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Meet Anna

Hi There, I’m Anna and I’m the head coach here at Ex Boyfriend Recovery.

Coaching has been a place of strong, positive experiences. It lets me connect with people around the world about the very personal topic of the people we love and want back in our lives.

EBR reminds me on a daily basis that we are all human, desire love, and are valuable and worthy of love just as we are. EBR has given me so much on a personal level that I am here and happily giving back and helping others. 

Anna Specializes In

Long Distance Relationships
Being There (the other side of Being There)
Being UG
Emotional Control
No Contact
Building Rapport (Texting and Meet- ups)
Social Media
Relationship Investment
Moving On Without Moving On
Converting to Serious Commitments
Moving On

Academic Background & Research Studies

I am the oldest of five girls to Filipino immigrants who came to the United States in 1971. I was born and raised in the rural, blue collar farming town of Blytheville, Arkansas.

I didn't meet another Asian person outside of my family until I went to college. I went to Duke University on a full scholarship from a foundation chaired by Hillary Rodham Clinton and have degrees in Women's Studies, Neuroscience, and Physics.

I have an MBA, specializing in strategy and finance from the Executive program at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University. 

Relevant Practical Experience

I have an extensive and accomplished career as a strategy and advanced analytics executive and am regularly a part of political advisory groups such as the Economic Advisory Council to the Governor of Illinois. I have an award- winning public relations background -- named one of America's top public relations professionals, the recipient of national creativity awards, and cited as one of the most influential women in technology and finance.

I recently was the Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics for one of the most recognized brands in the world. Right now, I run my own consulting firm advising energy, utility, and telecom companies on complex transactions valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

My short-term goal is to be accepted to the Ph.D. program of Duke Economics at Duke University. Ultimately, I want to hold a leadership position at the United Nations, The World Bank, The Federal Reserve Bank, or the International Monetary Fund.

In my spare time, I take advanced mathematics classes, am enrolled in the Advanced Analytics program at Emory University, and am pursuing my Black Belt in Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma. I am a board member of a contemporary art museum, a non-profit preventing homelessness, and a domestic violence shelter for women and their children. 

Fun Facts About Anna

I adore everything about food, my three cats, video games, board games, books, math, music, and videos of cats, pandas, and baby goats. I drive really fast, enjoy shopping, and have yet to meet a mirror that I do not love. I can do calculus in my head, and I complete Sudoku puzzles without writing anything down. 

My friend for over 10 years and someone who used the Being There method on ME, my boyfriend is awesome and loves me in all my nerdy and feisty glory. We are disgustingly cute in public, and we do things like hold hands and skip down the street. In addition to being my EBR guinea pig, I frequently pick his brain -- and the brains of all my guy friends, work colleagues, and acquaintances -- about the male perspective on different situations I see in EBR. 

Book A Coaching Call With Me

There are a number of ways you can contact me. Probably the best way is to use the Contact Page on this website. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

I’m also pretty active on social media, publishing content every day. So that’s another avenue you can take if you’d like to learn more!

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