reply to his messages when it’s important, and try to be silent when he tries to give me small talks. I hate it when he tries to initiate what would be an obvious small talk. I couldn’t bare it.

    I’ve read a lot of articles from this site, and I think it’s been helping me in my current situation. Reading EBR made me feel better everytime I feel so hopeless and lost.

    I might have an overseas trip in a few months, I’ll be away from him for a month. Should I continue my current NC? Or should I wait until my trip?

    But what if he knows what I’ve been doing? Will it diminish my chances of getting him back? I’ve been trying to move on and make myself better but I’m so scared now I don’t know if he has noticed that I’ve been reading EBR. I need help.

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      EBR Team Member: Amor

      March 10, 2018 at 8:14 pm

      How long were you officially together when he said he wanted “no labels”? And you could sue him for stealing your art too.. Check this one too:
      EBR 009: The No Contact Rule If You Work With Your Ex

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