Step One: Take The Quiz

Without a doubt the question I get most here on Ex Boyfriend Recovery is, “Do I have a chance with my ex?”

I’ve worked hard to put together a quiz that you could take that would give you a pretty accurate idea of what your chances are with your ex.

The quiz uses an advanced algorithm and pairs your answers up with advice tailored to your situation.

I even go a step further and take your answers and give you an idea on how you should be moving forward with your situation.

Do you have a chance of getting him back?
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Step Two: Build A Foundation Of Knowledge

Francis bacon once said,

“Knowledge is power”

And when it comes to getting your ex back that remains true. The more you know about what works the better off you are going to be.

Luckily, I’ve spent my entire professional career doing the legwork for you.

Getting your ex back really boils down to implementing four different types of strategies.

  1. The No Contact Rule
  2. Texting
  3. Phone Calls & Social Media
  4. Dating

So you don’t have to scour our website to find content relating to these four strategies, I’ve compiled the best I have to offer on them below,

The No Contact Rule


Phone Calls & Social Media


Step Three: Learn From Our Successes

One of the biggest things that this website can do for you is show you what people who are successful in getting their exes back are doing to actually be successful.

Once you have that you can really sit back and start to look at the data and see what things they are doing that you aren’t doing.

Success breeds success!

Here are our success stories,

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Step Four: Surround Yourself With Likeminded Individuals

Ex Boyfriend Recovery was started with the intent to create a resource that all women going through a breakup could visit to get the answers they deserve.

The problem is that this website opens a communication up between you and I. Very rarely do you see visitors of this website interacting with each other.

And I think that’s a shame because sometimes all you need is to have someone in your corner to show you that you aren’t alone throughout this process.

Which is why, last year, I decided to open up a private support group.

I wanted to find a way to allow you to connect with other individuals going through situations similar to yours.

I also wanted to find a way to talk to everyone at once and have weekly meetings so that everyone is advancing together.

The results have been incredible.

In fact, many of the success stories featured above are a direct result of our private support group.

And I’d love for you to be our next one,

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Step Five: Get One on One Coaching

Nothing will help you more than personal coaching with me or my team. I don’t mean to sound arrogant or imply that you can’t do this without my help (you definitely can.)

But the big flaw with trying this without my help is that I am painted into a corner when I create content to be general and talk about what works for mostly everyone.


Because everyone has a unique situation and the only way that I can do a good job in my content creation is to talk to the general population about what works. But sometimes those generalizations won’t be ideal for your situation.

You won’t get the level of personalization you probably need without one on one coaching.

So, if you want this advanced level of help you can get coached by me or my team below,

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