Editorial Standards

Here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery we strive to create the very best content in the world around four topics,

  1. Finding yourself again after a breakup
  2. Recovering your relationship with your ex after a breakup
  3. Moving on from a breakup
  4. Staying together with your partner after a breakup

Each and every one of our writers is expected to adhere to the core journalistic principles of accuracy, fairness, transparency and respect.

Some of the things our writers do to achieve this is,

  • Citing reputable experts to back up their claims
  • Citing internal or external research sources
  • Getting a senior member of our team to look over the article before publication

Our Accountability Process For Staff Writers

In an effort to stay transparent we wanted to give you a glimpse at the rigorous work to goes into ensuring the articles published to this website are the best they can possibly be.

Our staff writers abide by the following six step process before posting an article,

  1. Topic choosing
  2. Outline Writing
  3. Outline Submitting
  4. Expert Review Of The Outline
  5. Writing The Article
  6. Final Expert Review And Edit

Let’s quickly go through each one of these steps.

Topic Choosing

Our staff writers must strike a delicate balance between picking topics that are both interesting and searched. The two aren’t always mutually exclusive unfortunately.

Outline Writing

At this point our staff writers create an outline of the topic they choose.

Outline Submitted

Once the outline is complete our writers submit the article for review of one of the master coaches of our website.

Expert Review Of The Outline

Currently Ex Boyfriend Recovery only has two master coaches,

  1. Chris Seiter
  2. Jennifer Seiter

The master coaches look over the submitted outline to offer suggestions or corrections. Once they give the go ahead the staff writer is then prompted to write.

Writing The Article

Nothing too crazy here. The writer simply attempts to write the article to the best of their ability.

Once finished they submit the article for one final review before publication

Final Expert Review And Edit

One of the master coaches will then take a look at the article and do another thorough review and edit. Only after the master coaches have given the go ahead can the article then be published.