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31 thoughts on “How to Keep a Man Interested”

  1. Lola

    March 20, 2019 at 9:17 pm

    Hey Chris!
    My boyfriend broke up with me last may, and I am happy to say we got back together in August, seven months ago! He changed a lot for the better during our separation and I did too. However things have been spiraling down lately.. He started pulling away so naturally I did too and now he just told me the main problem was that I was too distant and did not show my love enough, wasn’t “needy” enough etc… I thought men usually pulled away when receiving too much love for their taste? He also said I’m not cheerful enough and that all I do is complain.. I feel like everything’s at risk.. what advice can you give me? I’d like to save this relationship
    Also, he’s become very mean, when we fight he insults me and uses my weaknesses, he likes to convey a sense of superiority, and he does the “gaslighting” thing a lot, I don’t know if he notices or if it’s subconscious.. I tried talking to him but he thinks he can’t be blamed or criticized for anything and I’m at fault for his hurtful behavior by being such a negative person to be around. It’s true I’ve been very caught up with my studies and family problems lately, but is there a way I can make this hurtful behavior stop?

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