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About Tyler

Tyler Ramsey is one of the Ex Recovery coaches specializing in a wide variety of areas such as:

Helping determine your overall chances of success

Personal self growth

LGBTQ+ relationships

Texting tactics

The no contact rule

And much more

Academic Background & Research Studies

Coach Tyler graduated from the Honors College and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a minor in Molecular Biology from Appalachian State University.

He is currently a third-year medical student at Campbell University, pursuing to be a physician, with an interest in specializing in Psychiatry or Oncology.

He has a very extensive research background, with 11 research publications that include book chapters, original clinical research articles, and reviews in high impact journals; he was named Top 10 National Researcher of the Year earlier in 2020.

Fun Facts

I’m a proud dog dad of a 4-year old golden retriever named Boone. He keeps me busy! During my free time I often go to the gym. Staying fit and healthy is something I value greatly, and feel is very significant in my life.

A really embarrassing fun fact is that my childhood nickname was Biggins because I was a bit overweight. However, I have managed to really transform my body and lifestyle which also improved my emotional well-being.

I also enjoy skiing during the winter and I skied competitively in undergraduate on the Appalachian State Ski Team. I also have huge interests in the stock market and with the credit card rewards hierarchy.

I’m a part of multiple Facebook groups on how to maximize your earnings with both of these systems. I am also really bad about online shopping and have a major addiction to Amazon…but who doesn’t?

Another interesting fact about me is that I have been featured on BBC, Time Magazine, Forbes, and Healthline for my essential oil research and how they might potentially contribute to making breasts grow, specifically in men! 

Contact Me

There are a number of ways you can contact me. Probably the best way is to use the Contact Page on this website. We will do our best to reply to you in a timely manner.

I’m also pretty active on social media, publishing content every day. So that’s another avenue you can take if you’d like to learn more!

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