What Are Your Chances of Getting Your ExBoyfriend Back

Understanding Your Breakup With Imago Therapy

To say Evie Shafner knows her stuff would be an understatement.

She’s been in practice for well over 30 years counseling individuals and couples with problems in their relationships and when I was told that she had agreed to come on to my show I was ecstatic.

Now, if you don’t know my interviewing process it’s relatively straightforward and can be broken down into three steps.

Step One: The person agrees to the interview

Step Two: I research the person so I know what questions to ask them

Step Three: I conduct the interview.

See, simple!

Now, I have been doing this a long time so it is rare for me to come across something I have never heard before and that is exactly what happened when I started researching Evie!

You see, she specializes in something called Imago Therapy.

Now, I am not quite sure I can do it justice as I am not an expert on the topic so I am betting you’d rather learn about it from Evie herself in our interview,

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Chris Seiter

2 responses to “Understanding Your Breakup With Imago Therapy”

  1. Jess says:

    Hello Chris,
    Um… where do I begin…
    I have been listening to your podcasts and reading your articles. I would buy the book but I literally cannot afford that right now (I am having financial hardships).
    My story is probably one you’ve heard a million times.
    He ended it saying “I want to just stay friends but I want to keep talking to you as frequently as we have been. You’re an amazing woman and I want to keep you in my life. But, I only see you as a friend.” Then stopped talking to me immediately after he broke up with me. I wrote him the “goodbye letter” that I read on a different site. He then immediately contacted me and tried to be all buddy buddy. (Like he hasn’t ignored me for a week). I ignored the buddy buddy and just told him I wanted my stuff back.
    Throughout the whole no contact (which is still occurring) I’ve been using my social media, posting pictures of me having fun, about me getting an interview for a job(like I said I’ve been having financial hardships), and even of a date. He will like all those posts except the one of me going out on dates. He also won’t contact me still.
    I just don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve been improving myself but I honestly don’t know at the same time.
    Thanks for your time. I enjoy reading your articles. 🙂

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